Earlier today we told you that the highly anticipated Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy S3 may be closer than we think, with Samsung rumored to release it on August 29, which also happens to be the day when the company will unveil the Galaxy Note 2.

Now we get an unofficial look at Jelly Bean running on the Galaxy S3, and it’s not a preview version of a Jelly Bean-based custom ROM. Instead, it appears that we’re looking at the official Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean build that has been unofficially leaked.

At least one user was able to download it and install it on his smartphone and now we have a 10-minute video that shows us how Android 4.1 runs on the Galaxy S3. Android Police reports:

The build is labeled as i9300XADLG4. It’s definitely looking legit, and while the visual changes to the Galaxy S III in Jelly Bean seem minor, there’s no doubt that many owners of the device are absolutely chomping at the bit for access to Google Now in its full, un-ported glory.

We’ll keep an eye out on more details on the Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean, but in the mean time feel free to check out the video to see the new ROM tested on the handset.

  • Yessss. They haven’t removed Google Now for that c**p S Voice

  • At least they left Google Now and Google Voice Search and it did not just replaced it with their crappy S-Voice.

  • i wish they’d tested the new gallery and camera features..

  • vikram

    Hey i got a software update just couple hours back….. what’s the update contains? Am using.v international version.I got updated to XXLH1

  • useless

    Really? An English article extolling the wonderful preview video of Jellybean and the video is in a different language. WTF

  • Cliffy44

    What I can’t fathom is WHY wouldn’t they make 4.1 Jelly Bean first available here in the US (I’m on AT&T) on the handset that has outsold every other handset, in the history of cellular?

    I can’t understand why Samsung Galaxy S3 owners didn’t get 4.1 Jelly Bean first.