Latest Hangouts update arrives to the Play Store

by: Andrew GrushNovember 7, 2013

Google Hangouts v2

Last Thursday, we not only got our first official look at KitKat and the new Nexus 5, but quite a few app updates also unofficially became available after the APKs were pulled out of the Nexus 5 and posted up online for the world to share.

During that time, many of us manually installed Google Hangouts 2.0, but that doesn’t make today’s official Play store arrival any less important. The latest Google Hangouts update actually features a newer build version than what was found on the Nexus 5. Billed as v2.0.122, the update also seems to fix some of the video chat and crashing issues that some devices were experiencing with the Nexus 5 version of the app.

If you have yet to try out the Hangouts v2 update in any form, the biggest change here is SMS/MMS integration. There’s also new animated GIFs, the ability to share your location in conversations and a few other minor changes.

To check for the update, you’ll want to head on over to Google Play. As to be expected, the rollout will be staged, so it may take a few days to reach all users. If you don’t want to wait around you can manually download and install the APK by clicking here.

For those that have already snagged the update — what do you think of the changes so far?


  • Aashay

    so will this update like disable/take away the default sms app and completely replace it with hangouts? Im on vzw lg g2

    • I think it only replaces the default SMS app on Android 4.4. I could be wrong though.

      • Aashay

        thats what I thought it would do. be like a secondary sms app. but if it works fine and just like the stock sms app, ill use hangouts

    • Tanner Hoyt

      No, it just gives you the option to use Hangouts as your all-in-one messaging app. You can disable notifications on the default SMS app and just use Hangouts, use both, disable SMS on Hangouts and not bother with, etc. Any way you want :)

      • sluflyer06

        Not in 4.4, as a security measure only 1 app can handle SMS at a time. Really I can’t find anything I don’t like with the new integration on my N5, the app could use some visual polish but otherwise it works great.

  • Miljan Milinkovic

    I read somewhere that hangout on Android will be able to share screen (like desktop version). Anybody knows when this feature will be available??

    • xspirits

      Didnt heard about this, but this would be an awesome feature for sure !

  • Justin Flynn

    Seriously do not like the SMS integration, thank you google for allowing me to turn the feature off

  • daas88

    I didn’t like the SMS integration because it doesn’t allow me to send SMS to numbers I don’t have in my contacts list, it says “send invitation to hangouts”…

  • Arturo Gonzalez

    It’s not working on my Verizon S4?? I downloaded the early release Hangouts version and now the official one looks just like it did before SMS integration. Can anyone please help me??

    • frhow

      I was having the same issue as you so I just reinstalled the downloaded apk until a fixed for that issue. I wipe data from the apk but it would not give me the option to turn on the sms feature. So I just reinstalled the one from the Nexus 5 pull.

  • pjlk

    I like the clean look of Hangouts, than of stock black of Touchwiz. But it just lacks a few things.
    1. You cannot change the contact picture, unless the contact changes/updates their picture in G+.
    2. Screen doesnt light up when receiving texts
    3. Theres no quick access from lock screen. Yes from status bar drop down, but kinda hassle for me. lol.

    • David Kinder

      On number 2 didn’t know it could. My nexus 4 never turns the screen on with a text. Just activates my LED.

      • pjlk

        Guess so. Im pretty used to stock Samsung style where screen lights up with a notification on screen.

    • Shane C.

      As for #1, mine pulls contact pictures from my Contacts, so you can change them…

    • LALinMN

      Rooting would take care of #2 and #3, if you’re into that kinda thing

  • Dee

    I have Nexus 4 and i did not get up date yet.

  • Dee

    I am waiting for complete 4.4…..where is it?

  • jeff

    I don’t like that it can only show pictures from Google+ because none of my contacts have picked a photo for it.

    • Brian

      If they do not have a picture you can add a picture of them in your gmail contacts list. It will update the picture to any app that uses your contact list.

      • jeff

        True but it would be so much easier if it could use the already linked Facebook pictures

        • Shane C.

          If you are texting them via SMS in the app, it should use whatever photo you have set for your Contact. If you are using the Hangout messaging, then of course it’s going to use their G+ picture…just as Facebook messenger uses their Facebook picture…

  • raj

    i already have it on my Xperia Z Ultra :)

  • Paul Peterson

    Nexus 4 says it’s updated to latest 2.0, but only opens the original? I am not sure what is going on, but 2 other’s in my family all have the nexus 4 like mine and their phones updated to the latest version yestereday, but mine won’t seem to grab it. It says it’s updating to the latest when I try and updated it, but every time I open the hangouts app afterwards, it’s still the original factory installed one. Any idea? I’ve tried uninstalling it 3 times, uninstalling the Google Play services and even factory reset my phone. Still same problem. Please help! Would Love to use this updated app as my main text messaging app. Thanks.

  • Brendan Higgins

    I already posted this on a more recent article but I just thought I’d post it on here too, to help get the word around. I have the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and am running 4.1.2, I recently updated my hangouts app and it says that 4.0 and above will get SMS integration. I have been trying for some time now to figure out how to turn on the feature, but the feature that they are saying to turn on is not listed as a setting.

  • Raghuvarya

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