In case you happen to own one of the first Intel-based Android handsets out there you’ll be happy to hear your handset is about to receive an important Android upgrade. We’re talking about the Lava Xolo X900, which can be updated officially to Ice Cream Sandwich. Sure, we get that you’d like to play with Jelly Bean instead, but at least you’re leaving Gingerbread world.

An announcement was posted on the MyXolo Facebook page, detailing the availability of this Android update, and you can go right ahead and upgrade your Xolo X900 right away:

We are pleased to announce that Android v4.0 ICS upgrade is now available on XOLO X900. We thank all our XOLO X900 customers for their patience and truly hope that the ICS upgrade will make your smartphone experience even more enjoyable. Please visit this link to get more information on how to upgrade your X900 to ICS:

The update can be performed either over-the-air (OTA) or by hooking up your device to your computer via USB, whichever sounds more convenient. Just make sure you backup sensitive data first and have a decent battery charge, especially when performing OTA updates.

Once you’re done, let us know how Ice Cream Sandwich feels on this Intel device.

  • sahil

    ics update on xolo has done some good things like fast speed,improved UI and the most important is the voice typing. But it has spoilt the camera. Earlier the inbuilt camera application was pathetic but we could use other apps available in google play like zoom camera, FX camera to click better pics. But on ICS, these applications suck. The images turn out to be dull. The updated inbulit camera application doesnt do any great job has slightly imporoved compared to on gingerbread but now photos taken from zoom camera app and the built in app are the same. The reason might be that earlier the built in app was not using 100% flash light. It was turning on only 43% of flash while taking photos but FX camera and zoom camera used to click very bright photos in dark. But now none of the google applications is able to use 100% flash and hence images are totally dull. The next problem with ICS update is that you cannot copy all video files to your phone. I tried to copy and mkv file but every time windows explore got hanged and closed. so i can copy only those files that ICS on xolo feels it can play. This is ridiculous.

    • Mahen

      Are you facing heating problem on the back side of the XOLO?

      • sahil

        heating problem is common in all android phones and this phone also has the same problem after ICS update also.

  • The update definitely improves battery life. It easily lasts the whole workday with heavy use. Swiftkey is builtin for faster typing. True the camera seems a let-down… The variety of settings present previously have disappeared (anr, gdc). Haven’t tried any other camera application on it. It doesn’t take photos during video shooting (as far as I can tell) The burst mode still works fine though. I am still able to copy all types of files on to the phone. Wi-first direct and nfcon are enabled. Apparently application compatibility is better.. more games show up on search in the play store.

  • Dhruv

    Cant perform OTA update,it says connect to wifi first..dnt hav wifi,can’t i update over my Internet pack,help needed.??

  • nasir ali

    sorry, no update file is avialable with xolo. the file on internet is and it contain only a pdf file showing how to upgrade. No update.exe file . if you find a file please please send me