LG betting that focus on design will help G2 boost the company’s market share

by: Gary SimsJuly 15, 2013

LG G2There has been lots of speculation and leaks about LG’s new flagship smartphone – the LG G2 – which is expected to be announced on August 7th. Along with all the rumors about the phone’s technical specification, there is now a new report quoting an LG insider who says that LG has focused on the G2’s design and not only on the power of the hardware.

The report re-confirms that the G2’s power and volume buttons have been moved from the side to the back of the device (just below the lens of its 13MP camera) and that it will have a 5.2 inch full HD display, probably the 2.2mm thin full HD LCD panel unveiled by LG a recently. Also the speakers on the G2 are found on the bottom of the device, rather than on the back, one each side of the USB port.

By shifting the focus away from just the hardware specs and also working more on design and branding, LG is looking to boost its sales figures for the second half of 2013. At the moment LG is the world’s third-largest smartphone manufacturer and sells more than 10 million smartphones worldwide a quarter. The G2, which will drop the Optimus branding, is likely to be the first in a line of LG flagship smartphones using the G nomenclature. If this is true then next year’s model will be the LG G3 and so on.

“Our marketing strategy is to project the G series as LG’s flagship line for the future,” said an unnamed LG official. “The G series has already become an invaluable brand within our company with worldwide reputation and recognition.”

It was rumored that the G2 will have 3GB of RAM for use by the 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 800 processor from Qualcomm, however this report suggested a more conventional 2GB of RAM.

Are you excited by the prospect of the G2, could it be a Samsung Galaxy S4 killer?

  • LG G2

    LG the 3rd Largest Smartphone maker..

    G2 will rocks the world!

    already beat s4 in power (specs) and design.

    • HAHAHA

      how is that? we will see when it release lols don’t shoot arrows in air just like that :P

      • LUCKY G2

        G2 uses
        Snapdragon 800,
        Clocked at 2.3 Ghz,
        Adreno 330
        3gb of RAM



        LG clearly beat S4!

        • George Av

          You’re a retard. This Lag Garbage is a newer phone, so OBVIOULSY it beats the fucking s4 you idiot. But i doubt it will beat the Note 3.

          • LUCKY G2

            that’s exactly what i meant

            i don’t care if its a new or old phone..
            the fact G2 BEATS S4 IN ALL ASPECT…

          • George Av

            What the fuck is wrong with you bro? Are you retarded? do you have a syndrome? because it sounds like that is the case.

          • LUCKY G2

            read the article it says

            “Are you excited by the prospect of the G2, could be be a Samsung Galaxy S4 killer?”

          • taz89

            It beats the “old” s4 in spec but there’s a new s4 in Korea anyways that has the s800..honestly don’t think that big of a huge deal for majority of people also you would expect a newer phone to be “better”. Has the 3gb ram been confirmed or is that just rumours? 3gb if true than that’s good, it means any future flagships phone will have 3gb. I honestly thought 2gb will be used for flagships till at least next summer..

          • Ugslick

            And you sound like a kid over exposed to the internet and spewing off swear words because someone disagreed with your opinion. Sure the G2 will be better, and yes a large part of that is because it is coming out later. Will the Note 3 be better? Maybe. It’ll probably have more features. But the G2 will likely be the most polished LG smartphone ever, and their design is very good. I think the G2 will likely be the best phone of 2013, regardless of the Note 3’s release.

          • Topcat488

            Nothing beats the Note 3, in 2013… Even though it’s not officially out, LG G2 don’t stand a chance with the Note 2, and we all know the Note 3 > Note 2. We’re talking two different classes here, S-Pen, Multi-Window, Airview, etc.

          • Ugslick

            Different classes alright. LG has already made the G Pro better than the Note 2 (besides the stylus support and a few software features). The G2’s size is more desirable to most (meaning a larger market are willing to accept that size, and theres only a very niche population willing to even consider a phone the size of the Note 2, much less the Note 3). Again, more features doesnt really mean too much. It’s the overall user experience and the combination of looks, practicality and functionality that sell. The G2 looks like itll be a better balance and better made phone (not to mention better looking) than the Note 3. Will people buy the Note 3? Yeah. Will it be an amazing smartphone? Hell yeah. Will most people want it? No. Its too big to pocket reasonably, most of the people getting the Note 3 will be people who are completely in love with the Note 2, which you appear to be.

