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At Google I/O last year, the Android development team acknowledged that mobile security was their top concern going into 2017.

Little surprise there. Mobile tech is becoming ubiquitous, but its security still lags well behind that of desktops and laptops. More and more people are shopping and checking their bank accounts from their smartphones, making their personal and financial information more vulnerable than ever.

The best way to learn how to protect yourself is to know how the bad guys operate.

The world needs more savvy security experts.

We’ve seen a few solid Ethical Hacking Courses in our time, but this is the first discounted one we’ve seen with Android-specific coursework.

The Ethical Hacking A to Z bundle certainly lives up to its claims. The solid five-star learning kit has one fourth of its coursework dedicated to the Android operating system. If you pounce before this offer ends, you get the entire package for just $39.

In addition to learning Kali Linux to Hack Android Mobile Devices and Hacking/Penetration Testing Using Android from Scratch, you’ll also be exposed to the other skills and tricks of the trade for hacking cross-platform.

The bundle includes:

If you were to pay for all of these courses individually, you’d wind up forking over more than $1,200. However, for a limited time, these courses have been bundled together for a reduced price.

The world needs more savvy security experts. If you’re interested in becoming one or just being more secure with your devices, click here to learn more about what you can do!

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