They call it a mechanical smart watch hybrid, and it is like nothing we’ve seen in recent smartwatches. Kairos Watches has taken a decidedly gorgeous leather banded mechanical watch and overlaid a 1.4-inch PMOLED full color display at 40 percent transparency. The result is a great looking time piece that pops up messages from your Bluetooth connected Android phone.

Kairo Hybrid Android Wear Smartwatch Size

Instead of pushing a full blown display like other smartwatch offerings, the mechanical watch performs the task of telling the time, and the digital display only lights up for the ‘smart’ functions. Since the ARM Cortex M4 powered display is not always lit up, the 180mAh battery is expected to get you 5-7 days on a charge, depending on your use.

[quote qtext=”We have set our specs to Arm Cortex M4 with 512MB memory in anticipation to handling Android Wear OS.” qperson=”Sam Yang – Kairos Watches” qsource=”” qposition=”center”]

At the moment, the Kairos watch runs their own SmartOS, but the team sounds committed to implementing Android Wear as soon as possible. A three-axis accelerometer and Bluetooth 4.0 allow for functionality that includes notifications from your phone, push-alerts from connected websites like Twitter and Whatsapp, the ability to remote control aspects of your connected phone, fitness tracking, an advanced chronograph with GPS enhancements and more.

Kairo Hybrid Android Wear Smartwatch Functions


Future builds of the Kairos smartwatch will include Intel chipsets, Android Wear OS and versions of the same watches with a different take on the display. At 60 percent transparency, the alternative display would have static icons, numbers and text, we are not sure what they plan to do with these static features, but if it is as elegant as the images we’re seeing now, we’ll be happy to take a look. There is little need to hold out for their upcoming technologies, as Kairos can install future upgraded parts into your watch, for a small fee.

Sam Yang, a serial entrepreneur behind Kairos Watches, assures me that they have exhausted their testing with Google’s Android Wear test beta SDK, and are ready to take it to the next level. However, due to the transparency of their displays, they may have to do some additional custom work to get Android Wear fully operational when the full version of the OS becomes available for developers, possibly at Google I/O in June.

The future of Android Wear powered smartwatches by Kairos is not now, unfortunately, but you can still pre-order one of several models of the Kairos Watch from their website today. Early bird pricing runs until July 1st and will let you snag a model ranging from $499 to $2149, with delivery starting at the end of the year and running into spring of 2015.

Kairo Hybrid Android Wear Smartwatch

Their site adds a lengthy disclaimer, noting that what we are seeing in the imagery is for visualization purposes. It references the specific display types of TOLED Dot Matrix and TOLED ICON at 40% and 60% transparencies. Keep in mind that the video shows off the digital display at 100% transparency. Be sure to check out their site for full details before placing your order.

What do you think, has the Moto 360 been dethroned as the best looking round-face smartwatch soon to hit the market?

Jonathan Feist
Android purist and enthusiast, rarely more than arms reach from a stock Nexus 7. Often accused of being a Google fanboy, proud of it. Proponent for Android customization and personalization, if you can change it, make it your own!
  • Corbin Crutch

    This…. Is the best smartwatch EVER

    • ddpacino


      • Corbin Crutch

        Touche.. Sad enough, I wish it had a camera… KIDDING. But I think heart rate would’ve been cool.

        • ddpacino

          I think thats the final piece. Dedicated fitness bands need to merge with these smartwatches so that there are all in one.

          • Corbin Crutch

            Right though??? That’s the only reason why the Gear 2 Neo really turned my head. I will likely buy it and hack it onto the OnePlus One I would want to get. I want something for a fitness tracker and a smartwatch

  • MasterMuffin

    I actually think that Moto 360 looks better!

    • Jayfeather787

      I still like the Moto 360 better as well.

      • frafri

        me too !!

  • Mur

    These guys are geniuses. You get to see the time all the time without turning the screen on and wasting power, and when you run out of battery, you still get to see the time :D.

