Android 4.3 Jelly Bean arrives for the Xperia Z, ZL, ZR and Tablet Z

by: Andrew GrushDecember 23, 2013


As expected, last week Sony brought Android 4.3 to the Xperia Z1 and Z Ultra. Now the same update is making its way over to the Xperia Z, Xperia ZL, Xperia ZQ (Brazil only), Xperia ZR and the Xperia Tablet Z.

The most obvious change found in the update is Android 4.3 and all the expected improvements that come with it. Aside from that, there’s also several Sony-specific changes including a slightly improved UI, updated Sony native apps and the addition of the Sony Smart Social camera. An updated version of Stamina mode is also arriving, designed to give you new options for extending your battery’s life.

For those further looking to customize the UI, there’s also the new “Xperia Themes”, which allows you to change things up a bit by downloading UI packs from Sony Select.

Just like the Z1 and Z Ultra update, some users will see Android 4.3 on their devices right away but it’s important to note that it might take a few days or more before it reaches everyone. Has your Xperia handset received an upgrade notification yet? If so, what country are you in, and what network are you using? Let us know in the comments!

  • Benjamin

    Yay update to ma Xperia ZL! Not yet arrive, but still, Thanks Sony!

    • Alexandre Alves de Araujo

      Benjamin, using Sony PC Companion for update.

      • Benjamin

        Thanks mate!

    • Leonardo Rojas

      I think I’ll flash C6503 to my ZL C6502 just to make it look 4G xD I was waiting for the update to do it.
      Hasn’t arrived to Peru yet either. I’ll wait patiently. That improved Project Butter.. I have to see it.

      • Benjamin

        That’s possible? My ZL is the C6502 version. As what I know, my country carries the C6503 model, which is also the 4G model.

        • Leonardo Rojas

          I haven’t tried to do it again. But it’s certainly only to have the “LTE” icon in the quick toggles. LTE is hardware limited.
          But it’s nice to have that icon there. Ha. You just have to install the 03 ROM.

  • Vishal Khedkar

    China has got it first!

  • Andreas Polycarpou

    I have the xperia sp.. From the latest news I saw that my phone will get 4.4 kitkat but i’m still at 4.1

  • imran haziq

    What about malaysia? I have been waiting for this update since last week !

    • jirokanz

      not yet..

    • ihsan

      wait for 1-2 days, try using pc companion since OTA is a little bit late

      • imran haziq

        I guess. i have to wait a bit more days. Haha

  • mohd

    I’m from Sudan My Xperia z hasn’t updated yet

  • raj

    loved it, SONY

    • raj

      Xperia Z Ultra: In Home screen and App drawer, the notification and navigation bar are translucent

      Inside apps, it is grey
      The Settings menu is White. It goes pretty well with the overall device theme and apps colour

      • ahad


        • raj

          Lol :D

  • Leonardo Rojas

    Anyone has the update for ZL or Z? Has silly Sony messed up with the transparent navbar and notifications bar? I think I saw somewhere the nav bar has become grey again!!! And had a white UI, I hope I can change that.
    Please, share some screenshots! n.n

    • raj


      Xperia Z Ultra: In Home screen and App drawer, the notification and navigation bar are translucent

      Inside apps, it is grey

      The Settings menu is White. It goes pretty well with the overall device theme and apps colour

      • Leonardo Rojas

        Grey????????????????????? My ZL’s beauty will be ruined! I won’t update! That grey nav bar was a pain in 4.1.2. Damn. Sony did it again.

        • raj

          Not exactly
          In my Z Ultra, it was Black till now
          They changed mine to Grey and I love it

          • Leonardo Rojas

            Can you, please, share some screenshots? Thank you.
            Btw, the themes apply to the navbar?
            Why did they have to chance it back to grey! :,(

          • raj

            New Xperia themes can be downloaded from Sony Select

          • raj

            App drawer featuring translucent navigation bar and status bar

          • yotikmol

            Wew! those screen shots makes me wanting to update my ZL asap!_currently in Kenya my phone from Philippines.

          • Leonardo Rojas

            Ruined. Ruined. Sony always ruining their designs. Always something not good. Not even an option. I’ll have to use a custom Rom thanks to this bad joke.

