Leaked Galaxy Watch screenshots show device running Samsung Altius / Altios OS, not Android

by: Chris SmithFebruary 14, 2013


After having talked about an unconfirmed Galaxy S4 family member yesterday, supposedly a Samsung smartwatch (the Galaxy Watch?), we now have the first set of leaked images of the device, or better said of its OS.

While we don’t have any official confirmation that Samsung is working on such a product, and there’s no product name for it either – although Galaxy Watch does make some sense – there’s plenty of chatter around smartwatches at this time of year, with Apple being one of the companies that are reportedly also working on such a project.

Interestingly, today’s leak seems to suggest that the Galaxy Watch will have its own custom OS which doesn’t appear to be Android. In fact, from the looks of it, we’re reminded more of a Windows Phone Metro UI experience than of anything else.

The device apparently runs AltiusOS or Altios, depending what image you’re looking at, and we’re definitely interested to know more about it, in case these images aren’t just figments of a creative imagination. In case you didn’t know it already, rumor has it that Altius the internal code name of the Galaxy S4, so color us puzzled.

When it comes to the things this device will do, the Galaxy Watch is apparently supposed to offer carrier connectivity support, access to music, and email and/or messages. It’s not clear how the device will connect to smartphones and/or tablets, and we have no images of the thing at this time.

We’ll be holding on to our crate of salt for the time being, but we’ll definitely keep tabs on this particular rumor.

Anyone looking forward to see more smartwatches in stores?

  • AverageUser

    Give me a smart watch that can connect to a tablet size smartphone that will allow me to do anything I can on the phone and I will be set.*

    *As long as the tablet can charge a wireless earpiece and both work 50 feet away from the phone.

    • Chris Marrow

      I dont know about this one, from what they are saying so far I might just stick with my rooted Motoactv. MY motoactv still keeps going and going with new hacks and featurs thanks to being android based 3.2 . If they switch off of android and it cant be rooted in anyway then I WILL STICK WITH MY MOTOACTV!!!!!

  • If Samsung ditches Android, i ditch Samsung!

    • yahyoh


      it will not , its just a watch

    • That’s Right! you said it perfectly.

  • Like a Pokemon name …

  • Noko

    Altios = Alternative Input/Output System?

    • Joshhud

      ah i like that.. very good

  • ijks

    Yeah, wearable tech is the next step on the ladder currently. I would like smartwatches to integrate a better voice command software rather then some high-end screen. Sure, it would be weird to see people talking to their watches, but once it becomes adopted, it will become the norm.

  • sxs

    earlier Samdung used to steal features from Apple (design, Siri, etc), now they have started stealing features from Sony (upcoming floating touch in S4 taken from Xperia Sola, and this Galaxy watch or whatever from smartWatch from Xperia).
    Why you always remain a copy cat Samdung ?

  • Joshhud

    So the next big thing is ditching Android lol.. What was the OS that Samsung kicked around using?

  • Rahul

    why the hell Samsung named the watch Galaxy Watch at first point and why did they not used Android.