Key Lime Pie build KRS36B apparently running on Nexus 7 and Nexus 4

by: Chris SmithAugust 6, 2013

Key Lime Pie

New Android builds starting with the letter “K” have been apparently spotted in the wild running on the Nexus 7 and Nexus 4, suggesting that Google may already be testing Key Lime Pie.

Key Lime Pie has long been rumored to be the name of the next major Android update. Furthermore, KLP was mostly associated with Android 5.0 and was expected to arrive at Google I/O  at least until the first Android 4.3 builds were spotted, suggesting Google wasn’t ready to move away from Jelly Bean.

The new “K” builds – specifically KRS36B – have been spotted at the Chromium Project in a fresh bug report. Assuming it’s not a mistake, we may be looking at Google’s next Android update.

In case you were not aware of it, all Jelly Bean builds start with the letter “J.” Similarly, all Ice Cream Sandwich builds start with the letter “I,” and we could do this with older Android versions – the pattern is the same. The current Android 4.3 Jelly Bean version has build version JWR66V.

Therefore, the move to the next letter can only mean a new Android version is in testing, and this wouldn’t be the first time an Android version was spotted online way ahead of its release.

Also worth remembering is that the Wall Street Journal had a story in late June on Google’s next Android version and called it “K release.” According to the publication, “K release” will support low-end devices and other hardware this fall when it arrives – but we can’t confirm any of that right now.

We’ll do some more digging of our own and see whether the K builds appeared anywhere else.

  • Tom Constantineau

    I’m fine with Jellybean… Works great! It will be interesting to see where they go with key lime though :-)

  • MasterMuffin

    As long as there’s more speed (if possible), some cool design changes (NOT iOs7 style changes) and simply more awesomeness, I’m happy :)

    Camera needs an update! Even though 4.3 brought some needed changes, we need MOARH!

    App Ops not hidden and more polished!

    • Simon Belmont

      All I want in the email app is to be able to either EMPTY TRASH with one button or there to be an option to “select all” and then delete.

      If they added that, I’d be grateful. Seriously, grateful.

    • Daniel DS

      You’re everywhere!

    • n900mixalot

      Enchi maaaan

    • n900mixalot

      Enchi maaaan

    • asd

      I totally agree with you..especially with your first point…I think I would love key lime pie to have a complete revamp of the UI thats totally different but still has that android wow factor

    • Bruno Rosa // TaRuGo

      I Agree! The camera need to do everything the others do, if we want to install a stock rom, don’t loose anything. :)

      Great will be a style for the KeyLime, something like Oficial Themes e Custom Widgets (ideias from the developers).

      Think Google can take a look in some Custom Roms and get some great stuff, ParanoiaAndroid and his HybridUI are AWESOME.

      PIE, Halo, etc.

      • MasterMuffin

        Agreed, even Apple does that (takes ideas from the dev community of theirs) and it seems to be working!

  • I don’t expect to see a new version of Android (in this case Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie) for some time, either this coming November (2013) when the next Nexus Smartphone most likely will be launched or may be even in early 2014.

    That said, when Android 5.0 is released, I hope that it fixes the wifi issue, has some help for battery life and is released for update on both my Nexus 7 and my Galaxy Nexus. My Galaxy Nexus especially considering it needs help since the device gets warm when the wifi is on.

    • DieElop

      Oh it’s coming son, bet on it.

    • descendency

      The Galaxy Nexus is unlikely to see Android 5.0.

      • Simon Belmont

        They say Android 5.0 is supposed to be very RAM friendly, and thus even older devices should have no issue running it. I had a theory that maybe Google might release Android 5.0 for the Galaxy Nexus to prove how well it works on older hardware. :D

        It’s a shot in the dark, but it’s plausible. That being said, Android 4.3 runs great on my G’Nex. :)

        • Who’s “they”?

          • Simon Belmont

            Various and sundry news sources that you could probably do a Google (irony) search for. Is it concrete?

            Of course not. Nothing is until it’s actually released.

          • Nathaniel James

            Don’t worry about it

        • I haven’t tested my GNex on Android 4.3 yet as I just did a factory reset right after the OTA upgrade to fix a separate video issue. And I use my Nexus 7 most of the time at home anyway.

      • I believe the GNex will and Android 5.0 should be the last update. Remember Google typically updates devices up to 2 years and the GNex is two years old come this November.

        • descendency

          The Nexus One received it’s final update a year after it launched.

          The Nexus S received it’s final update at Google IO, 1.5 years after release.

          The Galaxy Nexus is now 1.5 years from release.

          • I didn’t understand the Nexus one, but the Nexus S went 2 years. It was released in December 2010 and last update was October 2012. And the only reason why was hardware didn’t meet specs.

          • Simon Belmont

            I remember reading somewhere a while back that Google was was going to try to support their devices as long as the experience would still be good. I forget where I read that, though, unfortunately.

            If that’s true, it would make sense that the G’Nex could very well see an update to Android 5.0. I imagine it would likely be the last update, though, but who knows.

          • descendency

            The last major update was Android 4.1, which came out at Google IO, though. The Nexus S did not receive 4.2 (arguably for technical reasons) in the same way the Galaxy Nexus would not be expected to receive 5.0.

