Hands-on Moto X video: 4.7-inch display, what appears to be a dual-core Snapdragon S4 Pro?

by: Bogdan PetrovanJuly 14, 2013

Moto X CPU Test

Earlier today, we reported on a video that Reddit user KronikBudz put online showing the contextual awareness functionality of the Moto X, which is apparently dubbed Open Mic. The device listens to your voice commands, even when the screen is turned off and the phone is locked. The default “wake up” command is “Okay Moto Magic”, and for instance, you can use it to call someone when the device is locked.

KronikBudz revealed another few details in the Reddit thread where he posted the Open Mic video, and some of them are quite interesting.

First, the user says he measured his AT&T Moto X and that the display is 4.7-inch. This goes against most previous rumors, so we are a bit puzzled about it.

Then, KronikBudz ran the CPU Identifier app on the alleged Moto X device and posted the results in a video.

Now, the results seem inconsistent, and our hunch is the app misrepresents the processor. The app identifies the Moto X’ processor as “MSM8960 x2” clocked at 1.7GHz, which is a dual-core Snapdragon S4 Plus. However, the GPU is Adreno 320, suggesting that the proc may actually be a “MSM8960T”, a Snapdragon S4 Pro.

The weird thing is that the benchmark that KronikBudz runs in the video positions the Moto X’ processor at the top of the leaderboard, right between Snapdragon 600 processors, with a score of 34,715. Looking at the leaderboard, it seems that a dual-core S4 Plus clocked at 1.7GHz should be in the 27,000-30,000 range.


Benchmarking apps can’t always be trusted, so we may be looking at a case of mistaken identity. The scores definitely suggest a high-end proc (Snapdragon 600?) but that goes against previous rumors and the app identification itself. Another possibility is that the processor is a dual-core S4 Pro/Plus that Motorola optimized to achieve superior speeds.

We’ve contacted the developer of the CPU Identifier app to try to figure this out, and we’ll keep you posted with more details.

  • Ben Jacobs

    ugh the differences are just all over the place right now…..

  • Balraj

    It will be released before ifa or during Apple next event
    I think Google is leaking info intentionally like many other OEM !!!

    • Ben Jacobs

      Possible that this is a intentional leak to create some buzz about the phone. Only time will tell. They (Google) better get this right with their own phone.

      • Balraj

        Google shut down Motorola in India
        So Idk if it will be available here or not :-(
        But personally htc makes way better hardware :-)

        • Sid

          personally you have no idea what you are talking about.
          Moto sits right at the top of the heap in build quality .
          HTC uses metal but their build quality actually sucks buttons falling lot’s of shit inside the phone glued together badly.
          Metal does mean ZOMG build quality.
          Moto is also like top 2 when it comes to radio reception and call quality.

  • Guest

    isn’t it the same chip as in the Xperia SP? dual core 1.7Ghz krait with adreno 320 graphics…

  • Luka Mlinar

    4.7-inch? YES! So buying this thing. I had enough of micro tab phones.

    • MrJigolo

      Funny. Didn’t someone on this site report a 4.4 inch screen…

      • dan

        Technically it is a 4.3 when you take the on screen nav keys into consideration

        • Cian

          no the onscreen nav keys don’t take away 0.4 inches

          • Luka Mlinar

            Indeed. And this argument on how you should add or remove a few pixels is getting old fast. There was one dude giving an argument how it’s ok if the new Nexus is 5.2″ because when you remove the navigation buttons it’s 5 inches. You (dan) made the same argument here but with 4.7. So no matter where we are someone will make that argument. It’s simple. You want a larger screen? Buy a different phone. Ill buy this for the innovative technology, good benchmark score, clean Android, good design and because it’s Motorola.

      • Yes, we did. The reason being. The source of ours that used the Moto X ran the app ‘Device Info’. It told him the screen was 4.4 inches. I’m curious if the guy that measured this is measuring the entire front of the phones vs the actual usable screen.

    • john

      eww too big

  • needa

    i dont get why yall are puzzled by the screen size being 4.7″. the size of the phone has been out ever since the 1056 fcc filing. its bigger than the gs2 with minimal bezels. the video of the phone that has been out since march said it was a 4.7″. all of the facts represent a 4.7″ screen. all of the unsubstantiated rumors pointed to something different.

    • needa

      even better. the link yall pointed to says it will have a 4.7″ screen. and yall are still puzzled. lol

      “The screen size of the handset will most likely be somewhere around 4.7 inches, so don’t expect a 5-inch handset here – after all, Motorola wants to make phones that are of the right size.”

  • EarlyMon

    Debunking time.

    My S4 dual core processor at 1.5 GHz comes in at 25408.

    Add 13.333% clock speed increase = 28976.

    Add about 14% efficiency increase of the next generation Krait cpu = 32827

    The benchmark result was 34715.

    Nearly the same as my linear prediction.

    And near the results of the quad core Snapdragon 600.

    Conclusion – there’s no doubt that the benchmark is incapable of assessing a fully powered quad core Snapdragon 600.

    The Moto X is clearly running a Qualcomm S4 Pro.

    Without any secret sauce whatsoever.

    The real news in the article that’s overlooked completely – it’s sporting both temperature and pressure sensors.

    • TGMzero

      The S4 has a quad core processor…

      • EarlyMon

        I’m referring to the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, commensurate with references to the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor.

        Not the SGS4 phone.

