The new Voice Search function in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean doesn’t cease to amaze us, although technically very few of us have actually had the chance to try it out. However, demo videos are piling up over on YouTube, and they all draw the same conclusion – Voice Search is awesome!

After compiling what probably was and still is the most comprehensive (and impressive) demonstration video of Voice Search a couple of days ago, Jean-Louis Nguyen (aka JLishere) has gone up and uploaded a follow-up clip with 20 fresh new searches.

Unsurprisingly, Voice Search once again does a stupendous job in accurately answering to different questions from very different areas of interest. Some small hiccups are still noticeable here and there, but all in all, the intuitiveness and, most of all, the feature’s speed, are almost unbelievable.

The video starts off pretty modestly, like the original clip did too, and the first questions seem to be warming us up for something big. And something big does happen in the second part of the clip, where you can see how easy it is to make a “note to self” with Voice Search and Gmail, and how fast the voice assistant software directs you to Google Maps when asking to look for a location.

Once again, it’s very nice to see such an “app” understand your questions immediately and not asking you to repeat them. Even if they are a bit ambiguous (like you know who does), Voice Search has no difficulty in answering questions from movies, geography, history, media and any other area of interest one might have. I am most impressed by the answer to “the loneliest number” question, which proves that Google hasn’t only thought of superficial questions and voice searches, but has gone deep into the mind of its possible customers.

Are you as impressed as I am with this latest showing of the new feature’s intellectual “muscles”?

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  • That was badass if you ask me…Can’t wait till it comes to S3

    • DirtyDen

      Yeah it looks amazing. Very quick too. I hope Samsung don’t make us use S Voice when Jelly Bean is released. Please get the S3 update out soon :-)

  • tBs_Battousai

    No one seems to be able to answer me but will all the the features in this video be available worldwide or just in the US? has anyone tried this with a non US accent?

    • DarkosCY

      Uh, this guy didn’t have a US accent.

    • Tony

      Outside the US it behaves just like the old Google voice search most of what is demonstrated here does not work. I’ve not been able to find out if they plan on rolling out to anywhere else.. probably not, given their history.

  • yuer442