Got Jelly Bean on your Galaxy S3 yet? Samsung shows off the goodies [video]

by: Simon HillNovember 13, 2012

Hands up if you’re still waiting for Jelly Bean on your Galaxy S3. Samsung has just released a lovely two-part video showcasing the list of awesome improvements you can expect with version 4.1 of the Android platform. The version in the video is actually an LTE model available in Korea, but rest assured Jelly Bean is winging its way to you wherever you may be.

If you managed to miss the news on Jelly Bean here’s a quick run through of the improvement highlights that Samsung is touting. Check out the video for more.

  • Project Butter for faster and smoother performance
  • Widgets are easier to move
  • Notifications show you more info
  • Google Now is your digital butler
  • More accessibility features

I got the Jelly Bean on my S3 a couple of weeks ago. I’m with Everything Everywhere in the UK. It really does speed up transitions and you’ll notice apps loading up and general navigation is smoother and faster. The Notifications boost is the best thing – you can now read email content in the notifications bar so you don’t need to go into the email app unless it’s something important. Google Now is fun to play with, not sure how useful it really is, but then you need to give it some time to learn about you.

Samsung also runs through another list of slight improvements in this second video.

Are you still waiting for Jelly Bean? What’s the big hold up? Well, if you don’t have Jelly Bean on your S3 yet then it’s a safe bet that your carrier is to blame. Sadly many carriers still drag their heels when it comes to pushing out platform updates and there’s very little you can do about it. I know that some T-Mobile customers in the UK are still waiting (which is weird because they should be part of EE now).

If you’ve had your Jelly Bean update on your S3, or if you’re still waiting, then post a comment and tell us which carrier you are with and where you are. For those of you who got it, what do you think?

  • zack

    Simon hill I’m a boop your head and poop on your chest

    • Simon Hill

      I am afraid.

  • Azuriet320

    When will Jelly Bean be available for Orange S3 customers in UK?

    • Simon Hill

      If your service has switched to EE you should have it, I was with Orange and got it when my service switched to Everything Everywhere.

      • Azuriet320

        Yes it’s now on EE but Kies says the firmware is up to date:-(

  • Kile

    International S3 user bought from Still no update. Nothing on kies. Tries all the tricks; nada.
    Trying to find info on how many people HAVENT got the update is hard. Dont think theres many.
    I hear the Skygo app doesnt work with Jellybean so thats a small consolation.

    Im definately keen for the 4.2 update with multi view as that will be very useful.

  • Richard uk

    Had my S3 from launch, I’m on EE(orange uk) amd I’m still waiting for jelly bean, orange are a joke and the fact they remove the check for updates option from my S3 is unbelievable, I’ve no doubt I’ll be waiting months for 4.1.2.
    What can I do to get orange to pull there fingers out.

  • malibu

    US user.. for mine from Walmart. I’m with T-Mobile loving in Utah.. still waiting

  • Rick

    Carrier is to blame? Pretty sure international version hasn’t got it yet.

    • Abdullah Qaraeen

      yes carrier is to blame, international version got it since 1st of october ! i had it since then !

    • trebor

      Got mine already. Got it on Oct. 31, 2012 here in the phils.

  • coucou

    hello i m from morocco i got jelly bean last week,it s super,faster and lot of only problem with it is my 3g connection i have to reboot my mobile everytime because i found no connection

  • IncCo

    Got JB like a month ago..

  • What about the Note II?

  • John W

    I have an S3 with EE (previously T-mobile UK) and no update to speak of yet. Which is strange as my father got an S3 a month before me and his phone has the Jelly bean update. Clearly consistency is not EE’s strong point

  • Dadoya

    I upgraded my s3 and it’s not working properly… my gallery is mess…pictures aren’t shown properly. I’m missing half of the things but specially new gallery look and picture quality. They’re always resized, shrieked. I’m in Dubai, UAE. My phone is lagging now and it’s slower. Is was way better.

  • suavee

    Got my jelli bean 11/4, big props to Sprint

  • JBless

    Hey there. Im in Guatemala, my carrier is TIGO (Millicom) and NO JB UPDATE YET. Worse, i called the so calles “tech specialists” that my carrier provides with their customer service hotline and they have no clue. SUCK. Samsung should push harder.

  • blokeinlondon

    Uk calling!!.. With Orange now part of EE.. JB not on the phone as yet. Orange (EE) customer service say that they do not know when it is coming either!! Painful

  • pj

    USA .. im with verizon and still

  • Adam Hoff

    I am on Rogers in Canada, no update yet. But I am told it will be here before December

  • James

    S3 owner in GA with carrier AT&T…..still waiting for JB

  • inaudy

    Tmobile usa we dont have anything yet mske them hurry I’ve try but no luck

  • Still haven’t got mine yet I have a sim free s3 with a 3 sim in it so don’t know if its down to Samsung or 3 to provide the update. My wife who has the same phone on a different network got hers 2 weeks ago!

  • batman

    I’m with T-Mobile. Which is now EE.They’re taking the royal p**s. My friend on o2 has the update my brother unlocked s3 has update. I’m not happy.

    I’m from East Yorkshire, England

  • alexander

    I’m from Ecuador and I have a samsung galaxy s3 model i747m operator rogers canada of encuntra not updating and I wonder if the language is Spanish

  • djgang

    Did he say ” Galaxy x3″ at the end of the second video ??

