Judge Koh denies Apple’s latest attempt to ban Samsung products

by: Andrew GrushMarch 6, 2014
Samsung Vs Apple Planets collide patent lawsuit

Samsung has managed a small win in its long-winded patent war against Apple, as Apple’s request for a product ban has now officially been denied.

There are few patent battles that are as (in)famous as that of Samsung and Apple. As all of our readers likely know, back in 2012, Apple won a major court battle in Northern California and was awarded $1 billion in damages. Samsung has been fighting the amount of this award ever since.

At the time, Apple also requested a permanent sales ban on 23 Samsung devices that were said to infringe on three patents in particular: pinch-to-zoom, double-tap-to-zoom and the snap back patent. Luckily for Samsung, Apple was denied the request.

Of course, that was far from the end of it. After Samsung and Apple failed to reach an out-of-court agreement in their most recent trial, U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh ruled that Samsung will in fact have to pay $930 million to Apple, a small adjustment over the $1.05 billion originally awarded to Apple back in 2012. As to be expected, Apple immediately attempted to get a permanent sales ban on infringing products in a new appeal.

After reconsidering the evidence, however, Koh has denied Apple’s request once again. As Judge Koh officially wrote:

The Court concludes that Apple simply has not met its burden of proof to warrant an injunction. To persuade the Court to grant Apple such an extraordinary injunction—to bar such complex devices for incorporating three touchscreen software features—Apple bears the burden to prove that these three touchscreen software features drive consumer demand for Samsung’s products. Apple has not met this burden.

While Apple did attempt to provide evidence through a survey that suggested folks are more willing to buy a smartphone when it has a particular set of features, Koh said the survey did little to prove that the actual patents in question were a driving reason for Samsung’s product sales.

Although that’s the end of it for now, it’s fairly likely that there will be more appeals related to the case in the not-too-distant future. Apple and Samsung are also scheduled to return to California in April for a courtroom battle over a separate set of patents that Apple accuses Samsung of violating.

What do you think of Samsung and Apple’s never-ending global court skirmishes, will the two parties ever reach an agreement or will they be fighting for years to come? Do you think that Apple is right to continue to pursue Samsung so aggressively? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

  • chuebner

    Apple should concentrate on competing instead of litigating. I had iPhones for a long time and liked them, but they simply are not cutting edge any more and I ended up buying a Samsung device. If Apple comes out with a phone with a decent screen size and a somewhat more flexible version of iOS I am interested in going back, otherwise no amount of litigation will convince me.

  • MasterMuffin

    Trying to prove something with a survey that they made? xD

    • Rijoenpial

      Yeah… ‘Listen all you Apple employees, stop what you’re doing for a minute and answer a survey that will be passed around and answer it… The instructions for the correct answer are on the front page and the correct answer is on the back… have fun’! – Tim Cook via iPad to all Apple employees in US Apple Stores… LOL

      • jeff

        Lol !!!

  • Mr G

    Apple should back off because they really showing an Attitude that I as a consumer feels absolutely disgusted in their business approach and aggressive behaviour to their opposition. Very disappointed! If their attitude is to make enemies then they have made another one. Their stubborn damn Attitude to CONTROL and DOMINATE the market and people is clear now. This is their game! Disgusting!

  • Samsung should just pay up already…this patent case has gone on for far too long. But seriously this case was just ridiculous, some of these patents aren’t worth the fine.

    • Rijoenpial

      I think Samsung should take it to the Appeals Court and then the Supreme, given the outrageous amounts involved! Judge Koh should never have been allowed to get involved again in this case! Other judge, other Circuit Court, whatever! How can the same judge be allowed to judge appeals on her own case? This ought to be brought to a court higher than her and so on and so forth! This is outrageous for a European like myself! This is a joke and spits on the very concept of justice! So, a foreman clearly manipulated a jury that knew nothing about patent law and so on and so forth (clearly illegal – jury manipulation), who deliberated in less time than it humanly takes to read the hundred pages of instructions for the deliberation, and the sentence is validated nonetheless! Then, an expert witness for Apple (aka on Apple payroll) cooks up a story and the jury buys it on face value, no less, just because, and I quote, ‘it just made sense’! If this is not a joke, I do not know what is! Cheers

      • I agree with the you on the appeal, another judge should have retried the case but at the same time am tired of it, Samsung should just settle

    • jeff

      I thing the judge is right on the mark because you do not buy a phone simply because it features “pinch and zoom”are ” double tap and zoom”. That in itself is kinda ludacrous in itself. You buy on features but mostly its power rating, amount of ram, camara, cost and a host of other functions. Apple has just got their PANTIES in a wad and a little loss to them would most likely adjust them. But overall since they are not the #1 versus GOOGLE /SAMSUNG thats what got them in a wad too start with !!!!

  • KB

    I like apple and Samsung devices. But I have no interest in buying one, every time my fiance mentioned the iPad I thought of these stupid patent wars. It leaves a bad taste.

  • phantomsofthedesert

    this beginning to be typical of Apple. if they cant sell phone they take legal action. well the shoe is on the other foot here. In Australia they will be forced to answer questions in relation to not paying their fair share of taxation on apple products for over 20 years. we are probably talking billions of dollars. now lets hope the Australian tax office take them to the cleaner. I am so glad I never bought an apple product

  • Lasloe

    Apple has gotten lazy they just assume that because of their name people will continue to buy their products wake up have they really not seem some of the innovations that have been coming out of late
    Apple is getting it’s ass handed to them. And it’s not just Samsung.
    Hey apple remember the 80s early 90s history always seems to find a way of rrepeating itself if you don’t try really hard to change it.

  • jules

    Now having both a iPad Mini Retina and a Nexus 7 2013 I can totally understand Apple is scared for the future. Again and again I am shocked how limited iOS7 is. And Android being less user friendly is a total myth. I experience the contrary. In iOS apps sometimes fc and few random reboots and read a lot of people having that in forums. So stability also a marketing lie.And the option to do or not to do modifications in Android. Than also the terrible display quality of the Mini Retina and conclusion is there that Apple is totally overprized for what your paying and getting.

  • Jason Yuen

    People ask what the point of banning almost obsolete devices through court is since they are pretty much end of life. The point is that if a company can successfully pull off a lawsuit, it sets a precedent. That means that any future court battles can and will be influenced by the outcome of previous cases, even if it is parts of it. The outcome of a lawsuit that pertains to an obsolete device is ammunition for future lawsuits.

  • jpd514

    Apple will continue to pursue Samsung as it is near free publicity for their products. In usa, two majors arguments are helping in sale of Apple products: Protectionism and racism against Asian people.
    The values of those arguments are billion$ for Apple.