After being removed by Google Play Store for not complying with in-app purchases rules – although the removal occurred faster than the developer expected – Koush’s ROM Manager is back in the Google Play Store and can be downloaded by interested users.

The app has been removed a few days ago alongside Helium (from the same developer), as the two apps offered PayPal support as an in-app purchase alternative to Google’s Google Wallet. However, starting with mid 2012, Google stopped allowing developers to charge users via PayPal, which means an apps found to be in violation of the rule is removed six weeks after an official warning.

During the six weeks, the developer can update the app to remove the PayPal payment option, although Koush’s apps were sort-of abruptly removed four weeks after he received the Google notice.

The good news is that the apps are back in the Google Play Store – meaning that Koush has updated them accordingly.

With ROM Manager, users will be able to better manage their rooted handsets, and install custom ROMs on the device. Helium on the other hand helps with syncing and backing up your Android device – the app was formerly known as Carbon Backup before changing names.

On a different note, we’ll also add that Koush’s AllCast app has been officially launched in the Google Play Store, after being in beta for a while.

  • Jayfeather787

    I am happy it’s back.

  • Azeem

    It is good it is back, but I personally don’t use it.

  • Good Info for CUSTOM ROM User :)

  • venorme

    Every respected custom ROM nowadays has some kind of OTA.
    I wander if ROM manager breaks rule about not mirroring ROMs

  • sammidam

    Old news. Come on, AA :D

  • Mohamed

    Stock Roms is the best. Amazing stability.

    • Mohamedspelledwrong

      This app is useful for a 100 things other than flashing ROMS.