LG to bring eye-tracking “Smart Video” and other features to Optimus G Pro soon

by: Bams SadewoMarch 14, 2013

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LG has announced that they will be bringing their truly innovative and advanced eye recognition technology to the Optimus G Pro — and future phones — soon, one that allows for a virtually hands-free video playback.

Dubbed as “Smart Video”, the feature will automatically pause a video if the phone – well, its front camera – detects that you’re getting distracted and that your eyes are wandering away from the screen. The video playback will resume once you look at the screen back.

Samsung calls this “Smart Pause”, and it’s very likely we’ll be seeing it officially unveiled alongside the Galaxy S4 in a few hours.

But back to LG, Smart Video will be arriving on the Optimus G Pro as a Value Pack upgrade starting next month, but it has only been announced for the South Korean market for now. The update will also enable the phone’s Dual Camera feature, which basically lets you take pictures using both front and rear cams at the same time for a “picture-in-picture composition”.

Hit the PR below for more exciting new features heading to the Optimus G Pro.

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Technology to Debut in Smart Video Feature in Optimus G Pro

SEOUL, Mar. 14, 2013 – Smart Video, a new multimedia UX feature from LG Electronics (LG), will be unveiled for the first time in the Optimus G Pro. Smart Video takes viewing videos on mobile devices to a whole new level of convenience with eye recognition that eliminates the need to manually control playback during the viewing experience.

Through the implementation of advanced eye recognition technology, Smart Video recognizes the position of the viewer’s eyes and automatically plays or stops the video without any manual input from the user. When the viewer’s eyes are no longer focused on the smartphone display, the front camera recognizes this and immediately pauses the video automatically. Once the user’s gaze returns to the smartphone, the video resumes playback from the point last viewed.

In addition to the Smart Video feature, Optimus G Pro will also be equipped with the world’s first Dual Camera function. The Dual Camera feature is an extension of the Dual Recording feature which debuted on the Optimus G Pro introduced in the Korean market last month. Dual Camera simultaneously captures photographs using both the front and back cameras for a picture-in-picture composition. Users can now be a part of the story, not just observers.

“LG is continuously innovating to offer creative ways to offer a user experience that adds value to our customers,” said Dr. Jong-seok Park, president and CEO of LG Elec-tronics Mobile Communications Company. “It’s the positive UX that will differentiate smartphones in 2013 and beyond, not only cutting-edge hardware specs.”
The Smart Video and Dual Camera features will be introduced as a part of the Value Pack upgrade which will be offered for the Optimus G Pro in the Korean market next month. These features will also be made available for some LG premium smartphones in the future.

Other features in the Value Pack upgrade include:
• Magic Remote Pad and Text Keypad via the QRemote function. These new options for QRemote work specifically with LG
Smart TVs to enhance convenience when using Optimus G Pro as a remote control for LG Smart TVs.
• The Smart LED Lighting outlining the home button of the Optimus G Pro will be upgraded so users can customize the colors
to correspond to their favorite contacts. The flashing of the LED in different colors will allow users to identify the source of
incoming calls, missed calls, unread messages and emails.
• Video Pause/Resume allows the user to stop and start in record mode for one continuous video file.
• The first Color Emoticons in an Android smartphone for more personalized text messages.

  • fawrgg

    Hahaha LG…

  • Bone

    It’s hliarious. The G Pro looks EXACTLY like the Note II, it’s size and battery is exactly like the Note II’s, it has similar system sounds like the Note II, similar multi-view function like the Note II, similar eye-tracking soon introduced like in the Note II, handwriting recognition (without sylus) like the Note II, similar cover like the Note II with a similar name (Quick Cover :D ). The series copies the Name Letter Number system (Optimus G / G2 / G Pro (like S Plus) and now they are copying ads.

    I guess Samsung reached Apple’s status after all. :D

    • MasterMuffin

      :DD soon LG will rise over Samsung and then Goophone comes and rises :D

    • M.Beg

      Samsung makes plastic phones, it will never get to apple level, unless they start making proper phones.

      • anjkanu

        Really? Samsung doesn’t make ‘proper phones’?

        • M.Beg

          Yes really…Samsung makes cheap rubbish plastic phones for barbie and ken.

      • Monji

        Since when plastic is considered unproper should we start making aluminium tv remote since plastic feels cheap?

        • M.Beg

          Yes ….I do have alu remote control for my hi fi. Time for Samsung to stop ripping off people with their cheap plastic cr*p.

          • Monji

            Lol at LG btw if you don’t like samsung phones just don’t buy them there’s plenty other phones like the Iphone or the Htc One. I never told you to buy one. Just buy what you need and stop hating people are going to buy what they need anyways. (:

          • M.Beg

            Samsung fanboy.

    • LG was the FIRST manufacturer to Brought Fully Capacitive Touchscreen Phone with a RECTANGULAR SHAPE & ROUND CORNERS…

      (LG Prada announced last Quarter 2006)

      Technically OTHER manufacturers Copied the LG’s IDEA…

  • bob

    Note 2 way better 2 words. Spen functionality