          • Zeus

            I’m guessing that’s not something you’d say to the guys face, “bro”. Too easy to be tough behind a keyboard – and I’d suggest the only one with a syndrome is you

          • 26

            just face it, G2 wins over S4. if you want to compare Note 3, just compare it with Gpro (if Gpro2 hasn’t existed yet)

          • LUCKY G2

            note3? vs. Upcoming G PRO’s successor soon…

          • Rijoenpial

            Not necessarily… Higher specs don’t mean necessarily better performance… Especially since we don’t know yet whether LG is gonna cramp or not Android with their own software… In terms of looks though,, the LG looks heavy and cumbersome… At least, more than the S4… Even the Nexus 4 is bulkier than the s4 and a tad heavier… So, ergonomics-wise, I am not thrilled about the G2 just yet… Also, we don’t know for a fact yet what LG G2’s specs truly are, so all this is pure speculation still… The design looks in line with the Nexus 4 and that is not a good thing for me… Also, the ergonomics of the rockers at the back is not a selling point for me, quite the opposite… And 3 GB of RAM and a quad core 2,3 ghz means nothing to me, because none of us need this kind of power right now… Not even the S4’s… So, higher specs like these, in reality, are just gonna make the device more expensive, not more useful… Cheers

        • Blowntoaster

          you sure it “beats” the S4. the chip does not make the device better necessarily. Same reason why the HTC One is inferior to the S4, the Z Ultra too. they simply do not have the features, useability etc that the S4 has. The Samsung apps, features etc just works. The Xperia Z in my mind is an excellent phone, but where are the “extras”, the features that takes the phone to the next level.

          look at 2012, the S3 didn’t stay on top as the benchmark champion for long, yet it was still the best phone out there for 2012. The Nexus 4 was excellent, but lacked some key features. The One X was brilliant, but lacked some key elements that made the S3 the good phone it was. Hardware is not the be all end all of it all.

          Look at the Moto X. if the rumours are true, then it (with midrange hardware) might become a top tier phone. The features maketh the phone, the hardware simply adds to it.

        • Rijoenpial

          the 3 GB RAM is still a rumor…so is the processor clock speed… Also, it is peanuts to worry about that, because you actually don’t need that much horse power right now… maybe in the future we will, but not right now… And it is also logical that after the top specs will come even higher specs… it’s normal, it’s competitiveness… I am not worried about form, but rather function… I want to know about screen resolution and ppi… about camera quality and interface… In a word, whatever LG brings to the table to up the game… higher specs and higher ram (if this rumor comes to pass) is not going to make me switch from my S4 to the G2… It has to at least match the S4 in terms of what I can do with it that I can’t do with my S4… THAT is what LG needs to bring to the table to at the very least make me take notice… Cheers

    • Rijoenpial

      Whoa… Actually, the position of the power and volume rockers is the worst idea I have ever seen! First of all, you put your fingers RIGHT on the place where the power rocker is when you answer a phone! Also, no matter what comes out, it still won’t beat the S4 in terms of sensors and design… Still, we need a few important specs like the weight of the G2, LG’s isoftware… and, of course, the price… If rumors are correct, and the next nexus 5 is based off this one, I would rather wait for that one instead of this… And the position of the speakers is stupid as hell! HTC One got that one right: you watch movies or games in landscape mode, so the position of the speakers in the HTC One make far more sense than LG G2’s! Cheers

  • nexus 5

    “G2” ALL THE WAY……..

  • levin

    too bad it doesn’t have stylus.

    • mariah

      no need for stylus pen, G2 is measured just about 5.46 inches tall and 2.8 inches wide and super slim phone.

      but if you really need a stylus pen, you can buy in LG stores…

    • Gregory L. Taylor

      Why would you need one?! you have 8 of them already the’re called FINGERS!!