          • raj

            White background for Settings
            Well Xperia Z Ultra had this during 4.2.2 days too

          • raj

            Camera app is similar to Sony Xperia Z1

          • raj

            Any other screen that you want to see?

          • raj

            They do the below

    • raj

      The Android screen

      • Sox05

        Do you know where I can get that background?

        • ursulavasey

          If you mean the screen above with the Jelly Bean, you need to be on Jelly Bean to start with. Tap several times on the firmware number and it will show up. If you are on a different firmware, eg ICS, you will get an image of an Ice Cream Sandwich logo. This works on all Android devices AFAIK.

          • raj

            He is asking about the blue galaxy background

          • Sox05

            I meant the screen background not the Android easter egg.

        • raj

          Yes yes
          Goto Google Play and type Galaxy Parallax
          The live wallpaper is by Wasabi

  • Mohsin Abantood

    What about Saudi Arabia

  • Yousuf Farhan

    I have a xperia Z and I’m in Pakistan…. android kikat :(

    • Umer Hamid Enam

      Same here pal I think we might be gettin 4.3 in 2 days time, n kitkat by March-June

  • Guest


  • MaceyJ

    The reason why I stick to nexus phones. people dying for 4.3 and I am already on kitkat…

    • raj

      Honestly speaking
      I love Nexus for the Android updates, but I won’t buy one
      Cos it will not be cutting edge hardware

      But but I will be ready to buy a Google Play Edition, for sure
      How can one resist the temptation of getting a SONY Z ULTRA, HTC One, LG GPad Google Play Edition handsets?????
      Cutting edge hardware and latest Android updates

    • Johnny

      Who cares

    • Ihsan

      nope,we happy since there are updates also promised from our phone,even though late,i still can live happily with 4.2 on my devices,or i can easily flash cyanogenmod,but i prefer sony stock ui, everyone hv it own taste

  • I wish Sony would show some of this love to the original Tablet S users. At least get us off of 4.0

  • Wegner

    German Xperia Z on the o2 Network. Got my Update manually using PC Compagnion just an hour ago.

    Seems to be fine – except the newly added bloatware (pinterest and other unwanted stuff) und the white backgrounds in the settings…

  • Mehak Sharma

    Xperia Tablet Z SGP321 ( Nothing seen on Wi-Fi version ) Android 4.3 10.4.B.0.569 firmware confirmed in regions like India, Poland. Xperia Z confirmed in regions like Indonesia, Australia Vodafone, Optus AU, Spain. Xperia Tablet ZR ( ZQ ) confirmed in regions like Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Algeria. Xperia ZL confirmed in regions like Sweden. Update is of 854.7 MB in size. No OTA yet.

    Source –

  • ursulavasey

    Vanilla Z Ultra here and I am in the UK. Still on 4.2.2 and I have checked with PC companion about an hour ago. Come on Sony, give me an early Christmas present.

  • Jenus Lee

    I’m in Malaysia…I’m using ZL and I have been waiting this update since last two weeks….but now available in Malaysia?

  • Bryan James Dizon

    Here in philippines, still no update on my ZL :(

  • najiy91

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    users,accessories to softwares.all are invited.(‘~’)

  • anshul

    How to install xperia z 4.3 in india

  • johnny

    6603. Installed update in Australia using update centre

  • Yu

    I’m from singapore with an xperia z. Waiting for the update…

  • Kallies

    When will 4.3 update come to india xperia z I was waiting for it from last month.I thing it will come in 2 days..!!

  • najiy91
  • Arull Izzy

    in my country indonesia xperia z c6602 has been get an update notification to 4.3, but c6603 LTE ver. is not getting any notification until i post this comment, why sony is so slow about the update… and why is it different service…..
    it’s very disappointing many user of the Z.
    even 4.2.2 the Z LTE can’t feel it….

  • sufiyan

    when will my xperia z get the update- United Kingdom i purchased the phone new and unlocked

  • uu

    I’m waiting for the ota update in Israel on my xperia z… My microusb port is destroyed

  • black posseidon

    I am indonesian, and my xperia z already upgrade to 4.3 and it running smoothly, but the battery draining faster than 4.2.2 everything is excellent except that battery draining

    • bwee

      did you update your z with pc companion?
      why haven’t I get this update unyill now?

