KitKat Giveaway!

by: Derek ScottSeptember 4, 2013

Kit Kat Giveaway

We’re always looking for an excuse to give things away at Android Authority. So with the recent announcement that the next version of Android will be named Android KitKat, we’ve decided to treat you to some of the finer things in life. No laughing if you want to win the KitKat folks, this is serious business.

We will be giving away a little KitKat secret that most of you may not be aware of. In Japan they have 3 unique KitKat flavours that are only available in Japan: Maccha Green Tea, Passion Fruit and Cookies & Cream.

To enter the giveaway just fill out the Rafflecopter form and leave a comment below. It’s really that easy. We will pick 3 winners in 24 hours and send your KitKat treats in the mail.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks guys! Good luck.

  • reevester

    It made me LoL, that’s for sure!

  • Shimon Das

    I’d like to have the cookie cream one, lol

  • Karl Blanco

    Hoping that Android 4.4 KitKat won’t break in the middle of the usage.

  • Richárd Takács


  • maduranGa KarunanayakE

    yeei its kitkat time

  • Motaz Alqaqa

    Android and KitKat? Can’t get any better!

  • Kitkat would be awesome, Android Kitkat. ;)

    Let’s have a break, let’s have Android.

  • Maher Salti

    Love them Kitkat’s they’re very popular in Japan, especially green tea kitkat!

  • aman

    gimme some kitkat u guys….. m starvin

  • Mark Corlson

    Would love to have a limited edition Kit Kit Android!

  • lalala

    gimme a kitkat 4.4 now!

  • Mirza Mašić

    Can’t wait for 5.0!

  • Medarlito Grate

    i want it

  • Hiren Vasani

    I love Android
    I love KitKat
    So I should love Android Kit-kat
    & I should get Kit ket in giveaway…

  • Anuraj J Pillai

    have a break..have a kit kat..yummy androidy

  • Alexander Genvarev

    Hilarious name!

  • Majdy Shaltaf

    It was a real surprise
    everybody was saying android and key Lime Pie
    and then google went : BooM
    it’s Android 4.4 and its cald KitKat

  • Paul Coronel

    well could i atleast get the 4.3 first? damn samsung skipping on the note 2

  • Niraj Adhikari

    i wonder they’ll sell next nexus devices in kitkat wrappers

  • Mark Fuerte Ü Ü

    I think its a good idea to change its name from key lime pie to KitKat..
    actually i like it because i dont even know what KLP really taste..
    i hope that it has a big break to its android OS so it won’t be much of a failure

  • Ali

    Gimme a piece of all those KK bars! Mmmmmm.

  • Ashwin

    android kit kat… sounds weird haha

  • Aj

    Unexpected but love it :)

  • tyrtok

    Hoping that kitkat doesn’t breaks that easily

  • Jin

    woooo I didnt know other KitKat existed. its my favorite chocolate candy !
    thanks for this international giveaway

  • Simon Baumann

    Crazy idea…

  • tedpc01

    I’m excited!

  • Abdulkader Shahpurwala

    i THINK ANNOUNCEMENT OF ANDROID KITKAT will make an amazing android experience for everybody.


    Android Kit Kat is way too cool! For a cool OS, a cool name. Have a break! =D

  • balnce

    The kit kat name, I think is a great marketing strategy for both companies. It will work, and be amusing at the same time

  • CCQ

    Kit Kat giveaway from Android Authority? Are you Kitting me?

  • Brian Tehan

    one of the best OS announcements i can remember

  • Gianluca Rigoletti


  • Felix Kecahcam

    I love KitKat (:

  • Béla Tibor Bartha

    Awesome naming, awesome viral!

  • Carlos Braga

    I’ll try them all :)

  • vimal chintapatla

    Never Expected My Favourite Chocolate To Be The Name Of Next Android Version.

  • Key Lime Pie was a much better name.

    • spade


  • coggy9

    I think the announcement was unexpected. Google did a great job of keeping it a secret. Even some Googlers didn’t know.

  • Jeff Moreira

    Please send me the 4.4 one!

