How fake are these alleged leaked Samsung Galaxy S4 pics?

by: AdrianMarch 11, 2013


If only we had a penny for every story focused on Samsung Galaxy S4’s design that popped up on the web lately… Some said the “next big thing” will look like the GNote 8. Others, that it’ll have aluminum sides and a plastic back cover.

A dark and very blurry pic then emerged, clearing up… absolutely nothing about the GS4. We soon after heard something about the color schemes Sammy was planning, while Eldar Murtazin was certain the Koreans will stick with plastic instead of metal or ceramic. Finally, @evleaks brought some hope with what looked like legitimate renders of the S4, but proved to be big fat fakes (shame on you, evleaks, by the way!).


Which brings us to today’s episode of “is it real, is it fake?”. Only this one is a no-brainer. The alleged Galaxy S4 “real pictures” leaked by a Chinese blog are of anything but the real S4. They could be showing off an early prototype of some kind. Or maybe a specific GS4 version made for China with dual-SIM support.

But most likely they’re just big fat fakes of their own. Or, equally as likely, they’re pictures of a soon to be unveiled Galaxy S4 clone whose designers jumped the gun or simply assumed the S4 was going to be a large S3 lookalike.


Okay, there is an outside chance this is how the Samsung Galaxy S4 will look like. A million in one shot. Like Adam Sandler’s chance of ever winning an Oscar. But, unless the Sun will suddenly start rotating around Earth and frogs will fall from the sky tomorrow, Sammy will go with a different look for the company’s next flagship.

Instead of the rounded edges shown in today’s pics, we’re expecting the much anticipated phone to be more rectangular and sharp. The back casing might look a bit different too, although chances are it’ll be glossy and plasticky as well.


The bezel should be a tad thinner and the physical home button larger. As for the specs shown courtesy of an AnTuTu benchmark, they seem to check out and include Android 4.2, a 1,080p display, a 1.8 GHz processor and 2 GB of RAM. The GT-I9502 model number is close to reality too, but it’s not like it’s uber-difficult to Photoshop all this info, is it?

So the bad news is we still have no idea how the GS4 will look like with only three days to go until the official announcement. The good news? We’re only three days to go. Shall we start the countdown?

  • galaxy-storm

    Sgs4 will have square edges. Epic fake.

  • petrit avedayil

    Looks fake to me.

  • True_Neutral

    See the dual SIM icons? Most likely a Chinese clone.


    seems legit – wonder if the designer actually studied the subject in the first place

  • Andrew

    So much better at keeping a secret than Apple

    • kascollet

      Yes… but no. The major difference is the time between announcement and actual first unit available : very short for Apple (two weeks) vs two months for Samsung. It is much harder to hide leaked parts or devices when a mass of them is already very close to customers. It would be a big deal if actual S4 availability follows very closely Thursday’s announcement (very unlikely).
      Still, fact is we don’t know anything precisely for the moment.

      • Andrew

        I see your point. I would like to see the world of Android become a lot tighter like Apple instead of releasing things here and there, it just becomes too confusing and a lot of waiting in the long run. One thing I admire about Apple is how they launch their products.

  • Cao Meo

    GS4, inspired by profits? I mean GS3 sold too well so less change is better for Samsung.

  • tomislav

    ” @evleaks brought some hope with what looked like legitimate renders of the S4, but proved to be big fat fakes (shame on you, evleaks, by the way!).”

    No, shame on you that you stayed on his side as mobile portal and said that you believe him.

  • [email protected]

    I think it’s real, remember when s3 is leaked, it was in a plastic cover with square comes.

  • If this is legit, well I don’t like it. The corners are too rounded.

  • SamMobile confirmed the leaks as the Samsung Galaxy S4 DUO for chinese market

    • Adrian Diaconescu

      I’m not buying that. I mean, a Galaxy S4 Duos is a possibility, but I don’t think it will look like this.

  • rkattreddi

    The width of the phones is not the same …the second phone is wider than the first phone…It a real fake…. : – )

  • HolierThanThough

    Looks pretty genuine to me. Its just an engineering sample.

  • Filip Justin

    I think this is genuine.. Remember that leak about the cases? This devices seems a bit wider and a bit shorter.. Plus, there is a pattern on the back that looks like the new “Get ready for the new S4” ad.. The camera placement might be diferent but this looks okay to me..

    • Diego!

      The front (if you look carefully) has those dots too. Check it out :)

      • Filip Justin


  • MasterMuffin


  • Hope not, if it was… … HTC One… I am coming soon!

  • Newb Cybot

    The two phones placed side by side showing the phone specs don’t even have the same curvature with each other, which is rather telling.

  • PhonesOwnUs

    My money is on genuine… otherwise, quite the thought-out, strenuous fake job to be leaking a couple of days before the revealing. I’m sort of tired of what seems to be kiddies randomly, angrily chiming in with nothing more than “FAKE!!1!”… Tell us why.

    Meanwhile, here are more hi-res pics:

  • What an ugly plasticy phone! I already got the Xperia Z and will also get the HTC One

  • Quad Core?

  • gils001

    maybe this is real…. Samsungs recent twitter post seems to confirm round edges but it could be for another phone

  • brendan soliwoda

    Adam Sandler is a great actor who will one day be recognized by the Academy for his brilliance. HA. I just made myself laugh. But yea, too much like the GS3 for my tastes.

  • porter86

    Hahaha you were SO wrong.

  • David Foggia

    Turns out these pictures were the real dead :P

  • SContrerasMer

    who did this leak?, it’s totally accurate,

  • Vedant Mathur

    11 months later with my GS4 that looks ditto