LG Escape Jelly Bean update starts rolling out to AT&T customers today

by: Andrew GrushApril 16, 2013

LG Escape

Back in September, AT&T unveiled the LG Escape as a budget-priced dual-core handset with reasonable specs and rather low price tag. One of the downsides for the phone was the lack of Jelly Bean, a problem that AT&T is now rectifying thanks to the announcement of a Jelly Bean rollout that starts today.

With Jelly Bean on your Escape, you will be treated to a whole slew of great new features including Google Now, improved notifications and Project Butter speed improvements. It doesn’t end there though, as AT&T is throwing in its own unique ‘AT&T DriveMode’ into the update.

For those that have never heard of DriveMode, it is designed to automatically reply to any text messages, emails or even calls you receive while driving, once your car reaches at least 25MPH. The app will let the person texting, calling or emailing you know that you are currently driving and will get back to them as soon as able.

So how do you get your hands on the update? To check if you can upgrade now, head to Menu>Settings>General>About Phone>Software Update>Update Now. If you find that an update isn’t waiting for you, don’t worry. It could take a few days to reach everyone.

So have you snagged the update to Jelly Bean for your Escape yet? If so, did everything go smoothly?

  • Amaresh C

    One of the worst smartphone i ever owned. LG copies Samsung. It gets 5 star on the sleek look factor. Voice is tinny & battery is worst.

  • Jason W.

    I’m having a few issues. Since updating, My messaging and my contacts are unresponsive and any attempts to call my phone send the caller right to my voice mail. Also, the phone is now prone to freezing and turns off sometimes automatically. Is there anyway to troubleshoot the phone after the update?