        • TGMzero

          OK. That makes much more sense now.

    • The developer of CPU Identifier claims the CPU is a Snapdragon 600.

      • Ahmed Abbas

        that’s confusing :S

      • EarlyMon

        Thanks for checking with them. The claim is definitely interesting.

        I notice that the video for CPU Identifier at 23 seconds in agrees with the CPU Z SoC page in your article.

        That it’s some flavor of MSM8960 with two cores and an Adreno 320.

        CPU-Z, applied to the HTC One, presents that as running a Snapdragon 600 with 4 Krait 300 CPUs.

        CPU-Z identifies my Evo 4G LTE as running a Snapdragon S4 – and as of last year when it came out and per Qualcomm documentation at that time of my purchase, that’s correct. (That spreadsheet came from Feb 2012.)

        CPU Identifier says my phone has a Snapdragon S4 Plus – which according to http://www.qualcomm.com/snapdragon/processors/s4/specs has clearly become the newer class name. Last year’s first Qualcomm spec sheet simply list all of the current S4 Play and S4 Plus – and both of the M/APQ8064 quads – as simply the S4. Only the MSM8960 dual with an Adreno 320 was listed on that spec sheet as the S4 Pro.

        The S4 Pro differentiators per that spec sheet are dual core with programmable world modem and an Adreno 320 GPU. On the latest, the APQ804 with the 320 is now an S4 Pro as well.

        In June of 2012 they updated that spec sheet to this – http://www.qualcomm.com/sites/default/files/common/snapdragon-specs-06.07.12.pdf

        Latest references can be found beginning at http://www.qualcomm.com/snapdragon/processors/s4/specs and also at http://www.qualcomm.com/snapdragon/processors/800-600-400-200/specs

        In any case, it’s still clear to me that the benchmarking results of CPU Identifier cannot be lighting up all four CPUs.

        Looking forward to your next installment on the Moto X!

      • Steve

        S4 Pro and S600 aren’t extremely different in terms of power.

  • Steve

    Phone magic

  • The CPU-Z screenshots were also from KronikBudz. He sent them to me via PM and I tweeted the imgur album to Brian Klug :P

  • mwiz123

    hope by the time it comes out it has a Snap 800

  • brendan soliwoda

    I’m a hardware person who loves the latest and greatest and i could live with the 720p screen, the 10mp camera, and the dual core processor (although I’d prefer 1080p, ultrapixel, and quad-core), but the one thing that bothered me about this phone was the screen size. After using the Galaxy Note II, I can’t imagine myself using a small phone again, and I consider small under 4.5′. So that was the deal breaker for me. But now that we know that the screen size is 4.7′, all my doubts have been put to rest and I think that I’m going to get this as my next phone.

    • keltypack

      4.5′ is pretty big — about 54″? That’s not very usable in my hand or pocket, but I am sure it would have a beautiful picture. ;)

      • brendan soliwoda

        Idk, for me, after handling the Note II, 4.5′ feels small to me, giggity. Lol, but that’s just my opinion.

        • rabidhunter

          Umm, the common abbreviation for inch is a quotation mark (“) while the common abbreviation to feet is an apostraphe (‘). I am 5’6″ meaning I am five foot six inches tall. Kelly’s comment was pointing that out. 4.5’ totals out to be four foot six inches or 4’6″. The correct way to put it is 4.5″ using the ” rather than the ‘
          Just trying to be helpful here.

          • keltypack

            Thanks for the clarification. I was just trying to be funny because 4.5′ or 54″ is a great size for a TV.

            I can see your point about a 4.5″ screen being small compared to the massive 5.5″ Note II screen. On the other hand, my daughter is more comfortable with a 4.3″ screen. We all agree, however, that 3.7″ and 3.99″ screens (iPhone) are woefully inadequate for us.

          • brendan soliwoda

            Well, I feel like an idiot now. Thanks for the clarification.

          • rabidhunter

            Don’t feel like an idiot, we all make mistakes. You learned something and that counts. Me, I make mistakes all the time, but I don’t stop learning.

          • keltypack

            I am sorry if I made you feel bad. I was just joking (did you see the wink?) and wanted to make a funny remark. I am glad that you learned something, so don’t worry about it. Please forgive me for being insensitive.

        • brendan soliwoda

          Neither of you made me feel like an idiot. The fact that I’ve been using ‘ for so long without realizing that it was actually feet made me feel foolish. Lesson learned. Thanks.

  • shubham

    Google is making our lives even more hassle free by adding various app and tweaks of much utility .

    for more : http://technismtoday.blogspot.in/2013/07/google-motox-video-leaked.html


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    The Moto X Forum is now open at motoxforum.net

  • Davy Bartoloni

    i’m the developer of CPU identifier. the cpu is a Qualcomm S600 APQ8064T x4 1.73Ghz the same of HTC One (M7)

    • turdbogls

      if this is true, I just got REALLY excited for this phone. I was kinda “Meh” before and would just wait it out until the Next Nexus came out…but now…..decisions decisions.

  • Cian

    atleast the screen resolution is 1280×720 and not 1280×768 like on the Nexus 4

    • turdbogls

      I’m curious…..whats so bad about 768? everything scales correctly with android so it should only benefit us with a slightly higher res correct?
      just curious.

  • Steve

    Did anybody realize that all of these leaks came directly after the Motorola July 10th – 11th secret event.