  • I like the Android KitKat partnership. These types of partnership are good for business.

  • Edwin Walker

    KitKats are nice, but I would have liked a giveaway of key lime pies. Either way, I anticipate a yummy Android release.

  • philnolan3d

    I’ve always wanted to try some of these other flavors! it’s a cool announcement I think, It gets attention for both companies.

  • Fredrik Mellbin


    • joser116


  • ghassan

    Awesome and so sweet

  • DubiniD

    i really want this

  • Bryan Dickson

    So, when is KitKat released?

  • Matt

    I could use a KitKat

  • damian01211

    Hope Xl will have 4.4 KitKat ! ;D

  • Christy Launt

    The new operating system sounds awesome, but now I really want a Kit Kat bar.

  • harishjonnalagadda

    Me want KitKat.

  • hua

    haha, nice, i want kitkat :)

  • Dimitris Moraitidis

    Wanna try the green tea one!

  • Claudio De Castro Fiuza

    Great marketing move from google and nestle, and judging by kitkat flavour kitkat 4.4 gonna bee sweet !

  • Christopher Tang

    would love a Nexus 5 with Android kitkat pre installed giveaway :)

  • So excited! Android forever! :-)

  • Benny Jackson

    i would love to experience the flow of android with lots of new features ( kit kat i expect so much :) from u )

  • Steve R

    I’ll take mine to go.

  • Abhineet Sinha

    Still in the 4.4 ??? was eagerly waiting for 5.0 version..anyways improvement will still be there..:) Go Android!!

  • Nguyen Le

    Love kitkat and android at the same time

  • Asad Sarwar

    android kitkat will be delicious

  • Piotrek Obrembalski

    Now is time to speculate for ‘L’ ;)

  • Khaleefa

    i think it will be Delicious!!!

  • Dr. M.Mounib Al Rifai

    i love kitkat and i love android so both should be great

  • ryan

    yummy! I hope it is a sweet update! :))

  • Thomas Solebrant

    Cookies and Cream *drooooool*

  • Nik Daniell

    Love the look of these! I’m a chocoholic this prize would be very fitting for me

  • Tenzing Norgay

    grrr…Ruff ruff ruff, grrr…Get that PUSSYkat and EAT IT ALL UP!!!

  • Gorea Vlad

    can’t wait to taste them all :D

  • kaushik ray

    Now we can have this give away for all future android releases.!!Yummy

  • DaPower

    Yay!! This is great!

  • Guilherme Ameijide


  • omkar patil

    wanna have break

  • Scott H

    This is the first time I feel slighted to be an American, WTH? We’re stuck with the Hershey’s chocolate flavor only! I didn’t even know there are more flavors! :-(

  • Heinz De Baron Krauss von Espy

    Who actually liked Key Lime Pie? A man whom is cuckold until such time as we might choose to, uh – We would say, “faire un coup de marteau sur des fesses.” You would say, “make hammer on his fanny.”

  • Luka Mlinar

    Damn it! I want all of them now :(

  • Mahesh Kumar

    both nestle and Google can market on this name

  • Tomaž Lovrec

    Awesome name! My fav chocolate. :)

  • I love kitkats and would love to win this!

  • Miles Massey

    Attila the Hun. Ivan the Terrible. Henry the Eighth. What do they have in common? They all loved their KitKatz! I want one.

  • Tom

    Looking forward to a Japanese KitKat, not to mention Android Kit Kat!

  • Raaj

    Who let the KitKat out??? Who? Who? Who? Whoooo!!!

  • Udimion

    Brilliant marketing from Google and Nestle!

  • Renz Encomienda

    want one!

  • Mateja Novak

    Awesome name!

  • Sadeep

    Well this is interesting give away….. and i am in..I like kitkat because they are crunchy

  • Jack Mehoff

    Key Lime Pie, that’s a fart in a stiff wind, I expect KitKat to melt in my hands the first time I hold my Nexus 5.

