The Wi-Fi only Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 gets upgrade to Android 4.1.1 back in November, but the firmware never made it to the Tab owners in America. Those who have waited patiently can now reap the Jelly Bean reward, as the buttery smooth update is heading to the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3113 and the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 P5113 in the U.S and Canada.

Just to confirm, the JRO03C update is being rolled out only to the WiFi variants of the tablets, as the model numbers suggest. If you haven’t seen any notification on the Tab to install the OTA update, you can use Kies – Samsung’s PC companion software — to download and install the latest firmware.

Make sure you have a fast and stable Internet connection, as the update is 311 MB in file size. Aside from getting Android 4.1.1, you should also see some performance enhancements.

Did you get the Jelly Bean update yet on your Tab? Sound off in the comments below.

Bams Sadewo
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  • John David Whitson

    I got my update yesterday morning around 2:00 a.m.. I have been enjoying it so far. I like the transitioning of the different apps. Had no problem in having the apps I had already installed before the update not working. I am just wondering how the windows re-sizing works now.

  • admingoandroid

    its 10.1 not 1.0 in heading

  • paul ATL

    Yep, the wife and I received the update on our galaxy 2 7.0’s last night. We hate it. Screenshot option taken away (great for directions, recipes, etc.). Info bar now at the top and inconvenient to use. Quick search icon taken away from main screen. App cluster inconveniently placed down and in the middle, right in the way of everything. Plus, samsung did not fix the ability to move apps to the sd card. I’m still waiting for that. To sum up: actually runs smoother, but screen changes were regressive to these tablet users.

    • zach

      The app to sd, is bot Samsung fualts, with the way it’s made, the ssd (internal solid-state drive) it has to see that as the sd, so sd cards sent treated the same, that’s android itself fault

    • ian

      You can still take screenshots. Press and hold power button and volume down button at the same time.

      • Bill

        Do you know if screenshot can be put back on the homepage like it was before? I appreciate the info about holding down the power and volume button but it was more useful being on the home page

        • judypoo

          I tried using that for screenshot, but awkward, prefer pressing 1 button instead if having to use 2 hands to press 2 buttons .

          • derekmski

            This is standard on all Android devices from now on

    • Try to find it in Setting-> Display-> Quick Launch

      • jacqueline benedict

        Quick launch is no longer in display

      • Cesar R.

        I have been reading about this and probably this option comes only in the 10 in tablets, mine doesn’t have it.

    • derekmski

      Android does not allow to do apps to sd card anymore, this isn’t a samsung issue.

  • dimitris

    What about the 3g model 3100? When is it going to be rolled out?

  • Nick

    tmobile UK have just given me Jellybean on my S3 ! Hurrah

  • mars

    Where is screenshot option?? HOW DOES AN UPGRADE TAKE AWAY SOMETHING SO USEFUL????

    • aislyn

      click both the down volume and the power button and it will screen shot

  • Screenshot is easy, hold power and volume down buttons. Just Google it next time instead of whining… P3113 is 381mb dl, use software update button in settings.

    • whiner

      Thanks for useful info or at least for this whiner

    • rick

      This doesn’t work on my Tab 2 7.0″.

    • A. It is NOT easy when it takes 2 hands instead on one finger. B. no “Read Me” came with the update to warn me about this change. C. It does NOT work on my tab2. So, I make no apologies for saying that this is a very dumb backward-step of an “upgrade”. As long as my tablet does not work as well as it did before I am fully entitled to whine loud and long.

  • VDogger

    Does anyone have photos of a Tab 2 10.1 with the 4.1.1 update? Mine didn’t seem to change at all.

  • magicdjman

    Just recieved jb update in the us. Really psyched to see how it runs. Could care less about screen shot being gone. Manually removed it in ics anyways. Dont h8.

    • samsunguser

      How did you manually remove it?

