September 18, 2012
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Samsung isn’t in the best of position right now in the U.S. following the damning verdict that concluded it had infringed on several Apple patents. While the ruling implicated several devices, it didn’t include the Galaxy Tab 10.1, the same tablet that was already banned from being sold in the country after Judge Lucy Koh granted Apple’s preliminary injunction request back in June.

Prior to the verdict, Samsung has fought to lift the sales ban of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in America numerous times to no success. The company’s latest attempt to convince Judge Koh to lift the injunction has once again borne no result.

It’s not that the federal judge didn’t have the power to do so, but she just thought it wouldn’t be proper to make that kind of decision while the case is heading to the appeals court. She offered some consolation that the fact the panel of jury didn’t find the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to have infringed on Apple’s design patent – specifically the D’899 patent – would be substantial enough for the appeals court to consider letting her call the shot on this particular issue.

We’re sure most people won’t miss not seeing the original Galaxy Tab 10.1 in shelves. But for Samsung the ban transcends sales, and how it ultimately sets a bad precedence for its other tablets.

And the saga continues…

Bams Sadewo
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