Lava Xolo X500

Intel is officially looking to become serious about Android with the high-end Clover Trail+ CPU we’ve only seen inside the Lenovo K900 so far, but that doesn’t mean its entry-level focus is completely off.

We’ve only just met the new Yolo phone targeted for Africa, but there’s already a new kid on the block with an Intel Inside insignia. The Lava Xolo X500 should also cater to the need of the budget-careful folk, but it will most likely do so in only one country – India.

Following in the footsteps of last year’s Xolo X900, the new guy looks more like a cheapo alternative to that than an upgrade. The 4-inch 1,024 x 600 pixels resolution display is downsized to a 3.5-incher with just 480 x 320 res, the 1 GB of RAM is cut in half, the 16 GB of on-board storage is butchered to just 4 gigs, while the 8 MP rear-facing camera turns into an underwhelming snapper with just a 5 MP sensor.


The front-facing cam seems to have disappeared altogether, while the premium design of the X900 is nowhere to be found at the dull-looking and possibly too bulky Xolo X500. We can’t say we’re too fond of the Android 4.0 ICS on board either, although seeing Jelly Bean work with those specs would have probably been an even bigger nightmare.

In a surprising twist, the X500 comes rocking the brand new Intel Atom Lexington Z2420 CPU, supposedly capable of “great gaming performance”, but mostly improved battery life. Though the processor only has one core clocked at 1.2 GHz, Intel says it’s very close to the 1.6 GHz Z2460 powering the X900 from a performance standpoint.

Really bold claims and the first thing to look for when the X500 will come out. The first, but not the only one, because the new handheld also packs a 1,500 mAh battery (slightly larger than the one inside the X900 and probably a lot less power-hungry). And to top it all off, Intel has priced this at just Rs. 8,999 ($167). Ah, man, now we’re starting to envy folks in India! Anyways, if you are residing there and want a piece of this, you should look for the X500 in stores starting next week.

  • Lexington runs poorly, and it’s no match for Cortex A7-chips, like that quad core Mediatek one or the Qualcomm one, which also have much, much more powerful GPU’s in them (PowerVR554 and Adreno 305, respectively). And it doesn’t even have a 1.2 Ghz CPU. That’s the turbo-boost limit, and Intel is being very misleading about it, as until recently they weren’t using TB speeds to describe a processor’s real speed. But now they do because they’ve become desperate in the fight against ARM.

    Its real clock speed is probably somewhere around 600-800 Mhz. Turbo-boost doesn’t act like most chips. So say if an app needs the full CPU, then it will just use 1.2 Ghz instead of 800 Mhz. That would mean, it would use it at least 30% of the time, if not more. Turbo-Boost on the other hand gets used like 1% of the time.

  • shadowbert

    Guess it’s the same hardware than Safaricom Yolo device, with a different branding on it.

  • Xeltos

    Well why would I buy this when I am getting a Micromax Canvas 2 for Rupees 10299? It has a mediatek 1.2 ghz duel core A7 chip inside. a better screen for just $20 dollars more? Its definitely better deal than the intel one with its pathetic screen. BTW The said phone is sold out throughout india. Selling for $30-$60 extra cost.