  • Jeremiah

    This will be interesting…

  • Warren

    I’d try the cookies and cream

  • The Invisible Man

    I hope this is to win the KitKat packages that have the “Win a Nexus” on it and not this other flavors! :-) Thanks AA!

  • Jeremie laviolette

    All three sound pretty good.

  • Kai Ze

    Green Tea flavour of KitKat sounds awesome

  • Koh Vinleon

    i remember eating these kit kat! its so tasty, but it’s not sold in my area and very difficult to find. glad to see that the android 4.4 is taking up the name of kit kat

  • Give me a break :D

  • Teja

    Gotta taste them all :D

  • mustafamalik

    I was hoping c can win something

  • Szilárd Oroszi

    Wow, great!

  • Colton Blumhagen

    This is the best contest you guys have done yet! I think the KikKat announcement was probably because they wanted to change the name because so many people knew about key lime pie.

  • cole


  • Z

    Never thought there were more flavours of KitKats :o

  • FaKeeRa


  • Zack Stewart

    Brilliant of Google to sell something that normally has no value… The freaking naming of a single step in their OS progression. Wow, Google knows how to squeeze value out of anything……

  • Craig Lawrence

    give me a break

  • chirag

    this is one of the sweetest thing in Android ever done.

  • jspangenberger

    Umm…green tea KitKats? =P

  • Soh Lin Siong

    Hope Android 4.4 can go better!!

  • ian


  • Daxx


  • RoboRobP

    Wow those look delicious!

  • Konstantinos Verigos

    hehehe i love the new name!

  • Rupeshwar

    Cant wait for android kitkat

  • Ahmed Zakir

    Wanna try Passion and Cookies!

  • Tom O’Neill

    Hahaha, this is madness. I would really like to try these!

  • Freddy Skaff

    So excited for android 4.4 kit kat. Can’t wait to hear more news about it. Looks like it will have many new features both facing the consumer and under the hood.

  • Christian Devalez

    Great! I’m curious what these taste like… I’m salivating!

  • Alain Lafond

    I the past, in Canada, we saw peanut butter flavor KitKit. Why not try japanese flavor. Waiting for the real thing…
    For sure was a good way to make the average user talk about Android…

  • Daniel

    Trick or treat.

  • Humberto Hernandez

    =( Would be great to be an international giveaway, i’d like to give the green tea one to i girl (how likes green tea) i’d be a nice gift to her…

    Well, i just turned on my PC and all this kitkat thing poped up! jajaja it’s awesome, im sad because it’s not 5.0 but, hey, it’s not Jelly Bean anymore, so i expect some medium range changes,

  • Mayur

    Apple is one spoilt brat ( read pricey gimmicky phone )

    Needs a good spat

    which Android will give in the form of Android 4.4 Kit Kat

  • Bjajjull

    Give me a break…

  • Jesse Henderson

    Doubt I’ll see a manufacturer version of KitKat to my phone (Sprint EVO LTE) but hopefully the ROM community will come through!

  • AL Ooi

    have a break, have an android kitkat 4.4. yum yum… :D surprise of the announcement though. can’t wait to know what is inside it.

  • Ryan McFadden

    I like the name but I also love key lime pie, it’s delicious!

  • John Misoulis

    They make it sound like we can install it on any device…

  • Shawn Roth

    Why does Japan always get all the special flavors….

  • RaptorOO7

    Kit Kat Green Tea, sounds interesting.

  • Joseph Remy

    Not a bad idea at all. Free cross-marketing for both sides, no added cost to users. Kit-Kat’s are tasty, although I wish they had the non-US flavors in the US.

  • shhh

    have a break

  • castel

    Nice giveaway… already got a big expectations for the kitkat

  • Balvinder Makkar

    Nice Giveaway very different :D
    And when its to naming Google has hit a right spot.
    I am from India and Nestle is a very big name here so they will be benefited.

  • Bharat Chhatre

    I want it !!

  • Dehaha1

    I’ve always been one to boast of how I only ever use the stock Kitkat experience, preaching to the world that it it the best; however, I always felt a slight pang whenever I said these things, as I knew that their was no best, only the best for a person.

