Lenovo Thinkpad finally gets a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich in UK, coming soon in the US

by: Arnold ZafraMay 26, 2012
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Remember when we told you that the Lenovo Thinkpad Android tablet would be getting a taste of Ice Cream too? Well, it’s starting to happen right now in the UK and some areas in Western Europe. Some members of the Lenovo Community Forum are reporting that ICS has been rolled out to their Thinkpad tablet via an OTA (over the air) update. One member posted that US certification for the roll-out is scheduled for June 18th while the rest of the world will have the ICS update delivered to their Thinkpads one month shortly thereafter.

Meanwhile, those who have received the update are saying that Ice Cream Sandwich has made quite a few improvements to the functionality and speed of their Thinkpads, particularly in the areas of GPS functionality, faster performance, and compatibility with Chrome Beta for Android.

So, if you happen to own the Lenovo Thinkpad and purchased it in the UK, then you might be in for a treat. Try checking the update settings on your tablet, and let us know if you’re in store for some ICS action! You might just find Ice Cream Sandwich waiting for you.

And, having updated my Samsung Galaxy Note to ICS a couple of days ago, I can assure you that you’ll definitely like Ice Cream Sandwich. As for those in the US – just be patient. Pretty soon, your Thinkpad will have a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich too.

So that’s one more tablet maker hopping on board the ICS bandwagon – who’s next? Anyone out there have any thoughts on the improvements baked into ICS for their Thinkpad? Let us know!

  • http://www.anyunku.com/ Anyun Gadget

    NIce Tablet,
    I think it will not get ICS update..

    • Frackle

      Did you not read the article?

  • Alx6

    I am in France and I did the update this morning.
    it’s ok for me everything went well I’m in 4.0.3

    • Pat

      My Lenovo is incredibly laggy did the ics make it much faster? Cheers

    • icare

      i am so in france, and i not have the update proposed when i go “to mises a jour du systeme, commencer à verifier la nouvelle version”

      is it the good way to obtain ics in france thanks

  • Stealthw4r3

    where did lenovo post updates for the us i really dissapointed on lenovo for making me wait even more i wish i was in the uk

  • https://login.launchpad.net/+id/nfXAXEW [email protected]

    No update yet in canada, but hopefully soon!

  • Sven Klaus

    But why should US users have to wait so much longer than Western European users? The hardware for the wi-fi models is nearly identical.

  • Pat

    I bought mine from the us and live in the UK………..meaning I have to wait as the rest of the USA…….all this to save £100….

  • Bullred

    Received the upgrade June 21st in Canada looks pretty good

  • alia

    Be thankful you don’t live in Australia – we always seem to have to wait longer than anyone to get anything new.

  • JBF

    Still no update in Denmark:-(