Kmart 7-inch Android tablet for $150

Kmart 7-inch Android tablet for $150

Little known manufacturer Augen are set to release a 7” Android tablet called the GenTouch78 via Kmart. The whole thing should cost around $150. For your money you will get a whole host of features. In truth, the only thing that is missing seems to be 3G connectivity because this puppy is alleged to offer Wi-Fi only. However, given what the rest of your money will grab you, the 3G omission could easily be overlooked.

We’re expecting to see this 7” display offer a 800×480 color TFT touch panel screen. The core inner workings include a 800 Mhz CPU along with 256mb of DDR2 RAM and 2GB of internal storage. You can expand up to 16GB via the SD/MMC card slot. As previously mentioned, the tablet supports Wi-Fi Connectivity along with the full web browsing capabilities that one comes to expect from Android. Furthermore, the tablet offers a host of multimedia options for audio and visual content, including JPEG, BMP, Text, PDF, E-PUB, MP3, WMA, FLAC and AAC file formats. Right now we are not clear on the size of the battery, but we’ve heard that it is a rechargeable and removable lithium battery. The $150 will also get you your very own carry case.

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James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.
  • My Kmart had 5 of them but I couldn’t get passed how slow/unresponsive it was. You can see the quick video I made while I was testing it out here:

  • hans

    Youtube has a video by a real life android showing his Augen he got at Kmart. It looks like a real good buy. Lots of attachments, a good touch screen’

  • thomasrelee

    Bought one Saturday, it sucks badly. It’s going back Sunday. hahaha $150 + tax for this? I didn’t realize how much of the Internet was dominated by Flash. Android 2.2 is suppose to bring flash, but can we trust this will be allowed to be upgraded to 2.2? Probably not! There’s a “bug” in the log-in procedure in the Google App Store that is not letting you download anything :( I’ve already seen other comments on this and suspect Google isn’t happy and showing everyone how quickly they will lock manufacturers out. The manufacturer on the other hand stands by their comment that this is a “bug”. I’m not going to wait and see about that. Mine had a place for an HDMI port, but no port. I could not get it to re-orient and the book says it can. However I have already read other comments that it doesn’t. As usual the manual has a “we aren’t liable for the specs” comment printed on the back. As this unit stands, its not much better than the Eken’s and they can be found for 89.99 plus shipping. I may have to wait a day or two before taking this back for a refund as I have run across a strange bug when “clearing” your personal information out of the unit. It is suppose to remove all files downloaded and your Google accounts. HOUSTON! We have a problem… Google Talk and Mail didn’t get the message to purge the accounts. I have found a place to manually get it to say it has been deleted, but again, Google Apps did not get the message.

  • Chasity

    My husband bought me one for an early Xmas gift. I really like it. If you are concerned with it running slow, I realized that when I am done with it, I need to completely power it down. If I just let it go to sleep, when I rev it back up, it is slow. Turning it completely off when not in use is best. BUT…can anyone tell me how to download Microsoft word and things like that on to it? I am also having a hard time saving pictures to it from my thumb drive.

  • I still love my Augen tablet! A year later, it will still beat the pants off of any other tab (including the ipad)… especially for the price!