Leak: Sony Xperia SP: Just another 4.6 inch 720p quad core smartphone

by: ŠtefanFebruary 21, 2013
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Mobile World Congress is going to kick off in just a few days, which means the rumor mills are churning away at a furious pace. This latest one, courtesy of the Xperia Blog, is about a Sony smartphone that would have been awesome in 2012, but in 2013 it’s just “meh”. It’s called the Xpera SP and it has a 4.6 inch 720p screen, quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro, it has an 8 megapixel camera, and that’s about all we can tell. It’s supposed to weigh 155 grams, making it heavier than Sony’s 5 inch ZL, and it’s supposedly going to measure 130.6 mm x 67.1 mm x 9.98 mm, which again, makes it roughly the same size as the ZL.

Should you buy this thing? No. Absolutely not. We don’t even have to touch it to tell you that. The SP has roughly the same specs as Samsung’s Galaxy S3. Do you know how cheap the S3 is going to be when the S4 hits the market?

This isn’t the first time Sony has done this. They introduced the dual core Xperia ion when everyone was introducing quad core phones. Now they’re introducing this thing, the SP, about a year too late. The only thing that can save the SP, in our eyes, is a price tag that’s absurdly low. Knowing Sony though, we severally doubt that’s going to happen.

What else will Sony announce at MWC? We don’t really know. The Japanese company showed off their 2013 flagships at CES, so there’s no real point in announcing yet another high end device, right? Or maybe they’re going to show off that rumored 6.44 inch 1080p phablet? We’ll find out soon enough.

  • Neumenon

    Do you think that maybe, just maybe a lot of people are probably not going to be able to afford the Xperia Z or ZL? Those are going to be more than several hundred dollars.

    I bet this will handily take out my ITardPhone 4S and many others.

    I want the Z. However, I don’t know if I can or really want to justify a 500-600 purchase.

    Get it?

    Therefore, your conjecture and article like many drooling rabid tech blah blogs is largely pointless.

  • aholsteinson

    I am completely confused with all these Sony devices, their naming convention is terrible and they practically release a new device everyday. Xperia SP, Z, ZL, X, D, A, S…whatever…I give up. Sigh. This approach to making mobile devices show imo a lack of a coherent vision on the part of the company and also a lack of commitment/trust in their product, instead of sticking to and developing a coherent unified vision, they just throw a plethora of devices into the market with the hopes that some stick.

    • Stefan Constantinescu

      You could say the same about Samsung’s strategy too, no?

      • Kuladoz

        Yeah, the thing with sony is that they took too long to desing the “look” and when they finish, its already late.
        But i still prefer sony than anyone else, just for the design, all the other phones look horrible compared to the sony ones, just look at the samsung design, its ugly as fuck.

      • aholsteinson

        Definitely, Samsung is very much the same when it comes to this.

    • sxs

      your comment is just a way of bashing at sony…
      but remember Nokia’s naming? 4 digit numbers jumbled all the way from 3315 to 7610 and whatever with 100 of models.
      samsung is no different.. galaxy this, galaxy that with plus, with 1/2, and then they name galaxy ‘star’ as a low end model! again with a strategy of market flooding with plastic crap (mostly) and the worst is you cant even distinguish them by design!

      so, dont just troll sony, atleast their phones dont look fugly, every other company is same!

      • aholsteinson

        I singled out sony due to this being an article about a Sony device but in truth every Android OEM is practically the same.

  • eaon21

    so bigger is cooler? personally, i dont like the trend right now where phones are getting bigger.. 4.8 in is enough for me, 5 is ok but more than that… tsss… as long as the screen gets bigger but the body is still ‘holdable’, its ok for me…

  • if the phone had a 4,3 inch and was the same specs, would be my next buy, but this new trend of big and bigger is not for me…
    waiting a good normal size phone… :/

  • But this is a midrange device. Sure, they already have the Xperia T so i’m not sure why the need for a new device, but it will have slight improvements on the processor(it’s a dual core S4 with an Adreno 320, as opposed to 225) and camera(Exmor R vs Exmor RS). Sony has priced their mid-range phones very reasonably in the past, like the Xperia P, so i don’t see why this shouldn’t be a good competitor to last year’s phones.

  • Walter van Lille

    Lol.. So what you are basically saying is that even though it will have the same capability as the S3, and we can safely assume that it will be their mid range offering, which means that that the pricing will be in line with other companies mid range offerings, we shouldn’t get it? Why don’t you just come out and say that everybody should come out and buy a Samsung product regardless of what buying tier they’re in? I can tell you now, I will be very careful to believe any review or comparison article that you write.