  • troy

    Just updated 10.1 and still has screen shot, jelly bean seems to be much smoother than ics

  • ticked

    Only problem is flash content does not work on jelly bean

    • ch

      It does if you install flash player…google how

  • Mr. Butch

    Got it for P5113. Faster operation overall. Smoother screen transitions. I still have the screen capture option beside the home and options buttons. It can be changed in settings anyway. What’s bugging me is screen auto-rotate always seems to be on, even if it is turned off. I toggle it on, then off. The screen stays put for a few minutes. Later on, it auto-rotates again without toggling the feature.

    • samsunggalaxy

      How do you change the screen capture in the settings? I looked and didn’t see it.

      • Mr. Butch

        In settings, go to Display. Under more Settings there’s Quick Launch. Select that and it will give you 5 choices, one of them is Screen capture.

        • gina

          on my 7 ” tablet the only option under more settings is >Display battery percentage

          • Mr. Butch

            Hi Gina. Under Settings, head to “Display” first. That should be the 7th item from the top of the Settings list. You have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Data usage, More Settings, Blocking mode, Sound, and then Display. Tap on Display. My previous instructions will then follow. Refer to the attached screen capture.

          • tl1

            Ah Ha…. It’s true. this is what shows up on 7″. I heard they didn’t mess up the 10″. just the 7″. They took options away from 7″ and not the 10″

          • Yup! No such selection exists on my 7″.

  • callmebruce73

    Hate to whine but holding down power and volume button does not work for screenshot….

    • zach

      U have to hold down for a second or to, don’t just push

    • Cesar R.

      I took me several tries just to get one screenshot, and the screen shot had the volume bar in it. you will probably be able to get the screenshot but it is a real pain, I hate it that way.

      • NoThanksEveNoApple4Me

        You have to press the power just slightly ahead of the volume to keep from getting the volume bar in the screen shot. It takes some getting used to. My tablet was updated to JB a few months ago but now I have notification that this new update has been downloaded to it and I’m not sure WHAT to expect. I keep delaying the install.

  • chad

    who cares still havent got a update for htc one x at&t sucks something awful

  • Maximusprime2x

    I got the upgrade last night and I want my screen shot back that is a handy feature when getting songs titles or just capturing photos

  • the organizer

    The update threw me for a loop, I had to reorganize all my apps again. I like the new interface, but I was using a task list that was previously installed as a widget before the update. Now it is missing.

  • Genie

    Except the IR remote no longer works for me. Talked to suport and they say it is not yet supported in jelly bean. What the hell!!! Its a listed feature and one that helped me pick it.

    • vodka7

      I agree mine does not work now either. I would like to revert back to ICS until they smooth all these issues out without doing a full factory reset. Is there any way to do this? And if so how do we get rid of the annoying message where you have to keep putting off the update for 3 hours at a time?

  • Hate it. Doesn’t seem to run any better for me, at least not that I’ve noticed. Full screen games I play only show the bottom bar, not the top one – so notifications and status are just GONE until the game is closed. Keep pushing the wrong dang buttons, because they’ve been reversed entirely for some reason. Can anyone wiser than me tell me how to at least get the time/battery info to show on the bottom bar again?? I hate being totally clueless about these things whenever I play a game. I’m seriously close to doing a factory reset just to get my notifications and time/battery back. Driving me nuts.

    • Ahsan Khan

      You can still view your notification bar in a full screen game just pull down from the upper left corner of your screen twice in landscape mode…..and yes you are right, I also think ics was better also no idea why buttons at the bottom have been reversed

      • Cesar R.

        I tried your suggestion and I just can’t get the notification bar. At least not on the marble saga game.

  • sukot

    if a have my samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0 P3113, rooted ,I can update my tablet or unroot first?, or how?

  • My screenshot is still there, same location. I dont have to hold anything down just tap the icon 2 spots to the right of the home key. I got the upgrade an hour ago.

    • tl1

      Do you have the 10″????? Heard they didn’t mess that up?

