Kindle Fire at Par with Galaxy Tab

by: Christine TorralbaJanuary 31, 2012
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For anyone who’s still not convinced of the success of Android tablets, the latest market share count proves just why the iPad and TabClones are losing momentum. Thanks to the 7-inch Kindle Fire, many have seen the light of day with this non-Google tablet. Ever since its release in November, the tablet has already reached neck-to-neck spot with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab as the ‘Most Used Android Tablet.’

So the big question now is how this non-Google, muddied up UI tablet take the spot away from a real Android tablet? According to Flurry, ‘Amazon’s launch of Kindle Fire had more in common with an Apple-style launch than it did with aligning with the Android system.’ Turns out, while we were busy focusing on the competition (Apple), we should have concentrated more on beautifying the real Android tablets. So for every dollar spent by users of the Galaxy Tab, Kindle fire spent $2.53.


If you’re a Kindle Fire user, are you spending more money on apps compared to your old tablet?