  • jaamgans

    No update yet for TMU (TMobile UK). Flashed the UK operator version instead and while I can definitely see smoother operation, and google now is interesting I miss ICS – there werent the encryption issues so you can use stuff you have paid for, and the system wasn’t slowed down – ICS seems about 3x faster than JB.

  • july

    No upgrade in pelephone israel.

  • Bought an unbranded s3 in portugal, so the international version and i don’t have jb yet. I check every day.

    • I got it one month ago in Spain ;)

  • John

    Can’t believe that some people on EE have already been updated.
    I recently contacted EE and asked when they would release the update and there was no definitive answer maybe next month!!!!
    Shockingly bad on the part of EE when other networks have released, I think they’re busy with their 4G push.
    I’ve only had an android phone for a few months after leave the iPhone crowd behind and have seen the light but the one thing that apple really have right is their iOS updates, released by them and job done none of this carrier b#%^*+#’s.

  • I’m in Canada B.C at Telus but still never got the update.

  • CaptainScott

    My wife and I both have the S3. I have the 32 while she has the 16. I got Jelly Bean last week, but she is still running ICS. We are both with Sprint and live in WNY USA.

  • GS3 VZW

    Have the GS3 for Verizon and still nothing yet :( feel like it’s going to be a repeat of last year with the GS2 where it took a whole year for the update to reach the U.S.

  • Stipular

    am on orange/ ee. galaxy s3. still no upgrade. got on to orange and samsung about when the release will be and orange said its up to samsung and samsung said its up to they both just told me to keep checking kies. which is my only option as update software has been removed by orange. I been checking kies regulary and all it says it “this is the latest firmware” i think this is appaling how we are being left like this by orange etc. i no its only a update but when other companies etc can get it out quick why cant orange/ee/t-mobile etc. it rubbish. shame i got a year n half contract remaining still. Think twice before renewing it though. i hope when the update arrives the update software is back on my phone.

  • just got mine today from the stable CM10 woot so clean!

  • Thai ka

    I’ve got my Jelly Bean today in Thailand. So great. :-)

    • pandarin

      Which carrier do you have? I have DTAC and no upgrades are available.

  • Nicholas

    Hey, had my s3 for 1 month now and i haven’t got my jelly bean update yet. my carrier is Safaricom (Kenya). What do i do?
    PS. i do not want to root my phone

  • LuckySince86

    Think JB is hitting my SGS3 in US as we speak

    334MB Download OTA on Tmobile


  • brian thumsuckemsum

    Just got my jellybean update for T-Mobile sgs3…

  • I bet when the update comes to AT&T, they will disable the numbe block feature. They normally charge extra for blocking numbers.

  • VZW GS3 user

    With the AT&T and Verizon customers I think it really is going to be a repeat of what happened with the GS2 for the U.S. consumers where it took almost literally 1 year before that phone got the ICS update I really don’t want to root and ROM my VZW GS3 but it looks like at this rate Samsung is going to lose a customer in me if they don’t get their s#it together.

  • mssensational615

    Still waiting for my update as of today. Called Sprint and the guy stated that this is the deadline day for it to be pushd out. If i don’t get it by the am to call customers service back and the will contact google to have it sent to my phone.

  • Alesia B

    I’m with sprint. Detroit Mi. My sister is also with sprint and she recently got hers. Why haven’t I?

  • Nicholas Martinez

    I still don’t have the update, I’m running with Sprint in the US, :/

  • John

    Still no definitive answer from Orange when the S3 will get its update !!!
    Speaking with customer services this morning, they state, the update will NOT be ready until well into the new year!!
    It seems that no one at Orange(EE) knows when the update will come along, considering that Orange(EE) is the biggest mobile provider in the uk isn’t it about time they communicated with they’re Staff and Customers on when the update will be availible also why the delay has happened when the other mobile providers have had this firmware upgrade for months.
    #orange bloatware!!!

  • zainab

    im on safaricom kenya, still waiting for my jelly bean update

  • mel .

    why my s3 doesnt have an update yet? uae imei international version . can someone please tell me why?

  • Fiona

    I got my Samsung Galaxy S3 in August on Orange UK and I am still waiting for my Jelly Bean Update. everyone else i know seems to have the update. i have tried using Kies but it keeps telling me that my Firmware is all up to date and my phone does not have the option to check for updates. this is getting really annoying – and i know it it just an update but when everyone else has it and keep telling me how good it is, it is getting very annoying! My boyfriend is having the same problem and he is on T-Mobile UK.
    Does anyone know what to do??

  • haroon

    Still not had s3 firware update and I amwith t-mobile. Dont have software update otion in my settings> about device, menu?? Thanks

  • Got bored of waiting for orange to release jellybean so I took the plunge, and downloaded 4.1.2 on to my s3 without any problems. Didnt even lose any data/apps and took about 5 minutes to do. Its like having a brand new phone with all the features that jellybean brings.Even get back the software update option and its obv got rid of the orange rubbish that they have put over the top.

    • Jim MacGregor

      Hi, where did you download it from. I am in the same boat, im on t-mobile and its march 14th now and still no jelly bean update. I dont have the update function on my s3 either.

  • Peaches

    In wisconsin, I got my phone Dec 30th, I am with US Cellular, no JB yet

  • rpm

    Verizon – still no JB on my S3.