Leak: Bell Canada to upgrade Galaxy Note, Incredible S, Galaxy Tab 10.1 and more to ICS by August

by: AdrianJuly 6, 2012
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Now that Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has been officially released, it’s only natural to expect phones and tablets to take the leap to the latest OS. However, the Android 4.0 ICS roll out process has been frustratingly slow, and there are still a lot of high-end devices lacking Ice Cream Sandwich.

A bunch of these devices should finally get ICS over the next couple of months in Canada, according to a leaked Bell internal document picked up by the guys at MobileSyrup.com. No less than 6 Bell phones and tablets are scheduled to get Android 4.0 by the end of August, if the document proves to be real, and the first update should take place in just ten short days.

The Samsung Galaxy Note is scheduled to be getting an over-the-air update to ICS on July 16, which will be a full two months after the international version of the “phablet” has taken its own software leap. Still, Canadian tech users should be happy that they’re getting Android 4.0 on the Note, considering that across the border, in the US, there’s still no sign they will be tasting Ice Cream Sandwich anytime soon.

At around the same time as the Galaxy Note, the Canadian versions of the LG Optimus LTE and HTC Incredible S are themselves scheduled to get the upgrade to ICS. Both phones are mentioned in the document as getting the updates in “July”, so there’s no way to know if Android 4.0 is just around the corner, or if it’s coming in three weeks’ time.

Kudos to Bell for making good on its promise to update the HTC Incredible S, a phone released way back in February 2011 and that many thought will never get rid of Android Gingerbread. As far as the Optimus LTE goes, pretty much no one doubted that it will get ICS, as it started selling around November 2011.

Two tablets and one smartphone should get ICS updates sometime in August, neither of the three having official roll out dates just yet. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE, and Galaxy S2 HD LTE were always planned to get Android 4.0, so it’s no surprise to see any of them on this leaked upgrade schedule. We also reported on a Samsung announcement of upgrades happening for its entire range of tablets starting July, so it’s not impossible for US tech users to actually taste ICS on the Tab 10.1 and 8.9 before Canadians.

While today’s leak brings a nice series of good news for Bell customers over in Canada, there are also a few not-so-good conclusions that we can draw from it. It’s practically set in stone that Motorola’s Motoluxe, LG’s Eclypse 4G, and Samsung’s Galaxy W will never get Android 4.0 upgrades. And although none of the three phones is what you would call high-end, I’m sure that some of you still hoped for Ice Cream Sandwich on them.

Are you happy with Bell’s plans to get ICS on the carrier’s most important Android-based devices? Or are you upset that they haven’t yet announced anything involving those magic words “Jelly Bean”?


  • suckered for a phone

    Wow…s2 HD lte pushed back again another month… should’ve kept my HTC incredible s… bought the second newest Samsung phone and it’s a 4 month wait for the ics update…so far that is until they push it back again…retarded!!!

  • Awsome just picked one up for my wife this week. She loves it. Will like the Note even better with ICS!

  • android is a joke

    what a joke …this whole deal with ics is just plan frustrating….half the world is still waiting for ics on their devices yet jelly bean has already been announced. At this rate…it would probably take a zillion years for this update to arrive on bell…by that time maybe the samsung galaxy 5 will be out and people like me who have the s2 hd will see the update in a few years time…i dont understand why they keep pushing back this ics update….was fully stoked to get ics on my bell samsung galaxy s2 hd..but now its been pushed back another month…as great as these phones are this constant waiting for an upgraded android os is such a joke…no wonder people like apple so much at least you get the updates not like this android os joke where it gets delayed …

    • Techgod

      but on the other hand it isnt androids fault its bell, because they want to pump it full of bloatware and advertising garbage before they release it to your phone, very little has to do with compatibility. so hate bell not android.

    • omouse

      Blame the carriers, they’re the jerks taking their time.

  • Well I’m pissed that the Galaxy Note was pushed back again but at least there’s an actual day for the release now. It was pushed back while Samsung finds out why the update in France left ppl with bricked Galaxy Notes (which I believe is user error) so it’s for an acceptable reason somewhat this time. As far as you guys here who have the Galaxy S2 HD & other devices on the list that just give a month as a release date, don’t expect the update for at least another month after that date & probably more likely a couple of months. (I’m just going by following my many Android devices being updated & the pattern there). As far as I’ve heard nobody expect full Jelly Bean on your device unless you have a NEXUS or the Galaxy S3. Others may get a value pack type update, but let’s keep our fingers crossed because I personally believe if the NEXUS S will get it then why wouldn’t more powerful devices get it? – KID ANDROID.

  • RandomBellEmployee

    I’ve heard whispers of the note 2 in october, and it should be running jellybean right out of the box. As a frustrated user of the note, I hope this is true. Because I plan on upgrading as soon as it is released.
    As a Bell Canada Employee I can confirm that these dates (or guidelines more like) were actually announced today.

  • galaxy note

    I have samsung galaxy note .. And I installed ice cream sandwich 4.0.3 but I wanna tell you guys the problem of ICS is that when you are joking a game its slow and the battery is very hot.


      Why is your GALAXY NOTE have 4.0.3 on it, its obviously not the official ? I got the OTA update a couple days ago & I’m running 4.0.4 on my GALAXY NOTE & I’m getting better battery life & it’s running much cooler, even at idle its running 5 degrees cooler which is huge & the hotest its gotten playing graphic intensive games isnt much hotter than its coolest before the update. My Note has been running much faster since the update. Are you going into the recent apps & closing apps ? I think your problem is your running 4.0.3 for sure, Run the official 4.0.4 OS & you shouldnt have any problems. – KID ANDROID

  • ham

    it’s the carriers that delay deployment of the latest releases. if anyone wants the latest then get yourselves a nexus phone which gets its OS straight from google. plus its already rooted so hack away out of the box.

  • jatan

    that’s crazy… waiting for an year to get an upgrade on an expensive device..
    These companies if they can’t hire enough developers etc maybe should just sell one device than trying to sell 15-30 and not be able to keep up to the development.

  • suckered for a phone

    Anyone find a better battery for the s2 hd lte? If you have the phone you know why I’m asking Lol. Any info would be greatly appreciated. If I could go back I’d buy the nexus…but whatever.

  • Techgod

    first it was may, then it was june, then it was july and what its now august? what the hell is going on i bought the sg 2 hd lte because bell had told me that ics was right around the corner, i should have waiting 4 weeks for the sg3 its pretty awesome that bell releases a phone with slightly better hardware a month after they release the s2 hd lte and they cant get ics on my phone….this will be the last time i listen to a bell representative about purchasing a new phone.

  • frustrated man

    Fack you bell…..last time i am buying a phone from you pathetic people.

  • Jimmyp42

    Come on people, someone out there has to have more updated news on ICS updates since July 16th !!

  • Pierre J.

    Still no ICS 4.0 for Bell Canada’s HTC incredible S.
    This is getting utterly ridiculous and proves a fragrant lack of respect for its customers