  • Tafia

    I honestly and truly hate this update. It is extremely inconvenient. It took me 45 minutes just to figure out how take the screenshots. Im not whining, im just saying that the update just made everything more complex rather than making it simpler. I wish there was something you could do to get the old software back. :/

    • Cesar R.

      there are ways to get it back, I am just trying to figure out the best way to back up my tablet before I reinstall ICS. But you need to spend a lot of time trying to figure it out.

  • nikki

    Hate this new update!!! Used to like my tablet, not so much now!! Thank you jelly bean for fkn up again!

    • tl1

      AGREE…. Samsung sold me a tablet, selling point, SCREENSHOT. Then took it away blaming on google. I should have bought a google tablet i guess. Smart move on Googles part though. Do in the competition.

  • artistic_fx

    Idc about the new layout. Sucks to lose the screen capture, but pressing the volume button & power is A-ok for me. I like the new interface & design. Just had to re aqaint myself with the new look. Deal with it or continue to cry about it.

  • justmad

    I honestly have nothing good to say about this update. I hate everything that it has done to my tablet. I can no longer see the time, battery, or access my notifications and settings while I am using an app. Not to metion the fact that the bottom bar no longer has the screen capture button and the icons have been inconveniently moved to the middle of the bar so that I accidentally hit the home button when I am scrolling down a page. Also I have not seen any improvement in the way that it runs. If anyone could help me out with figuring out to edit my toolbars back to the way they were before, it would be very helpful. Not trying to whine but I really dislike this update.

    • unhappy customer

      I hate it too! Even tried resetting it back to factory settings but of course that did not work. Hopefully enough people will complain and the next update will restore everything!! Pft if only. At least I know how to screenshot now though

      • Please help me how to take a screen shot

        • Galaxy

          Press volume down and power. Hold down

  • Stop hating and embrace Jelly Bean. It’s faster, smoother, and prettier than ICS. JB is way better. Plus, I always kept pushing the screenshot shortcut, which was annoying. Then, the buttons now seem a little bit more beautiful in my screen, all centered and separated, not jammed in a corner.

    Love Jelly Bean.

    • If you thought accidentally getting a screenshot was annoying, perhaps you can appreciate the frustration of not being able to get one at all when you want it. The new ‘power key/volume key’ doesn’t work on my tab2 at all.

      • Macey Myers

        Dont work half the time on my tab 2 :( very sad

    • JV

      It sucks. Just got it today. I am constantly hitting the home button when typing and when ive let my kid play games on it, it constantly messes up. The whole update is frustrating. Plus I cant see the percentage of battery power anymore. It does seem quicker, but why did they feel the need to reorient everything? I really do dislike the experience now. Being on my tablet was fun because it was so easy, now I am afraid I am going to hit a wrong button…because it keeps happening. Its not fun and easy now. And why the hell cant I get rid of the keyboard? Thats a funtional necessity when completing forms. Most mobile websites are horrible and putting the keyboard away helps you navigate. Crap!!!!

  • DonL

    Just updated….(in Canada) my tab2 10.1. So far faster… operation overall and smoother screen transitions thanks.

  • atanori

    Thanks it really helped I had seen this info somewhere else but I was freaking out because I didnt know how to use it and then I saw it again so I tried it so many times, you really just have to get used to pressig boh of the buttons at the same time

  • bet

    This update will not allow me to annotate my screenshots. I can still take screenshots, but I can no longer mark them up. Is there a way to get this feature back?

    • tl1

      There’s an app called SKitch that basically does what the screenshot did automatically. It just takes 4 times at long. Screenshot is why I bought the 7″. SAMSUNGS BIG SELLING POINT. now they take it away. Right. I heard the 10′ update didn’t mess everything up, so they did have another option.

      • Macey Myers

        Bs I have the 10 ” and my shit is fucked I hate it im pissed idc about the language im highly heated about this update and some one mentioned no respect to give the option very very true I wish I had kept putting it off! I hate the update

  • Suzanne Perrin

    Has anyone else noticed that the down arrow for minimizing the keyboard is no longer available? It is a pain when the keyboard is covering up part or all of a textbox. Any info on how to minimize other than trying to tap outside the textbox would be great.