    • djey

      I prefer this kind of smartwatch way more and everything thats already on the market.
      i would definitely buy it. its awesome

    • Osk

      Sadly this company will be bought by apple in near future..

      • Mur

        Oh god no

      • Opinion

        apple will be fucked up if they do that since this watch use android wear

        • Letsbesmart

          Stop being so stupid! Look at their website. I hate when people talk before they do any research on items/products. It’s one thing to have an opinion, but don’t start trying to state what you think to a fact when it’s wrong. Kairos is a multi platform watch that supports android, ios and Windows. When you pre-order you must tell them which platform you want for your order

    • chleb

      too bad the mechanical part last 2 days vs the smart part last 5-7 days :D
      (based on the technicals details available on their website).

      Just need to add a kinetic mechanism to this…

      • TimeHunter

        Read again, mechanical has a 42 hour power reserve, power reserve being a common term used with automatic winding mechanical watches, and refers to the amount of time it will run from a full wind. As it is an automatic winding movement, as long as you wear it and move some, it will keep the mechanical watch wound.

        It already has the “kinetic mechanism” you speak of.

  • Jonathan Sosa

    that actually looks really nice, i like the color choices too

  • NateCress

    This is pretty awesome! However, I’m not so sure it looks “better” than the Moto 360. That said “better” is more or less personal perspective. I think more options are better though! And this looks like an excellent start for more options!!!

  • DenisTM

    Tacky… cool concept but minimal design is the way to go and the moto 360 got that right. also 16.5 mm thick? this thing will look like a tin can sprouting off your wrist.

  • Shark Bait

    At last. I’ve been saying this is how it should be for ages! A watch that actually works well as a watch too!
    Just stick android wear on it and sold!!!

  • Jakub Kuchnio

    estimated delivery march 2015…. and one kilo of bucks to pay… I would say shut up and take my money but something in my head says simply NO

  • Macalee Harlis Jr.

    cool, but I would like to see the actual product in real time vs a render before I pass any judgment

  • gyatty

    Brilliant concept. However, I still prefer the fully digital smart watch as I would be able to change my watch face design based on mood or outfit. Moto 360 is still my dream watch.

  • William Peterson

    Love the watch, Just wish I could drop $1,00 for it.Not a chance. Looks like I’ll be trading in my Pebble for the 360.

  • Kass

    A stunning beauty in a sea of fugly beasts

  • jaketyler27

    these watches look soo ugly and chunky! i dont want my arm to fall off, so ill buy the 360.

    • ddpacino


  • Aar0nC

    a step in the right direction, add some solar panels or kinetic charging and you got great package!

  • dimitriszara

    how these Koreans know Greek and write full sentences on the watch. Just to let you know Kairos (keros) means weather, but also time e.g. “it’s about time”. Btw i hate Greek

  • A Human

    Kind of pointless idea

  • Luka Mlinar

    Interesting approach.

  • wizardx

    step aside two watches that are not even out yet and no mention of the watch that has 71% of the market… ok…

    • Jonathan Feist

      Hey wizardx, LG and Motorola have been smack talking about how they were about to change smartwatches. Since Samsung has such a commanding share of the market, it is safe to suggest that theirs is the smartwatch that LG and Moto feel needs changing…. Then along comes Kairos with an entirely different approach. So, this isn’t a “step aside Sammy, a new leader is coming” this is a “step aside Moto and LG, a new idea is coming.” Hope that makes sense.

  • chalocesped

    anybody else got a boner?

  • jpd514

    It’s good for the Samsung Gear, more there will be competition more Samsung will improve its Gear. As there is little competition Samsung must retain aces up its sleeve

    • John Doe

      Only problem with the GG watches, is that they are totally Samsung phone based …
      I was a Samsung user, but after getting F’d with my (original) Note (No upgrade past ICS), I have moved to the
      Nexus line.
      A lot of users have done this, or moved away from Samsung for other reasons …
      Samsung needs to allow for all Android phone types to integrate with their watches (at least with a JB 4.3 OS)
      Until then they are limited to their eco-system …

  • gommer strike

    …you still need your smartphone with you… -_-

    OK so I see my alert, but then I have to pull out the smartphone to act upon the alert? We need to seriously rethink this.

