Judge tells Apple that they won’t be throwing out patent troll case

by: Joe HindyNovember 12, 2012

These patent lawsuits over the last few years have been ridiculous. It has been one low blow after the other and the only real casualties are competition and innovation. Perhaps the worst part of this whole scenario is the patent trolls who have climbed out of the wood work. Now, one of them is suing Apple.

For those who don’t know, patent trolls are companies that hold a patent but don’t produce a product that uses it. In this case, it’s Mobile Media Ideas. According to CNet, the patent involved is essentially a screen rotation patent as described below:

  • No. 6,441,828 – This is essentially a screen rotation patent. The ability of a device’s user to rotate an image so that it shows a certain way so that it can be viewed properly if the display is rotated.

Apple tried to have the case thrown out. However, a judge in Delaware has determined that there is enough there for the case to be decided for a jury. Thus, Apple and Mobile Media Ideas will be squaring off in court soon.

What’s supremely interesting about this case is that Mobile Media Ideas is a company that is jointly owned by Nokia and Sony. It has over 300 of its own patents. However, most of those patents came from Nokia and Sony. As CNet so eloquently put it, the company acts as a patent buffer for the electronic giants.

Does Mobile Media Ideas have a chance against Apple?

Given the generally vague wording of pretty much everything in law, yes they do. Apple does have some tricks up their sleeve though. Apple is trying to get the patent invalidated due to prior art. Patent No 6,563,535 is another vaguely worded patent which deals with an image showing up correctly on a device no matter its orientation.

Apple has had a really bad time in court recently. In fact, they’ve been losing more than winning over the last few months. Those who saw the Samsung v Apple case as highway robbery may be getting a little chuckle out of Apple’s current misfortune. However, in the patent wars, everyone is a loser. Give us your take on the Delaware ruling.

  • L3inad

    Apple started this, so why not return the favour.

    • Apple_Nexus

      Apple has been sued by patent trolls long before Samsung.

  • Mike

    The world is round whatever apple like to do is to sue in the end apple have to be sue by other company .. this is getting fun when apple is in deep shit.

  • mintslice

    Love to see Apple suffering but how is this patent novel? This is what I would expect images to do.

  • if they win this they will come after everyone else..

  • AngelesMEC

    Feel the “bad karma” Apple..

  • Oh I see now, when it’s against Apple then prior art must be recognised, but when it’s the other way around prior art should be completely ignored.


  • raw raj

    How is everyone a loser? Is this some kind of propaganda campaign by Apple? They know now they will be sued left and right for putting out frivolous cases against Samsung and IFone(Mexican company which they lost). So they just want to draw the line and stop?
    Oh no Apple should get the hell sued out of them. Xerox Where are you? Did y’all know that Xerox invented the first GUI based operating system which Apple Copied!!!
    I wish Xerox comes out and sues Apple and shuts them down(but they also can sue Microsoft too)

    • JosephHindy

      For every dollar and hour of manpower spent in court, that’s a dollar and one hour of manpower not spent in research and development to push the envelope of innovation. That’s not just Apple, that’s everyone.

  • twisted247

    BOOM, eat it apple, you brought your own foul tasting dish to the party that got everyone sick now sit down n EAT IT BITC|-| …!!!