    Now, I’m ready to emerge from my cocoon and try these other Kitkats, so that I can be a true Kitkat user, and preach about the greatness of the whole, instead of just the only one I’ve tried.

  • MasterMuffin

    We’ll get lemons next time!

  • Mantas


  • Mark

    I want to unwrap me some Kit Kat.

  • Chen Ming Chen

    Why? Why? Why aren’t they availablle in US!?!

  • Mike Kister

    I have seen these (at least the green tea and maybe other flavors) but never had one ^__^

  • Soureen Mondal

    Android 5.0 felt to be a long way down the road… But Kit Kat just gave us the “Break” from that long way down …..

    So everyone take a break and have a Kit Kat and wait for Kit Kat 4.4 !!! :)

  • Laxminarayan Yadav

    Hmmm.. now thats a sweet treat.. none of the Kitkats pictures above are not in sale in India.. thts bad… Also the 4.4 sounds nice.. lets see how quickly it reaches to all users having less space such as by beloving Desire S.

  • Who can say no to a good Kit Kat?

  • chaoslimits

    Wouldn’t mind trying those kit kat flavors (for free).

  • Mayoo

    I think it’s awesome!
    I thing I want Android 4.4!
    I think I want a Nexus 5!
    I think I want to take a break!

  • David S. de Lis

    Yeah! New Android, new dessert and new Nexus device! :-) KitKats saved my life at Sheffield in my last University year, fond memories… ^_^

  • Bruce

    Would love to try out those flavors. Always been a KitKat fan.

  • icyrock1

    Extremely surprised they managed to keep something so big under-raps with out a single leak.

    • D’Ander McSullivan

      Google is just telling us “we leak whatever the f*ck we want to, screw you”, lol.

    • Matthew Apostolou

      Agreed! Remarkable really! I actually really like the new name!

  • Kit Kat is awesome….
    After the announcement …it just went a viral
    Love Kit Kat

  • Vatroslav Španiček

    Wonderful chocolate :D

  • Andrés Rázuri

    i love it!

  • Angel Barboza

    This chocolates will change the feeling of the android system lol

  • Arvind Ramani

    hope it doesnt break as easy…

  • Kent Hua

    Very creative and secretive!

  • woodsonmh

    interesting combinations

  • Darian van Bemmelen

    Didn’t knew there are so many KitKat flavors..

  • Anthony Gideon

    Yes, please!

  • Abdullah

    KitKat, Android <3

  • borche

    Nexus 5 is going to be much cheaper than the new craphone models. + kitkat

  • Marc Young

    I really hope that they make a KitKat bar in the BugDroid shape.

  • Goutham Kumaran

    another reason to love android :P

  • Amjad Farah

    Just getting over the fact that it’s not key lime pie anymore.. i guess i ate all those pies for nothing :P now to the grocery store to buy a whole bunch of kitkats

  • Sam88

    To be honest, the version name doesn’t matter to me as long as its a decent update.
    Can’t wait to try KitKat Cookies & Cream!

  • id242

    10 print “Hello ANDROID World!”
    20 goto 10

  • Jon Brashear

    Was a brilliant idea. My brother and I tried thinking of names but never thought of KitKat (copy rights). I hope the UI is a lil dif. i hope that it comes rooted also, complete open source.

  • Levente Krizsán

    I think it is a weird name :S I never tasted Key Lime Pie, but it was a better name I think :)

  • jwildman16

    I thought we were being played!

  • Andras Juhasz

    I hope Android 4.4 does not come in 4 pieces.

  • David

    Gonna try and win me some candy!

