The entire Kindle Fire family will be ad-supported

by: Andrew GrushSeptember 6, 2012

The highly-anticipated Amazon press event is over, and we now have four new Kindle Fires heading our way in the coming months. The models range in prices starting as low as $159 for an entry-level Kindle Fire, and as high as $499 for an 8.9-inch Fire HD 4G LTE.

Some of you might be wondering where the ad-supported models are at. Android Authority previously reported that at least one model of the Kindle Fire would bear ads in order to achieve the lowest price point possible.

As it turns out, all of the Kindle Fire models are now getting “Special Offer” promotions and advertisements via the lock screen.

There are those out there that simply hate advertisements though, so it’s interesting to see that Amazon isn’t offering any way around it this time. More than likely, it will only be a matter of time before a custom ROM arrives that removes all the ads from the lock screen.

Will this bother most consumers? For some yes, but then again, no one is forcing you to buy a Kindle Fire – there are plenty of other suitable options out there that will be largely ad-free.

If the ads were littered everywhere, this move would probably receive negative backlash, but a lock screen ad isn’t exactly obtrusive. Are you bothered by the decision to include lockscreen advertisements with all versions of the Kindle Fire and Fire HD?

  • Brent

    I have a Kindle Reader Keyboard 3G and actually chose to turn on Ads. They are unobtrusive, have better graphics than the normal Kindle turned-off pictures. I don’t find them objectionable, and who knows, I might find something I want. I shop a LOT on Amazon.

  • JuniorHD

    …… Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas ……….

  • Nope. This really is too much. As you say, no one is forcing, but really it is too much to batter consumers into submission with such low costs only to sell you stuff.
    Also, at whatever price the competition does look better. The Nexus 7 is more usable that the Fire HD, and the Kobo Arc looks a damn sight more attractive than either.

  • JT

    Yup, it’s a deal breaker. I am not paying for a spam-sponsored device.

  • Mark

    I’m not paying to see ads. If I had an option, I would be OK because I’d be willing to pay a little more for NO ADS. So, it’s no Fire HD for me. Maybe I’ll check into the next Google Nexus.

  • ellis

    First, they are selling you a device for the primary purpose of selling you their content. So, they are already making money twice off of the consumer, with one being recurring revenue. Yet, this isn’t enough! Now they want to hit you with ads as well and make money off of your usage of the device as well. No … I’m not taking the hook. It’s starting to feel a bit too much Google-like to me.