    • Allyou gotta do is press the back key and it takes the keyboard down.

  • brucer

    I tried JB a month ago and reverted to ICS. I don’t like the upper status bar and I really dislike the home button in the center as I kept hitting it when typing and missing the space bar. Now I have the OTA update that I haven’t accepted but now I have to keep delaying it for 3 hours at a time. I may have to install it and revert again to solve that. The instructions to revert back to ICS are here on this site at Read the instructions a few times and it’ll be easy to do.

  • alexis

    I just got the update on my samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0 and I really dislike it, I hate how the buttons are organized at the bottom, how the notification bar is at the top and the fact that I dont have the screenshot button anymore :(

  • Tablethead

    This update solved all my problems. The p-5113 now equals my iPad4 and my Nexus 7 in many tests. Knew it would would be better but not this much better. Thanks for the actionable notifications and the Voice is local, faster, more accurate. Don’t type much any more. Nothing I don’t like.

  • myjoy

    I used the screenshot every day. It is not easy to do the volume and power buttons for screenshot as it doesn’t work, for me, about 50 percent of the time. I want the screenshot icon back, please.

  • The new uodate sucks cant close apps and everything is different.I dont like the fact I cannt tap thebattery clock and have it open plus I got used to using my tablet and now I gotta figure it all over again so temptedto smash it againts the wall and mail it back to Samsung

  • I got my tablet as an unexpected Christmas present and have spent the last few weeks struggling to figure out how to use it… This update rearranged all of my homescreens, the icon locations and even deleted a large portion of the shortcuts. It seems like all my organization and customization has been undone. The ‘new functionality’ is rather lost on me. I liked the home and back buttons in the corner as I didn’t have to strech my thumb so far; I primarily use my tablet horizontally. I also miss the hide keyboard button. If I had realized I would have to learn so many new things for this upgade I probably wouldn’t have installed it because I’m just starting out as a tablet user. I’m very disappointed to feel so lost, and even experimented upon. To sum up, I am a novice tablet user who is VERY frustrated with this ‘upgrade’.

    All that being said, I’ve still managed to write this mini-rant using my 7inch Galaxy Tab 2.

  • vodka7

    Is there a way to revert back to Ice Cream Sandwich without doing a factory reset? And is there a way to get rid of the annoying notification to update where you have to keep delaying it for 3 hours at a time?


  • another whinner

    All of my widgets are gone so my home screens are blank now. Very frustating since I had recently arranged things so it was all organized. I agree about the screen shots. Nice to have an onscreen button rather than the power and volume at the same time.

  • Coop

    I want to know why they felt like that had to rush this update out? I’m now having trouble closing out apps and have to force close them. One such app is the music player. There is no way to close it from the program and when trying to close it from the toolbar there is no x on the menu screen to close it out.

    Like all the other other users I find it extremely inconvenient that the screen shot button has been taken away. Now before you say, you can add it through your display>quick launch.. No, I can’t. I don’t have that option.

    I see no real improvement in speed. Overall I find this update unnecessary and they should have worked out the bugs before they released it.

    • tl1

      It looks like the 10″ doesn’t have these problems. Not as messed up. Things still look the same. So Samsung did have another option. They just messed with the 7″. Heard we got the phone update??????

  • Jelly Bean has compatibility problems. I do not want it. How do I make it stop nagging me to take an update I have zero interest it. I returned a Google Nexus and bought a Samsung galaxy specifically for Ice Cream Sandwich.

  • Goodrich

    I hate this update, I have spent the last two days trying to decide the best way to revert to the layout I really liked. This layout is incredibly inconvenient and cumbersome to use, and it looks like 90% of the other tab users agree. Maybe if we all make it clear to samsung/android they will give us a choice. It seems like this awesome open source tool is truly starting to resemble Apple. I could live with the layout if I could move the settings menu back to the bottom. All tab users revolt and we can beat this.

