Kindle Fire HD (2013) spotted in GFX Bench: 2560 x 1600 resolution, Snapdragon 800 CPU and Android 4.2.2

by: Chris SmithAugust 16, 2013

Kindle Fire HD

A GFX Bench entry for an Amazon tablet has been discovered, suggesting that the earlier rumors regarding the 2013 Kindle Fire HD models may have been correct.

According to the entry spotted by Italian site Webtrek, we’re looking at an unnamed Amazon tablet – codenamed Apollo / KFAPWA – that has a display with 2570 x 1600 resolution runs an OS based on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 SoC with Adreno 330 GPU.

The screen size of the tablet is not detailed – it could very well be 8.9-inch. Furthermore, you’ll notice in the screenshots below that the GPU is clearly mentioned as Adreno 330, which is the GPU found inside the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 SoC.

A recent report suggested that the new Kindle Fire HD will use the Snapdragon 800 SoC and pack 2GB of RAM, 16/32/64GB of storage and Amazon-customized Android 4.2.2 under the hood. The same report said the 7-inch model will have a 1920 x 1200 resolution display and no rear camera, while the 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD would have a higher resolution (2560 x 1600) and an 8-megapixel main camera.

Now, we’ll just have to wait for Amazon to make the 2013 Kindle Fire models official in order to have the specs above confirmed, but it certainly looks like Amazon is willing to significantly upgrade its tablet family this year.

Thanks, K!

  • Piyush

    Specs are looking awesome.

  • kevin

    if only it ran regular android and had a play store :/. Im not into the amazon ecosystem enough to justify this over the nexus 7. I’ll keep an eye out for the community and see if they hopefully develop cyanogenmod or something for this device and runs super smoothly. If it does I might consider the 8.9inch version since just bought a nexus 7 (2013 model). The biggest let down is the lack of the play store and not allowing non-verified apps to be installed significantly reducing androids capabilities.

    • C.E. Barnes

      I agree. If the 8.9 inch Kindle had Google services, I would buy it at $269 in a heartbeat.

    • Robert Mackenzie

      You can install non-verified apps. It’s extremely easy. It’s a main option under “Device” settings. I have successfully installed and run dozens of generic android apps this way. As long as you own the APK files, it’s completely legal. As a side note, the Amazon app store has WAY more apps than when the Fires HD originally came out. It has grown very quickly. Coming from iOS and Play devices, I can say I am missing almost nothing.

  • S.L Jones

    Asus/Google Nexus 7 (2013) Period

    • lesportif

      7″ is not big enough for many.

      • S.L Jones

        Inevitably… That’s what she said :)…… had to

    • mrjayviper

      There’s a reason why lots sell 10 inch tablets

    • abazigal

      We will come back 1 year later and see if any stability issues crop up, as was the case with the 2012 Nexus.

  • BennyBrick5

    Awesome specs let down by near enough everything else it has to offer. Such a shame.

  • People need to realize that for the price, the Kindle Fire HD and 8.9″ HD are still good entry level tablets. If you’ve never had a tablet before and all you really need is some social networking and entertainment apps like netflix, hulu, and pandora, then why not a Kindle Fire HD? I sell Kindle’s for a living at the moment, and I gotta say they are looking pretty promising, I sell at least 3-4 a day. Of course me I’d root it and throw stock AOSP on there =P, but that’s only because I am a more advanced technical power user.

    • C.E. Barnes

      I’ve thrown custom roms and launchers on my Kindle, and I must say, I love the Kindle UI. I hate the lack of customizability, but it is a uniquely user friendly and functional interface. Another issue I have is there aren’t very many good widgets for tablets which makes changing to stock AOSP kind of pointless (other than speeding things up a bit) because you just will have rows of icons and widgets that don’t look right on a tablet. You can also install google services without rooting it.

  • End in sight

    4.2? My Nexus 7 from LAST year has 4.3.

    But I guess if people are used to using an iPad and want that exact size, this could provide that precise form factor in a great spec’ed device.

    I myself don’t really like their Amazon ecosystem thing, but I don’t want to be too much of a poor sport about it… Good luck Amazon!

    • C.E. Barnes

      Even if you are entrenched in the Amazon ecosystem, you have access to all amazon services on a stock Android tablet except for Amazon video, which I think will change. The thing that makes the Kindle HD stand out is the dual band wi-fi and sound quality (and volume) which is important for me because I always have a loud fan running in my room. That being said, I still plan to upgrade to the new Nexus 7. Customizability and Google services are too important. (although I will miss Amazon video).

      • Robert Mackenzie

        Nah, what makes kindles awesome is the OS and interface are built to connect Primers to their content, products, and interests. Kindle users are consumers only. They aren’t content creators. When kindle users use a Nexus 7, they see a desktoppy computer screen that requires effort to set up and manipulate, and too many icons and windows to get in the way. When they use a Kindle, the interface is already organized, they have instant access to their content (literally since all you have to do is log in and your data syncs), and they have an amazing browsing and shopping design for finding things to spend money on. Yes, kindles are part Amazon catalogs, but people LOVE spending money. Kindles are bestsellers for a reason.

  • Kevin Jung Hwang

    time to root this device and flash a beastly rom

  • GJV

    Folks, these tablets are not aimed at power users like us. The specs are impressive and for 99% of folks a stock Kindle will do everything they want it to.

  • dpskfromWA

    Just returned my 2013 Nexus 7 as a result of the touchscreen issue. Found the 7″ 1920×1200 screen while stunning, was a bit too small as well. I’ll look at the new Kindle 8.9 HD, but would definitely want to root it to run Android directly.

  • lex

    kindle fire 3D yea all buy one for sure, e ink color display. amazon cloud 2 operating system, super fast silk browser, 100,000,000 game apps sure.