Kindle for Android app updated, adds Collections for improved organisation

by: Adam KoueiderDecember 18, 2013

Kindle for Android (COLLECTIONS)

The Kindle app for Android has been updated, adding new functionality including Collections for improved organisation. If you’ve amassed a rather large library of Kindle books, swiping through a carousel interface to find the book you’d like to read could take a long time and the new Collections feature is sure to help.

The feature was previously available on iOS, and now Android users can organise their books into groups, allowing you to name the Collection, add any book you’d like to the Collection and add a book to as many Collections as you’d like.

Collections are also synced across the devices you’re logged into, and the update also includes new features like accessibility improvement for Talkback and Explore by Touch and the ability to rate a book after completing it. The update is rolling out now, and if you haven’t downloaded the app yet and you’d like to try it out, you can do so by following the source link below.

  • Traian

    Yeah, well, this update was really bad for me. First of all, every setting was lost, it was like a first install (login to amazon, set again the font size and margins, and so on). Also, the volume buttons don’t work correctly anymore to flip pages.
    For example, i want to flip the page. I press VolUp and the book jumps ahead 2 pages. I am forced to press VolDown, but again it jumps 2 pages back, so i’m back where i started. Luckily, the next VolUp push brings me to the desired page. I guess they’ll make a fix soon, at least I hope so.

  • rhozze

    Give me information please. What is the name of this apps? I search this app from my Android, i don’t find it.

  • ijsutwannaread

    Really frustrated with the update. It has wiped everything off of my device. It took me a while but I finally figured out I could un-install the update & re-register my app. Then I can get my book from the “archives”. the problem with this is that my app will not stop updating and I loose it over and over again. & it doesn’t matter if I am in the middle of reading or not. Very frustrating having to repeat this process just to be able to read my books. I can not get to them with going thru this process. please help me to know what to do to stop this or can you tell me when the problem will be fixed? I have noticed many people are having this issue or something similar according to reviews ….