[LEAK] LG Optimus U1 – LG’s First Android 4.0 Smartphone

by: LucianNovember 2, 2011
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In my last post about LG, I was pretty harsh with them, and for good reason. They can’t release a high-end $500 phone and then say they aren’t going to support it with the next major version of Android, by the end of the year.

I find that unacceptable, and I think it will hurt their image in the Android ecosystem. That is something that they don’t need right now, because they are already on an uphill battle, trying to convince customers that their phones can be just as good as those from Samsung, HTC or Motorola.

The LG Optimus U1 seems to be another device from LG that will try to fight that battle for LG. The image was sent by an anonymous tipster to GSMArena, so it could be fake, but it probably isn’t. The phone looks to be very thin, maybe under 8mm or even under 7.5 mm thin, which would put it somewhere close to the Droid RAZR, which is 7.1 mm thin, at least when you don’t count the camera bump on the back.

One strange thing about it is that it still has a home button, and I’m not sure I see the point of that. Either they use Android 4.0 and get rid of all the buttons to save space at the bottom, or they should use all the physical buttons, and cut off the virtual buttons from inside Android 4.0.

The display size is probably 4.3″-4.5″ and it should be an AH-IPS 720p display. It should arrive sometime in early 2012, and my guess is it’s going to have a dual core 1.8 Ghz processor (TI OMAP 4470 with PowerVR SGX543 GPU).

The question is, will it be worth the wait? And for how long will they be committed to updates this phone? Hopefully, Android 4.0 will make it easier for manufacturers to update their phones, and that we’ll finally start seeing those promised 18 months of updates with the new Android 4.0 phones.

  • Anonymous

    That home button is fugly, but that OMAP 4470 looks pretty enticing.

  • The mystery of the home button is simple. LG is releasing an Ice Cream Sandwich phone that runs on gingerbread! That is how bad their Roms are.

  • Amine Elouakil

    Just to update you guys, LG officilly Annouced via their facebook that they are going to update their high end devices starting with Optimus 2X

  • Kevin Kerr

    No MP2 (dual-core) GPU is a fail. It still can’t top the iPhone 4S in GPU performance.

  • prolis

    Maybe LG don’t want to update any phone for users. This phone is same.

    So I won’t buy any lg phone.

  • Anonymous

    Call it the “LG Optimus Prime” :D