Leaked Ice Cream Sandwich RUU for HTC Sensation — Download and Install Instructions

by: Richard GutierrezFebruary 26, 2012
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Want to update your HTC Sensation to the latest Ice Cream Sandwich the easiest way? Then it’s your lucky day, because we found a program called ROM Update Utility (RUU) that will let you to update your phone easily and we will also add steps on how to retain your rooted phone after the update.

Just follow the simple steps below.


  • Make sure that your phone battery is charge at least 60%
  • Backup your phone data into your computer.
  • Disable Fastboot. Settings > Power > Fastboot
  • Turn on USB Debugging, on your homescreen tap Menu> Settings> Application> Development. Then, make sure that USB debugging is checked.


  • HTC Sensation
  • USB Data Cable
  • Computer (HTC Driver installed)
  1. First, download the RUU_PYRAMID_ICS file on your computer.
  2. Then, download and install the OTA Rootkeeper if you have rooted phone. Run the OTA Rootkeeper to backup your root so that you can restore your phone to rooted state after the update. (if your not rooted skip this step).
  3. Next, turn off your phone.
  4. Go to bootloader: press and hold the volume down + power button. You should see hboot and fastboot highlighted on the screen.
  5. Connect your phone to the computer using your USB Data Cable.
  6. Double click the RUU_PYRAMID_ICS to run the program.
  7. Then, follow the instructions you will see in the RUU program to update your phone.
  8. Once finished, disconnect your phone to the computer.
  9. You finally updated your phone with the leaked ICS RUU firmware. Now, to restore your phone to rooted state download and install the OTA Rootkeeper again.
  10. Select the restore root to root your phone.
  11. Go to Android Market and download and install the Superuser app, open it and update the SU binary.

Congratulations, you have successfully updated your phone with the leaked Ice Cream Sandwich RUU and also rooted your phone. Enjoy!


  • I got this message: the rom utility cannot update your phone. When I did step 4 the pyramid software did not recognize the phone connected to the pc.

    • Sanitypreservation

      Make sure you have the correct cid for the update, check with app CID Getter.
      You might have to reset the phone several times, make sure it is in HTC Sync mode

  • Jesus Lagarda

    almost the entire process work except the last part(fail to reconigze signature)

    • Yeah I’ve tried updating all the drivers for htc and using an xp machine as the sync software was having issues on 7.

    • Was your device recognized by the ruu from the bootloader?

    • NARDS!

    • Sanitypreservation

      You have the wrong CID for the update. Check which you have, then change it to an appropriate one or SuperCID

  • Any help?

  • Sanitypreservation

    For people having problems, restart your phone into fastboot and do the pocedure again.
    If that won’t work you will have to extract the rom.zip from the .exe, rename it PG58IMG.zip, put it on the sdcard and flash it from hboot.

  • Sanitypreservation

    Running a RUU from Windows do NOT need HTC Sync !! Your phone should be in HTC Sync Mode but disregard any errors your phone is giving you. You might have to redo those settings more than once.


    • Right. Tried from the fourth pc and only installed the htc driver posted. It was recognized under manage/drivers but the RUU doesn’t recognize the phone in HBOOT. thx

      • Sanitypreservation

        Ruu isn’t supposed to be run when phone is in hboot.
        You run the RUU from PC, phone is running normally but in HTC Sync mode

  • Sanitypreservation

    Further to the Restore root. You will also need to reinstall BusyBox and your recovery of choice: ClockworkMod, 4Ext Recovery or whatever you prefer.

  • This is for Europe, for a US sensation you must change the CID in the rom for HBOOT

  • Rooted>clockworked> supercid worked off the pc. No bugs so for!Thanks for posting!!!

  • guest

    not able to install apps from sd card can any1 help?

    • Sanitypreservation

      Are you on AT&T ? Then the option to install from “unknown sources” has been disabled, send your appreciations to AT&T

  • Llucifers Angell

    Everything works great…..thanks a lot…..BUt the in built messaging app does not send sms……the problem occurs with handcent and go sms as well….!any solution

  • lucksta

    it says i need correct rom update ?????

  • Chris Welton

    When you say ‘skip this step’ does that mean that I can run an RUU with no HTC sync, just in hboot and fastboot mode?
    (I’m getting desperate here, trying to upgrade Desire S using sync but disconnect occurs when sync looks for bootloader)