  • Michele

    Yep we got the jelly bean update on out Samsung galaxy tab2 and hate that we let our screenshot icon. Now we have to use the power button and volume control to take a screenshot. HATE IT!!!!!!!!

  • Observer

    This update is THE WORST. I literally hate my tablet right now. It’s no longer a dream to operate and barely recognizes my home internet connection. Incredibly incovenient screenshot shortcut move and overall awful to have to navigate. What a downgrade.

    • tl1

      I hate my update too. I bought it BECAUSE the Samsung had the screen shot. That was their big selling point, for me. I do have an app called SKITCH which lets you write on your shot (not as many options.) So instead of 1 move , take shot-write on it- send. NOW take shot -2 find it -3 send it to write on it. It’s like Samsung selling you a 40″ tv and updating it to modify the picture to 32″ . Samsung blames everything on Google. Like they have no control – an android is an android. Also moving the back button which was automatic, I now have to search for (nothing faster about that.) Like moving the space bar on a keyboard. I have read alot of info on this and it seems that they didn’t completely destroy the 10″. Only the 7″. The 10″ is pretty much basically the same as before. So they did have an update that didn’t cause so many problems. They just decided not to give it to 7″. HATE IT ALL. My right since they took away everything I used.

      • Macey Myers

        Well they made it on 10″ now thats what I have and it just happened last night! I looked up how to screecshot and came across all this

  • QTL

    The screenshot hotkeys work fine for me (even by one handed – thumb and index finger). These shots could also be edited by finding the shot under “gallery” and choosing to edit it.
    Disabling the keyboard also works by pressing the “back” icon. If you’re having a problem with the keyboard, try downloading another one.

    There are indeed some differences from ICS but overall it is a working progress and huge improvement on smoothness. The layout is great for me since now I don’t have to keep scrolling between pages to find the apps I use the most. .
    My home page consists of the “” widget originally installed and the time appears in it as well as the temperature; and a downloaded “battery widget” just underneath that to see the remaining percentage of battery.

    4.5/5 stars.

  • Nancy

    I got the update last night and it sucks. My bookmarks no longer work…..everything I try to do makes my tablet basically self implode and I get a message saying the internet has stopped working. My tablet is pretty much unusable now. Thanks, Samsung.

  • K/ North Carolina

    So far my antivirus protection will not stay active, I have been receiving an error message constantly. Hours with tech support for debugging issues and corrective downloads a pain in the a–.

  • i recently got the jelly bean update.. and i am so amaze on how it works. smoother, faster and prettier. its fine for me that they removed the screenshot button since i do not oftenly used it..hehehe… i really really love JELLY BEAN!

  • Cesar R.

    IT IS ALL ABOUT RESPECT. For some people the update is a dream come true and they will try to convince you that the update is better and that you should get it, and they will tell you that everything is there in some other form and that you have to get used to it. For many of us the update was something that we didn’t need and was forced on to us, somehow I feel as if my rights were violated. They don’t give you an option to opt out of the update, they don’t even tell you what update you will be getting. You have to blindly trust them and then you fell betrayed. Having an option and information on what you will be getting into talks about respect, and samsung didn’t do that, even if you love the new update you may feel very similar because they didn’t give you an option.

  • Marie J.

    And here I was thinking that I was weird for hating the new update! It’s everything but good and in no way user friendly. I just started having fun with my tab and in one lousy update they manage to burst my bubble! I cannnot find anything smooth about it. It’s not an improvement, more like a step backwards. I want my ICS back!!!

