Lenovo Yoga Tablets come with battery life of up to 18 hours

by: Chris SmithOctober 30, 2013

Lenovo Yoga Tablet

Lenovo’s Yoga Tablet 10 and Yoga Tablet 8 are new Android devices that pack up to 18 hours of battery life thanks to a built-in kickstand that hides such special battery powers.

As you can see in these images (gallery below), both devices have their own stands, which can be used to operate the tablets in specific positions. But that stand also hides a larger battery that offers 16 hours of life (Yoga Tablet 8) or 18 hours (Yoga Tablet 10).

The new tablets are both affordable devices, at $249 and $299, respectively, so don’t expect high-end hardware from them.

We’re looking at the same set of specs for both tablets including 1280 x 800 IPS displays (8- and 10-inch, respectively,) 1.2GHz quad-core MediaTek MT8125 processor, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, microSD support, 5-megapixel camera, 1.6-megapixel front-facing camera and Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean under the hood.

Interestingly, the Yoga Tablets have an iOS-like app arrangement, with each screen being populated with apps.

As for the dock, it has three modes it can be used in, including a “Read mode” (kickstand closed, it can be used as a regular tablet) “Stand mode” (kickstand open, it can be used as a laptop with a keyboard, or for enjoying videos) and “Tilt mode” (kickstand open, it can be used to type easier on the touchscreen).

Lenovo also has a $69 wireless keyboard to go along with the 10-inch model, and all devices will be available starting with October 30 from Best Buy. Additionally, the 10-inch model will also be available from other retailers including Amazon, Newegg and Fry’s.

Anyone interested in Lenovo’s new Yoga Tablets?

  • Abhijith Manoj

    Why do I feel like Apple is gonna sue them soon.

    • adam evans

      Because apples cash cow a are threatened by a opposition. They would rather go to court than innovate

      • Balraj

        When somebody robs you, would you let go of them ? Just saying..
        Btw in tech world,everything is obvious until sum1 figures out how to do it..

        • adam evans

          Its not robbing, they haven’t completely ripped off apple. Apple weren’t the first people to do smart phones , or tablets, or black boxes, swype to unlock or pinch to zoom and yet they were still awarded patents on them. They have good loyers who can exploit the system

          • Balraj

            Lol..that’s not right..Apple doesn’t own law..Apple might have not been 1st but they “were” best..
            Also copyingis but cus care least..so nobody cares..

          • adam evans

            No they don’t own it , but the patent system is flawed and they have a good legal team that use that to their advantage.
            Similar to how they accounts play the tax laws to their advantage !

          • NeedName

            So, you are saying apple should be sued for everything they’ve copied/stolen over the years?

            ipod via original patent holder
            Air via Sony designs
            ipad via Knight-Ridder tablet
            iphone via Sony designs
            etc. . .

          • Balraj

            Lol..there is difference between being inspiredn ccopying
            Taking something as base n buildingover it..I stronglybelbelieve b4 iPhone or iPad came, there was nothing similar to them.
            Just my ththought

          • adam evans

            I think their was, LG and Samsung both had full screen touch phones before apple.
            However apple was the first to really nail it and and do it right, then became the one to beat for many years

          • Opinion

            and now it’s already a history

          • Balraj

            Your totally right..some ppl just won’t understand..

  • Ben

    hope this battery will come to their windows OS tablets….

  • adam evans

    Looks like a meet concept! Glad to see a manufacture trying something different in the tablet space for a change. 18 hours will be incredible as long as it doesn’t make the think a pain to hold

    • Ric

      galaxy note 8 weight 338 grams
      this one is 399 grams
      61 grams weighter than note 8

      i think not so bad

  • Ric

    woah! i love that design 8 inch?? Perfect!
    if it come with wacom stylus i will ditch my other tablets.

  • Balraj

    Why why mediatek..if it had Qualcomm,I would have bought it…

  • renz

    nice looking but the spec is a bit underwhelming given the price

  • MY

    This might just be the tablet I was looking for to buy. Looking great & loving the approach :-)

  • Masson Liang

    1GB RAM kills it.

  • MrMagoo

    The RAM is a killer. They’ll be great for everyday use, just gonna lack in the high end gaming. 18 hours is pretty damn awesome.

    • jay

      I am sure that user who will use it for web browing, movies, reading e-books etc will love it…. the battery is one mega plus point. plus for us indian fellas… sim card slot, micro SD slot is a big plus… if someone wants hi end gaming, go for high end tabs…. nd i dont think, tabs are the right medium for gaming.. that too high end gaming.

  • darth ramage

    Why mediatek proc if the selling price is still so high? Dont cheap out on the components and then fail to pass on the savings to the consumer. This product will probably fail.

  • gregorypierce

    Looks good. A little concerned about the hardware and the long term support from Lenovo, but the user experience looks like a winner.

  • That’s kinda neat. Kickstand and big-ass battery sound useful. Having the weight on one side like that might actually improve the hold-ability (like Sony’s folded-over tablets). I’d want to read a review from someone who spent a fair bit of time using the tablet on a regular basis first. I’d also like a high-density screen. 1280×800 at 10″ just makes me sad.

  • vmgautam

    Another one (will) bite(s) the dust … One ugly looking Tablet. Urghhhh …

    • ProudToBePinoy


  • lollicup04

    this reminds me of the iriver spinn

  • ProudToBePinoy

    I love the concept well it’s good for 250$ :) it’s nice for multimedia purposes and web browsing …

  • jay

    Nice for people who want a decent tablet for movies, web browsing and reading some e-books. Not everyone wants/affords a nexus or an i Pad.
    Plus the availability of extra storage and sim card slot is a boon for Indian market where wi-fi is not thatfreely and readily available.