            I own a Galaxy Nexus, so I kind of hope it gets 5.0 officially, but I’m not going to worry if it doesn’t.

          • The reason the Nexus S didn’t upgrade is because the hardware specs didn’t meet the software requirements… Single core and I believe 512MB RAM. However the GNex has a dual core and 1GB RAM, so it should be good. But I believe Key Lime pie will most likely be the last ota update because Android looks to need 2 GB RAM soon. Besides Android 5.0 will be on the Nexus 7 and that only has 1GB Ram. Of course its dual core to quad core in the processor department on the GNex to the Nexus 7.

          • Simon Belmont

            Hmm! So, by that logic, shouldn’t it be two years then?

            1 years -> 1.5 years -> 2 years. Just saying!

      • Melvin Suarez J.r

        if they dont send it out the galaxy nexus.. devs can port them to just be unofficials builds

      • SeraZR™

        dude we have devs -_-

    • Simon Belmont

      Your G’Nex gets warm when using Wi-Fi? Mine never does.

      If anything, it stays cooler on Wi-Fi than on mobile data. Even on mobile data, it only gets slightly lukewarm.

      • Yes it does (case on or off). Of course it has gotten better after a warranty repair for a separate issue (battery only charged to 80% or so, so Samsung replaced two components including motherboard), but I can still see 105-110 degrees. But I haven’t tried it with Android 4.3 yet. And I have tried it on different wifi networks, but no difference. I don’t have mobile data, wifi only.

        • Simon Belmont

          That’s strange. Sorry you’re having trouble.

          I’ve actually been really pleased with my Galaxy Nexus. It’s been a great phone.

  • Kevin

    What’s going to be after KLP? I can’t think of anything other than licorice… maybe lemon meringue but they wouldn’t do two pies back to back would they?

    • John-Phillip Saayman

      Hope it’s liquorice

      • RiverdALIEN

        or just Liquor? O_O

      • RiverdALIEN

        or just Liquor? O_O

    • creampie


    • William Fowler

      Most likely Lentils

    • John

      Lemon Drops

    • John

      Lava Cake

    • asd

      Strawbery Shortcake

    • Amin Armani


  • Laurențiu Selei

    I want theme manager

  • Cristi13

    One thing that it would be awesome would be building root (admin permissions) directly into android itself, so all of us can take advantage of it, especially when uninstalling unwanted apps (bloat).

    • Kamal

      Some people would delete things like Systemui and have headaches then

      • Cristi13

        No, the more complicated things should be kept hidden (like the developer options). The “average” user should be able to delete any app that he sees in the app drawer (except the system ones, like settings)

  • John-Phillip Saayman

    Excited that key lime pie is starting to stick it’s head out. Wonder what it’s going to look like

  • Joey Colclough

    Seeing as Android will be 5 years old in October, would be fitting to have Android 5.0, the Nexus 5 and the 10 all come at the same time

    • Ivan Myring

      It’ll be 7 years actually

      • Joey Colclough

        Well yes, but also it’ll be 5 year’s as the 1st Android phone was released Oct 22 2008

    • n900mixalot

      Nice catch!

    • tamir

      nice catch

    • Cole Raney

      Especially if it is in October 5th to go with the 5 theme. I mostly want this because that is when my birthday is.

  • Android User 1337

    More optimisation is what we want.. that is where iOS beats Android. Also support for older and low end devices is a nice addition as well providing that OM’s will support this. Maybe a UI make up to make things a bit easier for new Android users. (I get lots of comments about how hard people find it to do something on my GN2 comparing to their Apple devices.) Ofc not as simple as iOS boring UI.

  • Android User 1337

    More optimisation is what we want.. that is where iOS beats Android. Also support for older and low end devices is a nice addition as well providing that OM’s will support this. Maybe a UI make up to make things a bit easier for new Android users. (I get lots of comments about how hard people find it to do something on my GN2 comparing to their Apple devices.) Ofc not as simple as iOS boring UI.

  • auto diagnostics

    looking forward to it

  • Anders CT

    For android to conquer the desktop in 2014 android needs:

    Better multitasking menu, with separate thumbnails for tabbed documents
    Splitscreen, quadscreen and windowed multitasking
    UI guidelines for hardware keyboard layout and usage. Modal shift-keys? Alt Gr? Make some policy.
    Visual acces to the Clipboard stack
    Acces to relative mouse input for fps games. Ability to toggle the mouse curser on/off
    Better support for mouse right-click
    Higher frequency touch-screen and -pad input for lower latency
    For the love of God, expose Open CL API. and ditch Renderscript Compute
    Better file search, expose ext4 user attributes to user-space

    In general
    Better stock widgets. Holo Light/ Now theme for alle Google widgets like Keep, Calendar, GMail etc.
    Google Play app is laggy slow and stuttering, even on Tegra 4 hardware. Fix this
    Better Google Now service outside US
    Fix the Camera App. No hierachical navigation and no cropping of the preview. It’s simply inexcusable.
    Fix hangouts. SMS integration for messaging, easy to see if people are online and/or available for direct communication.
    Keep-notes that is shared amongst users