Jolla Mobile nearly ready to release first MeeGo smartphone

by: Kristofer WoukSeptember 25, 2012

Jolla Mobile CEO Jussi Hurmola said today in an interview with GigaOM that the Helsinki-based startup plans to release their first handset running the MeeGo OS by the end of this year.

It makes sense that Jolla, which was founded by two ex-Nokia employees, would be using MeeGo as their operating system of choice, as it was originally developed by Nokia in a partnership with Intel. After Nokia announced a different partnership with Microsoft to use the Windows Phone OS, they dropped MeeGo.

While Nokia might have been ready to let go of MeeGo, not everyone else was. Since MeeGo is Linux-based and many of its components are open source, the community decided to carry on with MeeGo. When Marck Dillon and Jussi Hurmola left Nokia and decided to start their own company, they went with MeeGo as well.

When we first took a look at Jolla’s plans last month, they seemed to be pretty ambitious, particularly the ability to run Android apps in addition to MeeGo’s own native apps. Immediately afterward, Jolla seemed to disappear from the headlines, only to resurface with today’s interview. In the interview, though Hurmola talked of Android in terms of competition, no talk of app compatibility was mentioned.

Image credit: thp4

There was talk of cross-platform technologies such as HTML5 and Marmalade, but all focused on allowing developers to create apps for MeeGo. Any talk of actually running apps developed for Android on a MeeGo-powered phone was notably absent.

Hurmola said that what Jolla is focusing most on at the moment is setting up an ecosystem, saying “You can’t do a smartphone without supporting developers, services, navigation — we are setting all that up.”

We shouldn’t have to wait too long to see what Jolla Mobile is up to. Hurmola says in the interview that Jolla will be announcing its first handset this year. When they announce the phone, they will also announce when it will be available.

With all the companies that are planning to release alternatives to Android, do you think there is room for any one of them to succeed? Should Google be worried?

  • MasterMuffin

    I’m just wondering howthey can legally play android appsin thatbecauseyou need an android phone to download from google play

    • Maybe it’s a skinned Android fork? They need to get lots of developer attention to be successful. BlackBerry allows porting of Android apps, maybe they’re using same technique..

      • MasterMuffin

        MeeGo isn’t a skinned android fork (though it’s also based on linux) -_- have you ever used a MeeGo-device? And I heard they’ll use a greatly working emulator but how will they get the apps legally, maybe a deal with google? :)

        • Maybe they’ll provide tools to port Android apps… Google won’t allow them

          • user MeeGo

            This can be done because MeeGo is FULL Linux, so can be used either ACL (application compatibility layer) or Marmalade or Alien Dalvik in that system. Both are 3rd party software which allows to run Android apps on MeeGo as native, so no any lags! this is also not any emulation, it just adds legally parts needed to run it to MeeGo Linux system. Apps are to be downloaded and paid if needed from Android market store. This also mean no porting is needed. It will just run directly on MeeGo. Perhaps you know Android is castrated Linux, this allows this. See also Alien Dalvik.

      • Greety guy

        Dude, do not even compare MeeGo with Android. You can’t even call Android an Operating system, instead call it a platform over Linux kernel. I would not even call Android as ‘pure linux based’. It isn’t. On the other hand, MeeGo IS Linux. I guess probably the Jolla guys have emulated a platform to run Android apps on top of Linux/MeeGo kernel. MeeGo (read Linux) is so customizable that it allows you to do virtually ‘anything’. Awesome job! Lol. This clearly explains where Android stands in front of MeeGo/Linux.

  • Nokia should’ve made Android Phones with Meego skin

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