Samsung Galaxy S3

While the Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update status is simply listed as “coming soon” in the U.S., it seems that Korea has an actual date. According to Sam Mobile, the Korean LTE models of the Galaxy S3 will receive an update to the latest version of Android on Oct. 9th.

The official model numbers for the upgrade include the SHV-E210S, SHV-E210K and SHV-210L.Unfortunately, there’s no love for the international 3G version. Considering Korea is the company’s home market, it’s doubtful that the international version will have to wait too much longer to get into the action, although some markets have already started receiving the update.

There are many reasons to be excited about Jelly Bean. For one thing, the platform is much faster thanks to Project Butter. Fast is one thing, but what about stability? The overall usability for applications and system stability is dramatically improved as well.

Jelly Bean’s changes don’t stop there.  Probably the most exciting thing about Jelly Bean continues to be Google Now. Most of us already know what  Google Now has to offer. For the few of you that don’t, it’s basically an assistant-like search system that anticipates your needs by pre-fetching information.

You can also look forward to improved camera functionality, resizable widgets, improved notifications and an enhanced calendar app.

It has been a long wait for Galaxy S3 users globally, but the reign of Jelly Bean on the S3 is almost here. Are you looking forward to ditching ICS in favor of Android 4.1?

Andrew Grush
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  • Grief, it is like pulling teeth. I decided to invest in a Galaxy S3 instead of the new iPhone 5. I have been with apple since the very first iPhone. I find it totally frustrating that software updates take so long to the rolled out as opposed to Apple who hit everyone with one global release!! So, yes Jelly Bean excites me because I do love the GS3, BUT if I have to wait this long every time I have an update on the way, I think I might go back to Apple ;-)

    • MasterMuffin

      Just wait, I watche a review of the JB for sgs3 and it really is awesome, no big changes in UI but the speed! Better than iphone, you made the right choice sir :)

    • lcs

      Then go back to iphone, whats the deal. Android has so much more to offer than the “updates” if you cant realize that, then i think you should buy an iphone buddy

      • Yeah much more to offer but you can’t have it until they roll out the update or download leak ROM. Just admit the fact that Android roll out is total BS compare to iOS.

        • rywibryant

          Just like the iPhonie, you can get Android updates as soon as they are ready to roll out. You just need to buy a Nexus devise. Just don’t get it from Verizon. They control all android updates including updates for the their Galaxy Nexus. Plus they won’t let you have stock Google Wallet.

        • elnegro357

          You’re right about the android updates being slow, it’s do to carriers in the us that have to test the updates extensively before releasing them. But on the ios side of things, you don’t get all the futures on the older hardware and that’s worst than waiting longer.

        • Swervv

          I’d rather wait longer and know the OS is going to work unlike the Iphone that rushed out iOS 6 and the maps didn’t even work

    • I’m converting to Android as well, just give it a try and hope I will like it. It is well known fact that Android update is taking ages due to the release process going from Google to Manufacture then go to Telco so it can’t be faster. Just give an expectation of 1 year waiting from the launch date to the day you can get the update then you won’t be disappointed. I hate waiting too but I will see how it will go. It is not something that you will be locked for life so it can be always changed.

      @Android Fan: Features and functions are not the only thing consumer want or not even the main reason to buy a product for majority of customer. The fact has proved that consumer buy better support, quality and brand name product over the features and functions so stop being ignorant about the downside of Android.

    • IOS 6 can’t even match ICS in terms of functionalities… so better stick up with android. :-)

  • gamefreak

    what the heo! :(

  • Ghostnyc

    slightly off subject- is the quad core GS3 ever coming to the states?

    • naskiramaa

      I would love to know this as well. i9305 would be awesome

  • Mehdi Ali – OMAN

    Today in Oman (Middle East) I have received an update and was damn excited that It would be JB but its just a Firmware upgradation. Why Samsung always ignores the international free sim owners? and specially in Middle east who likes and love sammy’s mobile and always buy it at higher prices then other markets. Anyone pls. Put this and show the frustration to Samsung? Tnks