Lenovo Thinkpad getting a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich in Q2

by: AlexanderJanuary 31, 2012

The latest manufacturer to announce that their tablet is getting Android 4.0? Lenovo of course. They are planning to update their Thinkpad tablet in the second quarter of 2012. Now that does seem like a ways away right? But it’ll be here before you know it, just be patient.

The Thinkpad came out last summer, and like most manufacturers Lenovo did not give a specific date that the update would be released and pushed to your Thinkpads. The IdeaPad is also slated to make the jump to Ice Cream Sandwich as well. It’s pretty easy to forget about these in a tablet world, honestly even I forgot about them, but Lenovo makes some pretty good hardware. You remember the hands on we did of Lenovo’s new devices at CES earlier this month right? Some pretty solid hardware there. Also the Thinkpad has a pretty awesome keyboard dock as well.

Who owns an IdeaPad or ThinkPad? Are you excited to get ICS on your tablet? Hit up the comments and let us know.

  • Arehman1507

    Ics for ideapad k1 is not officially declared yet… hope it comes along with thinkpad.

  • Caruso287

    I own 2 Ideapads and ICS would be great. However, given Lenovo’s overall lack of support, I believe it when I see it. I don’t know how Lenovo would allow their service, support and quality control drop so far. I’m very disappointed in the brand.

  • BarnzeNoble

    Still waiting not so paitently. Lenovos lack of concern and support for the tablet users is truly disturbing. My wifes Acer A500 has been on ICS for months.