Latest trend: Android dominates iPhone in the UK

by: Chit AgustinApril 9, 2011
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According to the study for digital banking provider Intelligent Environments, Android has just become the most dominant smartphone in the United Kingdom. Based on the research made, 28% of smartphone users own an Android rather than iPhone and BlackBerry that have totals of 26% and 14% respectively. Android just dominated the iPhone and BlackBerry with more than four million Britons over 18 years old using it. Beat that!

The battle for smartphone supremacy is already beginning to feel like one of those blowout sporting events where it’s just about pointless watching. It has been already a trend for quite a while now. We already heard news in the past that Android is better than iPhone or iPhone is way too much for Android. Either way, the verdict is still up to you.

Here are some pros and cons of the Android and iPhone.



  • Most Android smartphones have a removable battery, thus allowing users to secure an extra battery and swap them out.
  • Almost all Android smartphones have the capability to have an SD card, permitting extra storage.
  • Highly customizable with widgets, live backgrounds, and more
  • True multitasking
  • Android has exceptional integration with Google Apps.


  • A steeper learning curve compared to the iPhone
  • There is no automatic sync between the Android and your PC or Mac, thus you need to install a third-party application or manually sync your Android and computer.



  • The simplicity and usefulness of the App Store is what really makes the iPhone come alive.
  • More apps available than on Android
  • Arguably a simpler, easier UI than Android


  • Only one form factor
  • Expensive and reputed to be easily damaged
  • The iTunes synchronizing limitations

These are only some of the pros and cons of the Android and the iPhone. Now, decide for yourself -which do you think is the better platform?

  • This is only the semifinals and it looks like Android is going to the finals and whom will Android meet in the finals?

    Windows 8

    If rumors are correct Win8 will be on phones, tablets, and desktops, and imo it will be Android’s only real competitor long term. . . especially with the help of Nokia.

    • shaun

      True but how many times does windows crash lol

      • lol. . .
        Yeah, I’ve had my share of blue screens in the past. I do have to say, with my current Win7 setup I don’t think it has crashed once since I set it up–picked it up pretty close to release. I’ve actually been fairly impressed with Win7 and my general attitude is, all operating systems suck lol

        Nonetheless, that is one of the MANY big IFs that MS has to overcome. . . not to mention battery life, intuitive UI for each form factor, etc. .

  • shaun

    I have the dell streak and my screen is bigger than the sh?t phone of course on android 1.90 dj steves rom it blows the ios to pieces :-)

  • Paul

    “Cons: Most Android smartphones have smaller screens compared to the iPhone”

    where are you getting this from, i’d say most have the same size screen or larger.

  • Kayno

    I’m sorry but for a 2011 article the author is a moron. We are in 2011 with the iPhone 4 and iOS 4.3 how can u be making con lists based on the first iPhone? iPhone 4 has one of the best cameras on a smartphone. Message forwarding, multitasking and so on have been possible for a long time. If this is what android users read to make themselves feel better y’all need to get educated. Video recording has been possible since iPhone 3GS I phone 4 takes some of best HD video recording of any phone. The author needs to go back to journalism school.

  • John Stock

    It’s interesting, but slightly over a year later (now July 2012) and Android is nearing a 3:1 ratio of sales versus iPhone. Apple is getting very twitchy because of the apparent rocketing of Android.. and are resorting to litigation.