  • Caloy

    It was delicious. It was a delicious announcement ^_^

  • Todor Velichkov

    great idea

  • Michael Lebowitz

    I could have sworn I have seen an orange and cream flavor as well:

  • jhonybravo

    Kit Kat 4.4 seems something interesting coming

  • Kat

    I don’t think I’ve seen such android hype as much as I’ve
    Seen for the new kitkat 4.4 very impressed!!!! Now I just gotta remember
    Its a phone not chocolate goodness lol

  • Oliver Lienhard

    Not the best name the have chosen, but Kitkat as a profukt is not bad :-)

  • Guest

    Let’s wait for it:D

  • Ruben Tura

    Can’t wait :)

  • Ruairidh

    Hoping kitkat will come to xperia Z :D

  • Jay Elliot

    Yayay my favorite chocolate and OS

  • duoxiv

    Just for the sake of appeasing my OCD, I’m gonna keep my Nexus 4 until Android 4.5 is released. Nexus 4 running Android 4.4? Hahahaha… …just gimme my KitKat bars.

  • Marios Ev

    I have no idea what this contest is but Yayyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

  • Adrian O.

    It was an unexpected announcement. Most people waited for a Key Lime Pie and Android 5 as version. It’s nice that Google managed to hold the secret that much.

  • Rafael Augusto

    It came as a surprise the next version of android being named like that, but i think it’s pretty clever marketing. leaving that aside, so many news about it made me want a KitKat for real. I like this giveaway.

  • Was elegantly surprised ! Its Much, MUCH better than “key lime pie” . The tagline is as good as the name itself! :)

  • Jeldo Meppen

    I SO LOVE THE GREEN TEA ONES! Capslock over and out.

  • Patrick Henry de Dios

    Hoping that the new Android OS ver would be as delicious as its KitKat name. =3

  • Syem

    Very interesting

  • Andrew

    I think it’s a great idea, benefits for both sides.

  • I love it. There is punch line India for Chocolates: “Kuch Meetha Ho jaye” means lets have something sweet. So What’s better than this.

  • Greg Cardall

    I’m not sure about any of those flavors, but I figured I’d enter anyway.

  • Marvin Garcia

    I wish they had Green Tea Kit Kats widely available here in the states.

  • anonymous

    I’ve always loved KitKats and Android. The union just makes sense!

  • Hassan Pathan

    I’m not sure about any of those flavors, but I figured I’d enter anyway.

  • androidscales

    Woohooo yea baby

  • masshuu

    I guess it should be creamy smooth and light weight.

  • James G

    Gimme a break…Gimme a break..

  • Ruben

    I think it’s a really good move from both Google and KitKat

  • Anthony C

    Have a break, have a KitKat!

  • Jascigan Jeyakumar

    They totally trashed KeyLimePie, but KitKat sounds good too. :)

  • GhostRecon55

    I was so hoping that it was to be KeyLimePie. Oh well, they didn’t ask me so now they’re stuck with this.

  • Bonobo

    Erm… not sure, is this the new trend for Android versions??

  • Karann Sehgal

    hope that the OS is as good as its name.

  • Brian Koppelaar

    Have a phone, have a KitKat!

  • Hun

    I am very surprised by the change in name from KLP to Kit-Kat (in a good way of course) since I like Kit-Kat more then the bitter taste KLP lol. Hope Google is able to put more features and increase the performance of the Nexus 4 further through the update and I hope following the video by Kit-Kat regarding making 4.4 more compatible with old device allowing even the Nexus One to be updated to 4.4. I am also very glad that I bought the Nexus 4 over other phones and be able to enjoy the latest and best from Google.

  • Adie

    I hope its global :D

  • YariCavi

    I never knew there were that many flavors of Kitkat

  • ConCal

    I’m stoked. But I still want yo know about tbe Chrome android statue.

  • Ugenk Cavalera

    Can’t wait to get it.. kitkat with android flavour.. yummi…

  • Igor Farago

    I’m confused, but hey, they are marketing experts.

  • Henry Green

    ‘Green’ Tea?….. Android is Green….. My surname is Green…….
    Gimme that hidden Nexus ticket!

  • pallu

    Would it be sweet?

  • benjo

    Wah kaaaa..wat a wonderful name KitKat……

  • I’ve had green tea filling in a Hershey bar and it was delicious!

  • Sabin Moses

    Android KitKat, now I won’t be looking at my favourite snack the same way again..

  • Vito Lee

    Sure sounds delicious.