  • suraj

    Sony told confirms Android 4.3 rolling for Xperia Z also website showing updated but i did’t found any update in my mobile what the hell services sony

  • Ryno

    any news for z in south africa?

  • rykellim

    Hi, my Xperia Z loudspeaker became very soft after upgrading to 4.2.2… may I know if anyone else here faced the same problem, and 4.3 resolves it?

  • bricker_152

    do you know when will Xperia T be updated?

  • Alexander

    I live in Denmark and I use the international unlocked version and it would nd fantastic to know when my phone will get the update. I have been checking the update center for a while, and there is nothing

  • //M7

    Still awaiting ota update in Nigeria for the Xperia z

  • Rap

    Xperia z1 here in the philippines, still not yet update to 4.3

  • DeMoNiZeR

    Here in Australia on xperia z1. Downloaded it 180mb. Won’t let me install because the batterys less than 50% will update it in the morning.

  • Luís Alberto Pérez

    I’m in Portugal and still waiting for the update…

  • joshua

    Goodbye, Sony. You just lost one loyal costumer.

  • aneesfhid

    HI. My name is Anees I am from Libya my phone is Sony xperia z and there is no new update version4.3 for my phone.

  • Arsenic

    I have bought ZR yesterday and as soon as it was booted, received the notification for update but the store executive advised me not to do it over the air…. He suggested to get it done by service center, reasons he gave such as that there could be issues like hung/frozen/reboots… I am not sure, anybody observed such issues after upgrade?? – I am from INDIA

    • Amit

      Just go ahead …..No need to worry at all my friend. I have done it and m using this device since last 5 months no problems at all. NO hanging or frozen not even reboot issues.

      • Arsenic

        Thanks for the confirmation amit… I will try n if something goes wrong…. Support is olwaz der… Ned dem atleast till I hv my warranty… Aftr dat… Cynogenmode will work for sure… Thanks mate!!

    • Kay

      He obviously doesn’t know what he is talking about! Updates via PC Companion or OTAKU for that matter go smoothly for most people. I have the ZR and just updated it via PC Companion yesterday without a hitch. If you’re on a Mac, Sony Bridge is of no use, it invariably gives you the “waiting for update engine” error.

  • Arsenic

    Forgot to mention update no.- 10.3.1.A.2.67

  • Arshad Hussain

    I have Xperia z locked to Bell Canada. I had it unlocked and using it with Rogers. I haven’t got any update notice for Android 4-3, it’s running on 4.1 currently.
    I wonder if I ever he an update since I am not using it with Bell
    Please reply if anyone knows about it

    • pam

      Hi there i work at bell and the update for the xperia z is going to be pushed out on jan 15 2014

  • Владимир Щербак

    Hi! When will an update on c6603 for Ukraine?

  • thek

    Hong Kong unlocked received update. Nothing really really special. Kinda pissed off that my mate with other brand has app ops and I don’t. Thanks Sony for bending over for google and taking it out. My phone crashed for the 1ST time too and twice more.

    • Chang

      Ive very sure I read on google maybe Facebook has deal so I think the permission app ops wants on Sony too can’t be taken away by people like you example copying all your messages and phonebook plus much many more

  • Pratheesh

    Its from Ireland. My PC Companion always ask me to update my firmware to Android 4.3 10.4.B.0.569 but even after waiting 4 hours, its not preparing for the update. Its going on an don and on and second step. anybody have any idea?

  • WynandMarais

    South-Africa still no update for 4.3 on tablet Z. it’s a month later. WTF?!

  • Christin B

    I have an Xperia ZL model C6506 as my back up phone, but still have not recieved the 4.3 update. Do I need to put a SIM card into it to get the update?

  • Megan

    I live in South Africa and I still haven’t received the upgrade / update notification :-(

  • Cheryl Marko

    Hi all Im in London, Ontario, Canada and Im with Bell and I received my update a week ago…trying to install it now…

  • was

    its worst im getting lot of problems..unable to call with that..dont upgrade to 4.3 version