      • Drizzle


  • Theo

    Sounds fun

  • districtjack

    I don’t know why LG gets such a bad rap. I own one and I have no complaints. It is an awesome phone. So what if it hasn’t been upgraded to jelly bean? A phone does not need to have the latest OS to awesome. I have friends that have iPhone and Samsung S4 and blackberry and LG. I hear about iPhone and S4 hardware and software problems but I don’t hear complaints about LG, except when I read blog comments. My LG Optimus LTE is over a year old now and it still rocks!!! AND I’ve never had a problem with it.

    • taz89

      I think if you got a flagship device , than you should expect major update..sure if no one else was upgrading then lg wouldn’t be getting a bad rap but if all other oems around you are updating there flagships and quicker too than it makes you look bad..now am not saying that lg phones are bad, but when I buy a phone especially when its £500+ I make sure that it will get support . if you have the option to have a later os then why not. If you get stuck on jb then fine but I woukdnt want to be stuck on anything lower. Jb brings Google now,lock screen widgets, project butter etc.

      • districtjack

        I understand what you are saying. I have jb on my nexus 7 and it is indeed better than ICS. But when it comes down to reliability and durability of the hardware and the currently installed software, LG gets no complaints from me or my friends. That’s why I bought a nexus for the prompt updates so I can look and aaah at the new android software. If I buy a new phone and it does its job properly I will be happy. I have what is considered an outdated phone but I will continue to use it because it works flawlessly.

        I think I understand now that maybe the bad LG reviews I have read were spirited on by LG’s slow update reputation. Its not an issue for people like me though. What is an issue for me is the reviews that knock LG for inferior hardware/quality. I’ve seen a lot of non working I phones and my friend said he is “disappointed” with his Samsung S4.

        • taz89

          Like you said dont think there’s any issue with lg’s software,imo from playing around with lg phones there’s is very fast and smooth. My only issue and am guessing a lot of “geeks” its the slow or lack of updates lg’s flagship get compared to others..honestly this g2 looks great and am a fan of The buttons on the back but I’m one that don’t like to be stuck on old update for too long..imo the only thing holding lg back is there’s updates and once that is sorted my next phone mighy be an lg..my last 2 TV’s have been high end lg tv’s so I personally have no issue with lg as a company .

          • districtjack

            Well if you’re going to shell out that kind of cash you should be getting the latest OS and an update to the next when it comes out. In Canada we get a high end phone for free every 2-3 years if we sign another contract.

    • Topcat488

      Sorry bud, I had to give you a thumb down for that one… Nothing personal though, but feeding the sheep with lies, bribing the reviewers, or any other dishonest trick, will eventually be called to light. I own a Samsung device, that was also built in 2011, but it has Jellybean 4.1.2!

      • districtjack

        who knows what goes on in the top offices of major corporations? I’m totally against corruption but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. And it does come to light…once in a while.

        Jelly Bean on a 2011 Samsung? Must be a S2 skyrocket which is still an awesome phone and on my opinion just as good as the S4, maybe better cause its pocket size.

        • Joshua Hill

          Not just the skyrocket. All the international variants have had 4.1.2 rolled out. No idea what goes on in the States though.

    • Ugslick

      Lol, I have the old Optimus g2x as well (just updated it to a JB rom) besides the low ram not too much is wrong with the device.. I’ve been waiting for the G2 for a year though so I’m ready to upgrade now :P



    • Bjajjull


  • LiiIiikEaBau5

    Im really sastified with my Nexus 4, if LG make such a beautiful mobile again, i would definitely purchase a non nexus device from LG!

    • Drizzle

      This is what I’m waiting for. I fell in love with the Optimus G, but this one will be it for me.