  • acey_zero

    I’m glad they changed the name. I do like key lime pie, but it is a bit of a mouthful for a version name. Plus the KitKat promotions they are doing are awesome.

  • prabu

    Kitkat 4.4 would be sweeter with new UI, better performances incl battery…
    like to get tat sweeter deal of japanese kitkat

  • Cookies and cream KitKat sounds awesome.

  • Jeff


  • CasperKoopman

    Well, kitkat is a very tasty candy. Just hoping that 4.4 will be equilly awesome.

  • David

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm im getting hungry

  • Sergio Pinho

    +1 to my list of different kitkat flavors tested

  • Amol Aghav

    surely it will b as sweet as the bar and as Sundar Pichai said they want everyone to have a taste of it, so i m excited to know exactly which devices will get it!!! also hoping to taste it on my Galaxy S Advance :D

  • Yaroslav

    It was surprisingly awesome:)

  • jonathan banin

    wow! i’m all ready waiting to taste this!

  • Miles Edwin Cleave Wallace

    Well who doesn’t use their android while they “take a break”

  • Scott Breitbach

    Sounds delicious!

  • Ben Enos

    Kit Kat seems like a fun pairing, better than key lime pie anyways. I’m sure it will lead to some fun promotions anyways.

  • James Sarino

    Talk about some shrewd marketing, especially from Nestle’s side, IMO!

  • nikiuuu

    yeeaa! I love android and I love kitkat, so it is an ultimate combination

  • D’Ander McSullivan

    Give me a break!

  • jiji

    it’s interesting that google would want to have more recognition through candy than through manufacturers. And will this actually increase sales for kit kat candy bars?

  • cookies and android – do we need more?

  • glenn

    excellent! kitkat is one of my favorite snacks too.

  • sir

    It makes me want a kit kat

  • Christopher Zellous

    Kit Kats are delicious, android 4.4 makes it that much sweeter. well played Google, well played.

  • trlovejoy

    I love it!

  • 1SandBox1

    Is this an international giveaway?

  • 1SandBox1

    I really like that Android is doing something really cool and interesting. I hope the features for Android 4.4 get announced soon!

  • fabriflash

    There’s not even normal kitkat here :(

  • fabriflash

    I hope it doesn’t means goolge sold himself

  • Whoa, weird flavours.

  • Vyrlokar

    Personally, I preferred Key Lime Pie, even if I have no idea on how it tastes.

  • jzheyii

    Would love to try these flavours!

  • programmerpro


  • Ankharia

    I think Android Kitkat sounds amazing! And hope that 4.4 is released with that awsome looking leaked Nexus phone!!

  • mahek

    I love me some kitkat

  • BillJude56


  • Samuel Gabbay

    i want it

  • brokeAzn


  • The Dude


  • Gilbert Jabbour

    smells deliciousss………….. :p

  • Clayton Spears

    Love it

  • Richard

    I’m in for a treat.

  • Adam Outler

    Is that cookies and cream? I’d love to try that.

  • PCW

    kitkat is a awesome desert and think it should be a great OS for Android devices

  • Mindplague

    The Android Kit Kat announcement was great. Best of both worlds! After how well Google kept this under wrap, I seriously doubt the (rumoured) Nexus 5 was an “accidental” leak.

  • staknhalo

    Break me off a piece :D

  • Brian

    Maybe ill win this contest

  • Sebastian Nuñez Del Prado

    I love kit Kats !!! And my favorite juice in the world happens to be
    maracuya a.k.a passion fruit. So I would very much like to try it. I
    love the announcement I hope they update my galaxy s2 skyrocket. Good
    luck everyone.

  • Folco de Jong

    I’ll take that off your hands with pleasure!

  • Nick Persinger

    This is really shocking that they kept this under wraps. Can’t wait to find out the sweet features of this new operating system! (no pun intended :-))

  • kerjani

    It was totally unexpected for me. Android versions had only general sweetness names, until this.

  • Adrian

    KitKat is an awesome idea. Bring some kirKat to me

  • AngryConfusedRabbit

    I think the announcement is very cool. Have never been a big fan of Kit Kats but the partnership has made the 4.4 reveal all the more intresting.