  • jimmyg

    Moto 360! Is my choice

  • MY

    Holy shiiiiiit! When these are coming out? My next watch although 2K$ (gotta speak with my banker ahhaha), forget samsung, Moto etc… Concept & Design is brilliant. Loving this

  • districtjack

    Looks much more classy than the Hyetis Crossbow, but it doesn’t have the 48Mpxl camera.

  • RichHomieGuan

    I’m sold on the concept, it’s utterly astonishing. The watch is a little on the thicker side but it has exactly what low profile person needs… slick average typical watch… but is it? lol

  • Wolf

    This should be called a SMACHANICAL WATCH :)

    • Ivan Bastias

      SMEC WATCH sounds better

  • T.J.

    The Moto 360 looks so much simpler and better and without a doubt will cost much less.

  • Brian Fairlamb

    I think these guys have caught everybody napping

  • acashe42

    Seems like a watch you’d wear for special occasions. The Moto 360 is more of an everyday watch.

  • CRiTiCaL_FLuX

    The watches look too gaudy for my taste, but the idea is genius.

  • Ashley Johnson

    I like this watch, cool design

  • Damon Salvador

    Galaxy Gear 2 .. ???? What ?? lol .. ..

  • Jared Isch

    until you read that, these are concept photo’s and videos showing a 100% transparent concept and the watch is only 40% transparent, unless you upgrade to the 60% transparent model. Then you see the “actual photos” and it looks like crap….

    • Kairos Watches

      Hi Jared, the photo you are referring to is our ICON type TOLED. Just wanted to clarify that. :)
      The visuals are based on our QVGA (dynamic) TOLED. We have two different types of displays available as an option for those who want basic notifications with higher transparency (ICON type). Hope this helps. :)

      • Jared Isch

        Guess I’ll just reserve my enthusiasm till we see a few more REAL photos and/or video. This is very close to the tech I’ve been hoping for, but not quite there from what i can tell…

      • Francis Nguyen

        Will better prototype pics be sent out before the pre order time is up? I would like to have a better idea of what it looks like before forking over half a K.

        • Kairos Watches

          Yes, we’ll try in a few days.. :)

          • Francis Nguyen

            You guys Rock. This is definitely the best idea in a country mile, but pics or a vid will seal the deal.

  • xracer

    Damn some one beat me to it :( i thought about this when the 360 came out, I used to work in gaming systems and we used semi transparent displays to allow the user to see the mechanical parts of the game and then when need it, the LCD will either completely cover the mechanical parts or allow to see the parts while the other areas of the screen display something else. This was done around 2005-2006.

    In case someone calls me on BS. Look at Williams Gaming specifically the Monopoly series games.

  • Balraj

    Best android wear

  • Cao Meo

    The thing will be very thick and expensive, I’d prefer Moto 360

  • Bilal Mahmood

    Omate truesmart is the best!! it is a PROPER smartwatch it runs full android !

  • Sal

    Omg…. this and the Moto 360 will rule the smart watch market. Samsung you better take note!

  • iamajimm

    Ok, things are getting much better on the smart watch front eh? crApple better have something pretty special ‘cuz these babies are looking pretty damn good imo…along with Moto it could be a nice Christmas.

  • Jesper_SB

    I’d buy one if they can actually build it, but you can do anything with computer animations so lets see. Until then a Moto360 will get me started just fine.

  • Kazahani

    Dear lord that black one makes me tight in the pants. Come to Papa!

  • Heimrik

    Wow…. that is very cool…

  • Cool cg, but it’s not a real watch yet so i’m astonished people are drooling over it. Not to mention the interface wont look like that, Google isn’t allowing androidwear to be skinned, so the example shown isn’t going to be what you’ll get.

  • Amrit Zoad

    Motorola has a real watch to show, but as of now the Kairos is only showing rendered one. So can’t compare, till it becomes reality.