‘Just’ 30 million Galaxy S3 units sold Samsung says, same number as in early November?

by: Chris SmithJanuary 7, 2013


Samsung’s CES 2013 media event is now over, and in case you expected to see new Android products on stage, then you’ll be disappointed to hear that this year’s announcements from the South Korean giant were mainly about new Smart TVs, smart cameras, smart home appliances and new Windows laptops. But not about smartphones or tablets

Or not really, as the company did not unveil any new product. However it did mention that the 4G LTE Galaxy Note 10.1 is heading to Verizon and it did remind us that the Galaxy S3 is the company’s best-selling handset to date.

According to Samsung, over 30 million units were sold to date since launch. That’s definitely a great number, but shouldn’t it have been just a bit higher?

In early November we told you that Samsung passed the 30 million mark when it comes to Galaxy S3 sales. Since then we’ve seen a variety of Galaxy S3 promotions before, during and after Black Friday and right into the Christmas shopping season. But considering Samsung did not announce a new milestone for the device – 35 or 40 million – should we assume the Galaxy S3 did not see stellar sales in the last quarter of 2012? After all, just earlier today we heard that the company sold some 500 handsets per minute last quarter. Weren’t many of them high-end Galaxy S3 units?

Before you ask, the company sold about 10 million Galaxy S3 units roughly every two months announcing 10 million units sold in mid-July, 20 million Galaxy S3 sales in early September and then 30 million units in early November. Did the Galaxy S3 lose the 2012 Christmas shopping battle?

  • mali

    There hiding it from the media.. as a tactic to hope in court that the judge will see this as good enough numbers and proof… I work on the playing field of covering devices and the most I covered was s3s and iphone 4s.. not 5s.. and based off ur forums.. I’d said 40 maybe even 50 million. is acurote

    • clearzero

      Umm, What? While I am sure it is more than 30 Mil. by now it’s common knowledge that Apple OWNS the holiday quarter. Recent numbers indicate that they have sold more iPhones in the US this quarter than all Android phones combined. Judging the mass market by looking at an Android enthusiast sites forums is silly.

      One thing I am 100% sure of is they sold at least one GS3 in December because I bought one.

  • kascollet

    November : 30M GS3 shipped.
    January : 30M GS3 sold.