  • ramses

    its a big step backward,,,,,if u take somthing wich worked beautiful and had a great option like screenshot and take it away without asking your customers,,, bad,, bad,,,,,, lets all complain to samsung and tell the morons that whe want the screanshot feature back on a click,,,, and not using 2 buttons,,,,, i,m an tech savy guy and used to solve problems,,,,u simply don,t change systems 2 b worse than before,,,,, u improve,,,,,, how about the simple feature of having the screen gone on command,,,,,

  • jfk

    Rubbish ! I was given a tab 2 10.1. I have wasted HOURS and HOURS trying to work out how this should work. Bookmarks for webpages for example is just a joke. Too many things just don’t work on the can of crap. I have put this rubbish back in the box and it is in the bottom of the cupboard. NEVER AGAIN

  • I miss my screnshot button, that was partially what made my decision on which tablet to get. And now I constantly hit the home button while typing instead of the space bar, so frustrating. I don’t like the notification bar on the top I feel it has been changed from the setup I liked and chose. Very disappointed.

  • I don’t mind the change to the apps on the home screen, I like how a few apps I choose can be shown on every page. But that is the only good thing. I don’t like that my sceenshot button was taken away, I still cannot take a screenshot and this was what convinced me to choose this tablet , that and it did not have the feel of my husband’s phone with the status bar on top. I chose a tablet with a setup I liked and now it has been taken away. I am constantly hitting the home button while typing and it is very frustrating. I am very disappointed and want my screenshot button back!

  • tabfan

    For some reason, after the update I am unable to add/remove home screen pages. When I push in a screen, the menu option to add to home screen/page is gone after the update.. Does anyone else have this problem or know how to do this?

  • tabfan

    forgot to mention… I have the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0

  • Karen Dillard

    I bought my 7.00 at best buy last week and it had 4.1 on it straight out of the box :-)

    • sissy

      mine too, from best buy with 4.1.1 already installed!!

  • Upgraded last night and now the WiFi is gone. Quite annoying! Anyone else share this issue?

  • Tracie

    I miss my screenshot button and I cant figure out the volume and power button combo to take a screenshot almost tempted to take this tablet back

  • Patricia

    I hate this update. The lay out is terrible and the screenshot is gone??? I loved my tablet until this morning when the update took place! Thanks Samsung!

  • edylmie

    Before I love my tab. But when I press upgrade as I thoungt I can enjoy my device, but now I hate my tab, cuz the screen shot is gone, I’m trying yo retain that apps but is useless anyone can tel me how retain the screen shot

  • Galaxy

    Love it!!!!!! But when does 4.2 come for this?

  • nikhil

    can any one tell how to view battery percentage on the screen on my samsung galaxy tab 2 4.1.1

  • Goldi

    I’ve done an update on my Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 yesterday and then today I got a message saying do you want to transfer memos. As I didn’t realise this meant the T icon memos, of which I had about 12, I said cancel and now I’ve lost them all. Is there any way I can get them back please?

    • Brandy

      No. There isn’t. I’m completely sick over this. I had about 25 – 30 memos, most of which related to my job. Memo was a great medium for my work because it allowed me to password protect files and access ininformation without getting on line and risking my clients confidently. I spoke with samsung tech. They said that memos are stored locally on the tablet during use of the memos application but its not saved on the tablet. If the application is updated the information is lost. I still don’t understand how that happened. When the tablet updated in January and we lost the screenshot application, we did not lose the picture, so why the memo? I was told there isn’t any way to retrieve the documents. That data cannot be recovered from a tablet the way it can be recovered from a computer since the memos are not saved to a hard drive or server. So apparently there is a way to completely loose data forever – use the samsung galaxy tablet’s Memo app and wait for the update. Ugh!! I’m so disgusted with them right now.

  • Annoyed

    I hate this update, is there any way to revert back??? I don’t like this update at all, I can’t see my weather app any longer, and when I try to re-add the widget it says it is already there??? WTH???

  • cherene

    My tablet is now basically unusable most of the time because its so slow since this update.. and it looks cheap and tacky.. not a fan at all

  • Lisa Corrente

    I am upset I want my screenshot back!!!

  • whturner

    Why does my P5113 Android 4.2.2 keep trying to install an update – I have it set on automatic for the night and in the AM I get a message that the update failed. What are they trying to install – And do I want it ( whatever it is) Installed?