Jetpack Joyride now doing a takeoff from Google Play

by: J. Angelo RacomaSeptember 28, 2012

Halfbrick Studios is best known for its Fruit Ninja game franchise, which has made its way to iOS, Android and other mobile and desktop platforms. Apart from the popular fruit-slicing series, though Halfbrick also has another runaway hit, with Jetpack Joyride, which has been available from Apple’s app store since late 2011, and on Facebook since this March.

The game’s fans would be pleased to learn that Halfbrick has launched Jetpack Joyride on Android. The game has actually been available on the Amazon Appstore since August. This time, the game has launched on the Google Play Store, so users who prefer to get their app and game fix from the official Google app store can join in on the side-scrolling fun.

Gameplay is the same familiar side-scrolling action as with other releases. Game controls are simple: touch the screen to fire up Barry Steakfries’ jetpack and make him ascend. Release for descent. It’s the challenges along the way that make it more fun, such as dodging bullets, lasers, and the like.

Jetpack Joyride is a free download from Google Play. Check it out now.

  • MasterMuffin

    Old, already got to level 100 on ipad, I’m npw addicted to bad piggies :)

  • Joe Mc

    I’m curious to know how the Amazon and Play version stand up to each other regarding performance. I have the Amazon version, but don’t want to have to start over just to download from the Play marketplace.