  • Darth

    I purchased my Optimus G for only $100 at Bestbuy, paid only $50 with the email upgrade for qualified customers. The phone in my opinion easily worth $199 with its build quality and killer specs. The fact that I only paid 50 is a steal last year now its free. I never had any problems with it no lag issues still super fast and smooth. I could comfortably ride out my contract with this phone. Three of the cores are snoozing just about all the time. I will say developer options force gpu 2d renderong made it alittle faster then it already plus better battery life. Three gigs of ram would be awesome no lie but its not necessary at least for me anyway. I will say the optimus pro screen looks alittle better almost amazing. Nice to see LG go with design. I dont need a surface pro powerhouse smartphone. This spec race these mmanufactures are runming has to stop,

  • koreanboy

    LG G2 has way better specs and design compare to S4(korean version)
    G2 will sell like a pancake in Korea and will kick s4’ass,,,
    Great2 have it,

  • koreanboy

    My company decided not to buy S4 LTE -A (korean version) because we are waiting for LG G2

    S4 (korean LTE-A) didn’t sell good in Korea because of awaited G2.

  • Joshua Hill

    It’s probably going to be a bit big for me at 5.2″. Hopefully the Nexus 5 will have the same hardware but more ergonomic 4.7″ – 5.0″ screen. Otherwise there’s always Sony’s upcoming snapdragon 800 phone to compete :) Lots of good choice coming up!

  • Rosnal

    con estas especificaciones el Nexus 5 sera un verdadero moustruo en el mercado, ya que por los vientos que soplan este sera el futuro Nexus.

  • jonathan3579

    At least LG took the high road and did something much different with their new flagship. Samsung is no better than Apple now in my eyes.

    • Dave Weinstein

      Actually, LG resembles Apple more than any Android phone manufacturer in the way they fight against users that root their devices.

  • Dave Weinstein

    LG is the worst of the big manufactures when it comes to software policies.

    Good luck getting an OTA update if you root your phone, LG will give you a “This phone is suspected of being rooted” message as an excuse for not supplying software updates.

    They don’t support open source projects, and they have publicly stated that they will NEVER make a “Google Edition” of any of their devices.

    Look, it’s great that they’re trying to make good hardware. But there’s not much difference between the flagships from Samsung, Sony and HTC these days, other than perhaps style. So their bad attitude is enough to drop them completely off the list as a contender.

    I’ve got a Optimus G Pro (F240K version) now, and while it’s a beautiful piece of hardware, I can’t get updates, and there’s no CM10 or PA or and AOSP options for the device. I started “eating” my contacts about 2 weeks ago, and I have to go back to gmail and “restore” them about once a day now. With no options for alternate software, I’ve pretty much reached my limit with the crap I’m going to take from LG. Tomorrow the new Sony X Ultra launches in HK. I’m going to be first in line at the store to get one, even though I’ve only had the G Pro for 4 months.

    LG has completely lost my trust.

    • districtjack

      If you want prompt updates get a nexus 4. LG makes the nexus and you won’t have to wait for LG to customize their version of android because Nexus gets update before anyone else with very few exceptions. Any other phone than a nexus means you have to wait for the manufacturer to customize the latest OS. It may be that LG is slower to update than other companies, perhaps they only have one person in their programming department. Lol:-)

      I have a nexus 7 for prompt updates to the latest Android and I have an “old” optimus LTE as a phone and mobile computer. My phone is not too small and not to big. I only have good things to say about LG and I have owned a lot of devices. My first was a Motorola analog bag phone in 1988. I dropped my lg on concrete three times before I finally got a ballistic case. LG has proven themselves to me. I bought a gingerbread phone and five months later it was updated to ICS.

      • Dave Weinstein

        Possibly a Nexus 5, but I’ll never trust LG again for software.

    • Ugslick

      What’s the point of a ‘Google’ edition? It reduces the S4 and HTC One to being essentially the same phone.

      • Dave Weinstein

        Not exactly, but essentially, you are correct.

        Hardware manufacturers should stick to making hardware and leave the software completely to Google.

  • brendan soliwoda

    I just still hope it’s called the optimus G2 cause i like that name better lol.

    • 26

      Me too…

  • 26

    LG has stolen my heart since their LG BL40 New Chocolate. Nice design phone and specs that time.
    I own my LGO G and it’s awesome, nice design and powerful.

    Nice job LG! Upcoming G2 is also awesome, unique design and powerful specs. I’m waiting for G2 to come ^-^

  • Sandy

    http://www.fb.com/LGOptimusG2 beats all 2013 phones and stands like a king in mobile market !