Leaked press photo confirms Motorola DROID MAXX retains Kevlar backing

by: Kyle WiggersJuly 20, 2013

If leaked press images of Motorla’s upcoming DROID MAXX are to be believed, it looks like the company isn’t planning to ditch the ruggedized, masculine look any time soon. The refreshed Motorola DROID, almost certainly bound for Verizon, will retain the Kevlar-coated backing that’s become a hallmark of the brand.

Judging by the photos, the Kevlar backplate looks largely similar the last year’s DROID MAXX design. One difference of note is texturing around the rear camera and flash. It’s impossible to say whether the ensconcing material is rubber, plastic, or more Kevlar, but it’s certainly (in my humble opinion) a big aesthetic improvement over previous iterations.

Though Kevlar may conjure images of bullet-proof vests and spacecraft, the material is more commonly used than you might think, mostly because of its superior strength-to-weight ratio. That, coupled with the ability to allow unimpeded the passage of radio waves, makes Kevlar perfect for a lighter, thinner, and more rigid smartphone frame.

Motorola is widely expected to unveil the new line of DROID phones is widely at a Verizon event July 23. The MAXX is expected to pack a quad-core Snapdragon 800 CPU, 2GB of RAM, and a battery capable of lasting two full days without recharge. The DROID Ultra and DROID Mini will reportedly launch alongside the MAXX, offering identical specs with a smaller battery and a mid-range option, respectively.

  • jjordan

    I think I’m more interested in the droid maxx than I am the motorola x phone just for the snapdragon 800 and hopefully 1080p screen plus you know their gonna put a huge battery in that thing 4000mah or better would be my guess

    • TY

      3500mAh. Confirmed by FCC document (XT1080). The Ultra will have 2130mAh.

      • jjordan

        I get the 3500 for the maxx but why in the world would they put a 2130mah battery in the ultra the razr hd had a 2530mah battery in it…its a step back in battery performance

  • fresh_TD

    the maxx should be interesting

  • Wolverine

    How come gsmarena is saying the specs for this are an S4 Pro, 720p with 4.7 inch display? Where are they getting their source from?

    • brendan soliwoda

      That’s the Moto X, this is a completely different phone

  • James

    Make the maxx international! Stuff the moto x

  • stuart bennett

    sounds like the phone ive been waiting for, now all i want is to be able to buy this unlocked , for international markets….one lives in hope and senseless dreams!

    • Chris Trundy

      The phone cones unlocked when you buy it from Verizon. It has quad band GSM and Quad band UMTS frequencies as well as band 4/13 for LTE. It will work internationally. I took my droid maxx to england and got LTE with a local Sim.

  • Rex_D

    http://www.droiddoes.com/ The new phones are already on the Verizon website, why are all the articles still acting like there are rumors. The specs are listed, photos are up

  • Rex_D

    http://www.droiddoes.com/ The phones are on Verizon’s website, enough with the leaks and rumors articles