  • g0vt_h00ker

    love it!

  • Vedant Mathur


  • Williams Blanco

    I seriously crave everything that’s kitkat right now

  • Lisa

    I think it’s so cool!

  • Kyle Button

    Kit Kat’s are delicious…

  • Mutomi Sconi

    i think its tasty! they should make flavors here in america

  • Gary Oak

    I think it’s a delicious idea! It certainly worked on me. I can’t stop craving Kit Kat, I think I’m going to go and buy one now!

  • Ian Chavez

    Google really surprised the android fans and users on getting that chocolate name.. A name of a chocolate snack for the next android version?? Now Google is going to be sweeter!

  • Evgeny

    yay droid kitkat! shweet!

  • Jaki

    I was surprised because everyone thought it was going to be Key Lime Pie.

  • Brian

    I am excited to see what this will be like cause jelly bean is awesome! Plus I want to see what Samsung does with it! Bound to be amazing for sure!

  • Sharath

    I want one,i havent ated it for a long time. xD

  • It clearly took me by surprise! Following that, the change is a good thing: having a famous treat as an Android name? I’m the most ecstatic person on Earth! I practically grew with KitKat, and all the more awesome that it was paired with my favourite OS in the world!

  • Danny Park

    Totally caught by surprise and I like KitKats

  • Jose Ramos

    Dude, give me a Moto X as well.

  • Sam

    I really love the new name; it sounds refreshing and even a little playful to me!

  • mayhem128

    Mmmm.. KitKat!

  • latinamuser

    I’m really excited for this!

  • Sean Irishman


  • Seth McKean

    Initially shocked that they’re using a brand name, but I think it was actually pretty well executed. Hopefully it doesn’t become a trend, though.

  • Ujjobbágy Attila

    What will be the next? Mars, Nestle? Strange.

  • Finally a Kit-Kat that I won’t eat. Looking forward to the day I can munch and use Kit-Kat at the same time.

  • cdrom1028

    I really need a break, After hours of staring at my jellybean repository & code base, I could use a piece of a kitkat bar!

  • Lawrence Andrew Chan

    Green Tea Kit Kats!

  • Johnee Beresford

    Cookies and cream sound great.

  • I’m still wondering how much this was to troll everybody expecting the next version to be called Key Lime Pie. ;)

  • Julio García Muñoz

    I actually like the name, I think it’s better. What I don’t like is the marketing campaign behind it.

  • Leong Wei Lian

    KitKat! not gonna break for samsung phones.

  • Tihomir

    Yummy Yummy Yummy I got love in my tummy =)

  • Guest

    ^^^ Winner

  • elena g

    this is good

  • Arvin Jhann

    Waa.. i want one! Yum yum.. :)

  • Jason

    COokies n Cream fTW!

  • Eli

    An awesome name! I wonder if KitKat is sponsoring them…

  • NarWhat

    The kit kat looks delicious *licks lips*. Also, can’t wait for android 4.4 :D

  • johnnyttoxic

    This whole thing weirded me out.

  • Manish Menghani


  • Anselmo

    This is Google’s new strategy to make people more obese by seducing them into thinking their smartphone is a chocolate bar. Have a break, and let’s get fat!
    P.S: It’s a nice name :)

  • Irwin Bautista

    it sounded yummy

  • 5a.m.

    I would like to win something for once. haha
    But what I’m really hoping for is the new Nexus smartphone to go with it.

  • Ben Trigg

    Took me a bit to warm up to the name, but I really like it, now.

  • matt

    I like kit Kats!

  • ian

    i hope I win!

  • kevin_gee

    Name for next android version (ANDROID 4.5 Lifesavers or ANDROID 5.0 Lifesavers)

  • Abhilash

    kit kat!

  • TechMinerUK

    KitKat cookies and cream are available in the UK

  • norbac

    Just a cool and simple name for a next OS thanks google

  • Arif Fikri

    after 4.4 must be 5.0