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An FCC filing offers us more details about a Samsung SHV-E300S/K smartphone which is believed to be the South Korean Galaxy S4 version. Interestingly, the document mentions that the handset would pack a 1.8GHz processor, which could be the Exynos 5 Octa, although the CPU model is not specifically identified in the filing.

The FCC filing also mentions that the SHV-E300S/K will come with multi-band LTE support (for bands 1, 5, 3, 7 and 17).

The SHV-E300S model number has been seen before in connection with different Galaxy S4 rumors. Most recently, that model number appeared in a report that basically said that the South Korean Galaxy S4 will indeed sport an Exynos 5 Octa chip and offer LTE connectivity. Launch details for the device are not available at this time.

Getting back to the processor, we will note that the GT-I9500 (international Galaxy S4 version with Exynos 5 Octa CPU) will sport a 1.6GHz quad-core processor (part of the eight-core architecture), while the GT-I9505 (international Galaxy S4 version with Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 CPU) will sport a 1.9GHz quad-core processor.


Therefore, it would appear that the South Korean Galaxy S4 could come with an even more powerful main 1.8GHz quad-core processor part of the eight-core SoC, if indeed the SHV-E300S/K is a Galaxy S4 with Exynos 5 Octa on board heading to the country.

From a different point of view, the South Korean Galaxy S3 has the following model numbers: SHV-E210K, SHV-E210L and SHV-E210S, for KT, LG U+ and SK Telecom, respectively. Accordingly, the SHV-E300S/K FCC filing could describe the Galaxy S4 version heading to South Korean carriers KT and SK Telecom in the following weeks

We’ll be able to tell you more details about the Galaxy S4 in Samsung’s home country in the following weeks, as soon as the phone becomes official in the region.

  • vampyren

    This isa good example how Samsung could destroy a perfect brand. They should make one model not using 2-3 hardware under the same name.i love the Galaxy but feel sad that we won’t get the exynos in Sweden or maybe it comes late in which case I already have the s4 and be pissed if it’s much faster. This also effect the developers negative since there will be several hardware configuration under the same model.

    • Filip Justin

      It will most likely come to your country via 3rd party retailers..

      • whoknowswhereor

        As long as there are supply issues, its gonna be hard to all pack the exynos

    • Mike Reid

      GS, GS2, GS3, Note, Note2 have done quite well, despite the US version(s) always having different hardware.

      It was not always Exynos vs Qualcomm, but was at least for GS2, GS3 and Note.

      • vampyren

        true but that doesnt mean its a good strategy. There are several reasons for that.
        1) depending on which model comes first and performance the buyers might feel cheated if they buy an inferior version
        2) support for the phone from the scene like XDA
        3) Optimization wont be as good since there are different hardware involved, imagine how much extra work samsung has to put in to make software updates.

        • Mike Reid

          I tend to assume the most profitable and successful Android OEM has a good idea of what they are doing.

          How can you argue with success ?

          Sorry, but I think we “arm-chair CEOs” are much less capable than the proven successful real CEOs.

          • vampyren

            Its just common reason and why Apple tries its best to use global models.

            To tell you a little secret i worked closely with Samsung for making the Galaxy S3 mini so i have a good idea how it works from the inside of their HQ.
            Samsung is really successful but still the fewer hardware model the better support we get in the end. Each hardware will require tons of testing, stabilization….

  • Nicolas

    My samsung galaxy s3 (gt-i9300) is showing me that there is a firmware update!!!!! Can anyone verify this please?!