Kickstarter project of the week: dokiWatch is “the most advanced smartwatch for kids”

by: Edgar CervantesJanuary 17, 2016


The CES craze had us going nuts with content, so it was a bit hard to bring you our ‘Kickstarter project of the week” articles for a while, but we are back in the game and today we are showing off a funding campaign for a product we know plenty of parents and kiddos will love.

Today we are talking about the dokiWatch, a wearable that is said to be “the world’s most advanced smartwatch for kids”. Now, that is a bold statement. Can the dokiWatch really live up to the expectations the company is setting up for it? Let’s find out.

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What is this dokiWatch all about? Surely, it is nothing like the Android Wear wonders and other adult wearables we are used to seeing. The dokiWatch is simple, fun and focused on keeping the young ones connected and safe. It can do very few things, but it seems like it does them very well.

For starters, dokiWatch will keep you in touch with your kids. This smartwatch can handle voice calls, voice messages, video calls and incoming text messages. But this gadget also brings parents a bevy of features for making sure they keep their children safe.


GPS location tracking is only the beginning. The dokiWatch features an SOS button that will send an alert to parents upon pressing it for 3 seconds. After the alert, a 60-second audio recording of your child’s surroundings will be sent to all preset contacts, and your child’s location will be updated every 60 seconds until the emergency is canceled.

There’s also a feature called AlertArea, which will notify you if the device goes anywhere outside specified areas you set from the official app. Other capabilities include parental controls, fitness tracking and even an electronic pet.


So, what’s the damage? While not the cheapest, the dokiWatch could be worth the $149 they are currently going for through Kickstarter. All the lower priced early bird specials are gone. Retail price is set at $179, though, so you might want to sign up now to save a bit. Delivery is expected to take place this May, so you won’t have to wait around too much.

Are any of you interested in buying the dokiWatch? It seems like a great solution for that age in which kids shouldn’t have a smartphone, but parents still want to stay in contact with them. It’s certainly a good product, even if I am not a big fan of the design. What do you think?

Check out the dokiWatch Kickstarter project
  • That ‘Calling… MOM’ doesn’t look too convincing.

  • aditya sharma

    bc apne ko toh kutta bhi nhi puchta tha bachpan main #90’s

    • Mit Shah

      savage. so true. hahaha

  • John Doe

    What will battery life be like, as kids will probably play the shit out of it and just when you need to battery to call your mom I suspect the battery will be dead! anyways don’t all kids come with smart phones today anyways?

  • Owsley_66

    People interested in these Kickstarter projects really need to do a lot of research because so many of them fail. I’m still waiting for the Ubik Uno which I funded via Kickstarter. Phone is 4 months late and the people behind the phone refuse to answer questions about current status. At this late stage, it’s near impossible to get a refund. I’m out $290 on that phone and that’s my fault. You could be next.

  • Yolanda

    just backed it. Looking pretty good so far