Kids want to receive tablet computers as gifts this holiday season (Photo credit: Shutterstock)

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or any holiday, chances are that gift-giving will be a big part of the revelries. But apart from our own wish-lists, it’s the kids’ presents that usually take center-stage. These days, kids no longer root for model cars, train sets or bicycles. They seem to be wanting electronic gadgets more than anything else. A recent Nielsen survey gives us a peek into just what devices they want.

Nielsen has found out that iOS devices dominate kids’ holiday gift wishlists, with the iPad coming out as number one at 48%, followed by the Nintendo Wii U at a distant 39%, for kids aged six to 12. Among the top five, four entries are iOS devices, namely the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad mini.

Tablet computers “other than the iPad” come at an eight place. This may include devices like the Microsoft Surface, Google Nexus 7 and perhaps the Google Nexus 10. The Amazon Kindle Fire HD might be included here, although Nielsen has counted e-readers and the Kindle Fire each as a separate entry. Being a kid-oriented survey, these other tablets might also refer to kid-friendly tablets like the Tabeo, Nabi, and MEEP (and perhaps in other markets, LG Kids Pad we earlier featured).

Meanwhile, smartphones “other than iPhone” are at a distant #14, with 20% of kids surveyed saying they’re interested in one.  Android smartphones are further down the list, at #19, with 16%. Samsung’s Galaxy series (note or tab) likewise has its own entry, but it comes at #22 with 9% of respondents saying they want one.

Among kids 13 years and above, though, other-branded tablets come out as third. The iPad is still #1 at 21%, with a personal computer (desktop or laptop) at 19%, then a non-iOS tablet at 18%. Meanwhile, for this demographic, the iPhone comes at #5, with 14%. Other smartphones are at #8, at 12%. Android smartphones are at #10 with 11%. Meanwhile, Samsung Galaxy Tab or Note is at 14th place, with 9% of kids 13 and above rooting for one.

Android vs. iOS

Digging deeper into the survey, I noticed a few things that might have helped skew the results toward Apple’s iOS platform:

  • Android smartphones are counted separately from “other smartphones.” With “other ” ranking higher than Android, does this perhaps mean that kids want Windows Phones or BlackBerrys more than an Android phone?
  • Samsung’s Galaxy series are likewise given a separate entry, and Nielsen has bundled in “Tab” and “Note” together. If this were included in the Android smartphone or tablet category, then that might have been given a big boost.
  • Amazon’s Kindle Fire is given its own entry, which has also been set apart from e-readers. These could have contributed toward the “other tablet” category.

Without access to the raw data, I’m not sure if we can determine the adjusted results beyond the chart given by Nielsen. But if the items were categorized or presented differently, then Android might have a stronger position in this kids’ holiday wishlist.

Whether it’s iOS or Android that dominates, parents might want to take heed . This survey indicates that tablets are poised to be a strong contender as a top selling product. Not only do adults want tablet computers — perhaps for productivity, as a “second screen” or for entertainment — but kids want in on the game, too.

J. Angelo Racoma
J. Angelo Racoma has written extensively about mobile, social media, enterprise apps and startups. Angelo develops business case studies for Microsoft enterprise platforms, and is also co-founder at WorkSmartr, a small outsourcing team that offers digital content and marketing services.
  • Mike

    Is it just me or does That chRt seem slanted to favor the “I” universe? The iPhone is listed riight at the top, near the iPad and iPad mini. Then down below you see smartphone other than iPhone…. Which at this point essentially means android. Then it has a separate list for android. It is like they split it on purpose, otherwise it would show android device being higher than the mighty iPhone.

    Maybe it is just the conspiracy theorist in me, but that is how it look to me

    • umm lets see there are 4 ipad’s (Not counting the Mini), and 2 trillion android tables, and not too mention tables that don’t run on IOS or Android, so yeah you would want a never ending list or do you want a short and simple list.

  • Jay Lightner

    Kids are dumb, thats why they want fruit gear

    • supertofu

      and parents are dumber for buying this shit for them. What kid needs an iPhone, or an iPad. Go play some sports, no wonder they’re so obese, and the parents are the ones to blame! No doubt!

  • Phone and tablet are for people in schools I’m talking elementary school I mean Hight school and up. My step sister (12) is crying these day because my father won’t buy the new iPad for her and I said “Welcome to my world”. When I was on her age I did the same thing and when I look back I think “what was I thinking I didn’t need phone(tablet wern’t popular when I was 12) on this age”

  • TheFluffyOne

    Let’s not forget that to many kids all MP3 players are “iPods”, all tablets are “iPads”, and all smartphones are “iPhones”. Kids use terminology that they find simple; do you think they will ask for an iPad or a “generic non-Apple tablet device” ;)

    • Unfortunately it’s not only kids that do that. I am constantly hearing adults say iPod when talking MP3 players in general and iPads when talking about tablets.

  • gils001

    Well junior it’s time to get a job ur just too damn expensive!!!!

  • aynranddeathmask

    This actually is an ominous sign for Apple. IOS seems to be more desired by children than youths — and I guarantee hipsters are moving away from Apple in droves. If you’re a 22 year old the last thing you want is the same social tribe identifier as 8 year old cousin Sue. This explains the popularity of creative devices such as the Samsung Note. I think youll see reasonable numbers of people moving to BB10 as well as it is now “alternative”.

  • Guest

    Wow, i thought Kotaku, was fulled with ignorant people, then i found this site.

  • E. B.

    If board games were good enough for me then they are good enough for today’s kids. What’s wrong with these parents today?