A new plugin by Kimera Systems wants to hook your Android phone up to the neural network

by: Joe HindyOctober 14, 2012

Kimera Systems
The Android world is growing every day. Just a few months ago we were introduced to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and we’re already hearing quite a bit about Android 4.2. Since ICS, Android has made unlocking your phone using facial recognition a reality. Technology is moving at breakneck speed and isn’t looking to let up anytime soon. A company called Kimera Systems wants to take Android to the next step with a new Android plugin that will connect everyone to a single network.

The people at Kimera Systems are calling it the neural network. It’s a really simple process that is complicated to explain. Your phone would use its various sensors and services, like GPS, to determine where you are and what you are doing. Based on that, various agents send you notifications and suggestions.

In the video at the bottom, a scenario they play out is a gentleman that walks into a restaurant. A restaurant agent analyses the menu and makes suggestions based on his taste. Meanwhile, his friend across town just got a service agent notification telling her the bus will be late. The system automatically remembers that there is a book she wants to purchase and finds it in the bookstore across the street. Then, back in the restaurant, the first gentleman’s phone remembers he needs a painter and happens to find one right there in the restaurant.

Kimera Systems has a unique and interesting concept. The idea of not worrying about remembering things could be a giant leap forward for a lot of people. Especially those who have to multitask frequently.

Kimera Systems

Is Kimera Systems going to be releasing this anytime soon?

In short, no they aren’t. Kimera Systems is still in the Kickstarter phase. However, they do plan on making it to at least two global Android events to showcase their software to companies. The goal is to get their idea implemented into Android phones by manufacturers as included software.

For starters, though, they will be releasing their SDK for Android developers to create their own agents and actions. This will also be released as a plugin for people to try out to see if they are sold on it.

It is a really neat idea, but almost all science fiction movies turn bad when people start talking about neural networks. You can check out Kimera Systems’ Kickstarter page if you want more info. Is this something you could see yourself using? Tell us what you think.

  • Zebelious

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    Add the cost of the followings (these are only the essentials) ;

    – Mobile Device(s)
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    The sum of the above items is what a user would pay to make itself worth to the corporates. Show me a similar business model where users have to pay from their own pockets before generation revenue for a business? Please bear in mind that in business NOTHING is for free. Internet users need to become more aware and turn the cards around.

  • Rob

    IThese is e, facebook already tried to make me their advertising [email protected] at every opportunity. This Is an even more concerted effort or control our data and make us a product. If Google and Android allow this to come into bwing…i will stopbusing Adn

  • iLold, 2 dumb comments that have absolutely, completely nothing to do with the story presented which in itself has no more truth value to it than creationism has. What the fuck am i doing here?