Leaked Nexus 4 manual confirms 8GB and 16GB models, wireless charging

by: Bams SadewoOctober 27, 2012

The Nexus leak factory has been relentlessly churning its goods in the past weeks, and it doesn’t look like there’s any sign of slowing down. Two days ago the world got their hands on the Nexus 10 tablet manual early, now the Nexus 4 too has its “Quick Start” booklet revealed ahead of its introduction.

The Nexus 4 manual is as official as it gets, because you can download it from LG UK’s website.  But really, there isn’t anything new to learn of the phone from it.

If there’s any doubt that the Nexus 4 will come in two flavors, 8GB and 16GB, the screenshot above just about confirms it. As for the wireless charging ability of the phone, the manual confirms that there’s an  induction coil on the back side of the LG Nexus 4. It’s likely that Google will introduce an accessory on October 29 to utilize the feature.

And that’s about all we have on today’s Nexus leak episode.  Although Google’s Android event will be held on Monday, don’t discount the possibility of seeing more leaks — if there’s still any left.

  • Yazad Dhunjisha

    What on earth is a “Slimport”? o.O

  • tec

    hey guys does the nexus 4 have a regular sized sim card slot, or a micro slim slot

    • B Sadewo

      The manual suggests a microSIM card

  • mclovin

    Im gonna leave this here…… http://www.mediafire.com/view/?jfod357xovd9odk

  • ray01000101010101

    I would trade wireless charging for LTE any day!

  • Noah

    Looks like we’ve got a winner here.

    “Nexus 4’s battery can’t be removed. Don’t attempt to open the phone.” Are you kidding? That’s promising.

    Then the screen size, yep, I’m happy to buy special pants with over-sized pockets…

    I’m also wondering where this nonsense of placing the speakers at the rear of devices comes from. Do you have to face the back to listen to it? Would be more convenient to see the display at the same time IMHO.

    Micro-SIM… OK, we’ll have to cut our SIM cards, nice. I suppose it compensates the screen size.

    It would also have been a good idea to put the 3.5 at the bottom.

    And finally this cordless charger doesn’t make sense either, I would understand for devices that need to be waterproof, or implants, but a phone? Come on, let’s be efficient and not waste energy just to look “cool”. Fortunately they kept the wired option.

    I’m voting this one down, those constructors need to get back to their sensible selves.