Leaked Google Babble screenshots fake, app not called Babble, source says

by: Chris SmithMarch 22, 2013

Earlier today a set of leaked Google Babble screenshots has hit the web, but a trusted source tells us the images are fake.

Google Babble is reportedly a new Google messaging app that could be unveiled at Google I/O. Babble will offer users a way to combine all their messaging needs into a single unified app that could improve their messaging experience across devices.

The app could be for Android what iMessage is for iOS devices and Macs, or BBM is for BlackBerry handsets. Even Verizon has updated its Verizon Messages app extending SMS support to tablets and PCs.

The image above is not real, our source says, with various elements not consistent with the actual app. Most importantly the app is not called Babble in the first place – and we’re referring to the spelling of the word rather than it’s pronunciation. However, we don’t have the official name of the app for you. “Babble” is the name we first heard in connection with the app and that’s exactly how a person shown chatting in these screenshots writes the word:

I am testing Google Babble! This is awesome!!

Our source pointed to other inconsistencies with the app, including the wrong app icon and Holo theme, strange font combination choice and font spacing, but also design inconsistencies with the background colors and with the popup menus – just check the borders of the popups in the second and third screenshots and you’ll notice the photoshopping issues yourself. Furthermore, the screenshots contain elements from existing Google Talk and Google+ apps, while the input bar and action bar are “totally different.”

Moreover, while that voting feature highlighted in the second image does sound like an interesting addition to such an app, it comes with not-so-good English features: “JC has started a voting!” it reads, which should be enough to make us wonder whether this is a real Google app or not.

We’ll be on the lookout for more Google Babble – or whatever it’s actually called – details in the future. Are you looking forward to using such an app on your Android devices?

  • dogulas

    Glad it’s not Babble. What a stupid name that would have been.

    • Kassim


      It’s alliterative, fairly descriptive, distinctive (from the competitors) and slips off the tongue. I may not have given it as much thought but, what’s “wrong” with it that wouldn’t have been wrong with say “Google”, “Yahoo”, “Blackberry”, “Microsoft”, “Ultrabook”, “Windows” or “Apple” during their respective inception? Or is it “just because”?!

      Creating a recognisable brand doesn’t rely on how rubbish a word sounds in isolation ’cause with time, the majority sound fine, if not great, anyways…

      • dogulas

        It’s stupid because of its connotation. It already has meaning associated with talking incessantly and annoyingly. Babbling on and on.

        • Kassim

          Too true, too true.

          It’s just that I don’t see that as being such a bad thing when IM chats, for the most part, ARE like babbling with their immediate, informal nature. Plus, it’s also more “fun” (not in the exact sense of the word…just relativey so comapred to say But yeah, I see your point. Whatever they ca it thought, I’m sure I’m

    • Ed

      Not for a woman!

  • dogulas

    Wait, please clarify about this. Will the name still sound like babble? Just the spelling was wrong?

  • Nasry Al-Haddad

    Babble or not, as long as it’s real and is coming, it’s great.

    However, since they are still taking new ideas into consideration:
    “[…]while that voting feature highlighted in the second image does sound like an interesting addition to such an app[…]”

    I do hope there’ll be a way of communication between this app, whatever it’s named, and other Google applications and services on all devices, not just with the same application on all devices.

    For example, if the messaging application was open only on an android device, and a link is received from one of the contacts, the user might want to open the link on the PC/tablet/… and not on the device the message was received on.

    While there’s a workaround for this (only if the conversation wasn’t off the record, through the chat history in Gmail), it might benefit in other scenarios too if the feature was available in the messaging application; maybe as an action list to perform on certain text in messages, with a target application on a target device, all chosen by the user.

  • CreditOwed

    Will the ‘call phone ‘ feature appear in the latest bungle (buzz)? Maybe I will use my credit!? Uniformity might also help

  • toni30596

    Hope that screenshots are fake because the UI sucks

  • Eye4Detail
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