AT&T Galaxy S4 KitKat update scheduled to begin rolling out [update: live now]

February 26, 2014

    Samsung Galaxy S4

    Update: As evidenced by quite a few comments below, the AT&T Galaxy S4 KitKat update is now starting to rollout. Keep in mind that it could take at least a few days to reach everyone.

    While the web buzzing with the news of yesterday’s Samsung Galaxy S5 announcement, the Galaxy S4 might be feeling a little left out. Luckily, the GS4 is at least getting a little love from AT&T, in the form of an update to Android 4.4 KitKat.

    Now it’s important to note that the update hasn’t actually started rolling out just yet, but AT&T has posted up details for the update and says it will start sending it out tomorrow, February 26th.

    So what’s new here? The biggest change is that your handset is moving past Jelly Bean, and jumping over to Android 4.4 KitKat and all the new features that come with it. The change-log on AT&T’s page also mentions it will add the ability to drag and drop to uninstall or disable applications and the update should also bring call reliability improvements. Beyond this, we expect at least a few bug fixes and hopefully we’ll see some minor TouchWiz changes like white status bar icons and even some changes to the lock-screen — as hinted by a previous ROM leak.

    We’ll be sure to update this page as soon as we receive word that the update has actually started to roll out to folks. Of course, you should keep in mind that even if the update starts tomorrow as planned, it could take days before it reaches all AT&T users.


    • deepen915

      ABOUT TIME! Thank You AT&T!

    • apianist16

      Why did Disqus remove the down voting? Are all comments now created equal?!

      • John

        Equality is now a monarchy, one byte, or 8 bits at a time. Beware, be scared, by the newly grounded software.

        • apianist16

          Disqus just removed what I thought was it’s best feature. I wonder if they are secret Communists or something. :P

      • Quackula

        I know WTF!

    • AndroidBoss

      I have an unlocked S4, where is my update?

    • Chase Tucker

      Does anyone know what the small update was for on the AT&T Note 3 today?

      • Roger

        I think it had something to do with the play store.

      • Jonathan

        I have the galaxy note 3 from at&t n900a……. and just received some kind of update that said updating Android…but when I went into system info after the update still says 4.3 maybe a small update for 4.4 thats starting to roll out?

        • Jared Nelson

          We can only hope. I just downloaded that 38.47mb file or something for my Note 3 for AT&T.
          Cmon 4.4!!!!!

    • Muhammad Siddiqui

      any date for tmobile?

    • Brandon

      Is it live yet?

      • DuceTheCapo

        I don’t think it is yet

      • SolsticeX

        Should be now. I’m downloading it. 417.66mb

      • Brandon

        Downloading now!

    • Missashi

      I have android 4.4.2 on my sprint galaxy s4 and the only noticable differance that I can tell after doing a thorough search of my phone last night was that I have white icosns on my notification bar, I can change my default messaging app and the music player on the lock screenooks slightly differant. Other than that, none of the new features that were supposed to come with kitkat. I hope the AT&T s4s will get all the features promised and not a big let down like I did.

      • Missashi


    • Charles Patterson

      Have not seen it yet on my AT&T S4. Anyone gotten it Yet????

      • SolsticeX

        I’m downloading it now.

    • Trevor

      im downloading now ! anyone else have it yet? any BIG changes?

    • jake

      What about tmobile??

    • Ernest

      Haven’t seen my update yet :/

    • chuebner

      I would be careful with this one. It severely limits what you can do with the SD card in the device. I hope that doesn’t get autopushed like the unexpected update this morning.

    • Anees

      Finally! Been checking everyday! Just had my S4 updated! I like how the lock-screen camera shortcut is much easier to access being right on the lock screen and just swiping from that point. Seems to launch apps much quicker (Twitter TL comes up much faster after launching the app).

    • Justin

      I really really hope they’ll bring the mobile data toggle back.

    • Jorge Morales

      Does anyone knows when it’s rolling out the update for the S4 Active?

    • Kevin

      Got my S4 update today!!!!

    • Same

      Tap & Pay works!

    • meir cohen

      I can tell that now my galaxy s4 i9500 is much faster with the android 4.4 kitkat.
      Another thing: the battary life is longer now then before.
      3:the speaker is a beat louder then before.

      The kitkat 4.4 is a must upgrade.
      Thank you all.

      • Christian Harris

        How can a software update make your speakers louder (lol)?

        • Kevin

          idk but i feel like my speakers also increased

        • Austin

          Because the OS limits how loud the speakers can be…?

          • Christian Harris

            You would think it would be a bad thing because when you put your speakers on blast it makes that staticky sound.

    • Cat

      I’d like the update for my note 3 with att I’m sick ofthe prevention information bugs among other bugs

    • Sokhy

      I have leak 4.4 update before. I could not upgrade through wifi :( any solutions guys

      • Ernest

        Did you get the update notification ?

        • sokhy

          Nothing show up. I checked for sitting update. It is up to date

    • brian

      yesterday’s update now allows you to use Google now and it has voice back features activated. So basically Google Now talks. I am surprised to hear that Kit Kat will be out tomorrow that is exciting.

    • Dan

      Will Note 3 get this also?

    • Marco Polio

      Finished downloading the update. First thing I noticed was MUCH better performance!

    • josh

      Update messed up my Hangouts messaging app. I set it as my default and it doesnt send texts. Anyone else have this problem?

    • Jeff Hamilton

      Mine is downloading, now.

    • Soonershooter

      I downloaded this afternoon, 2 major issues: # 1 my google gmail app would no longer load, it shows (from goggle play) as not being able to load into my S4 (after being used on it for over a year). # 2, Nova Prime Launcher also stopped working, I had to uninstall and now use Buzz Launcher.

    • Joey McNew

      Update GMS apks and libraries (Newsstand 3.0.1 – 6.6MB, Search – 10.3MB , YouTube 5.1.10 – 6.5MB)
      Add Google Drive
      ANDROID Patches: – 6923539, 9702645,12118307
      FOTA Enhancements
      Samsung Account Update

    • darsh

      I have sgh i337
      When i update it … it say update interruptrd .. still i have 4.2.2
      What should i do ?
      Plz help me

    • Quackula

      Just updated a few days ago. Some small changes but we will see as I discover more.

    • payten

      When will my note three get the full update? Any information would be great