It’s official, no Android 4.0 ICS update for LG Optimus 2X

by: Bams SadewoJuly 30, 2012

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this looks like the end of the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update journey for the the LG Optimus 2X. It’s a wonder it ever begun in the first place.

LG Canada made the puzzling announcement on its Twitter account, as it answered a question from a follower about the ICS upgrade for the Optimus 2X. The only explanation given was that any prior announcement made of the upgrade was “a general statement” issued by the HQ office.  Yeah, we don’t think that’ll go down well with Optimus 2X owners who have been left in the dark for too long and got nothing but empty promises.

The ICS update for the Optimus 2X was first promised to come in Q2. When that didn’t materialize, LG pushed the date back to Q3. What little hope there was of ever seeing the Optimus 2X getting ICS has now turned into a big disappointment.

Released in 2011 as LG’s flagship phone, the Optimus 2X was dubbed as the world’s first dual-core phone. Seeing that the significantly less powerful LG Optimus L7 is donning ICS, it’s hard to fathom why a dual-core 1GHz Tegra 2 processor would be any less able to tackle on the newer Android OS.

We hope this isn’t how LG plans to close the chapter on Optimus 2X and there may still be a possibility – however minuscule – that the company will change its mind. In the meantime, tell us how you feel about the cancelled ICS upgrade for the Optimus 2X below.

  • Joe Shmoe

    In other words, the translation of ‘explanation given was that any prior announcement made of the upgrade was “a general statement” issued by the HQ’ is that ‘some marketing shmucks are in control at the top and have no clue what is technically feasible’.

  • Maya

    How do I feel? It’s pretty simple actually. I’m never paying a dime for an LG device ever again. :)

  • Natalie

    Switching to Samsung never to buy LG again if no upgrade is available by year’s end 2012

  • crpd

    if by the end of quarter 3 upgrade you choose to not receive Samsung

  • marek1111

    That’s it, I’m completely done with LG. First, they postponed the Gingerbread update over and over again, and now they seem to have cancelled the ICS upgrade…
    Hello, Samsung Galaxy SIII!

  • steve

    Me to not going to buy lg tech no more if what is said is true.

  • David

    I won’t buy any LG products, like LED, camera, TV, camcorder and Home theatre even it upgrades later. I will sell all LG products what I have bought on Kijiji.

  • Tension

    Told many friend never to touch LG with a ten foot pole… LG = disappointment. Never buy cellphones from LG. I own the LG Opt 2x… Very poor support. Also never been able to sync my contacts to my computer since day one. Issues with phone lag, etc. I do not recommend LG phones.

  • FuckLG

    A La Mierda los productos de LG, nunca mas comprare ningún celular de esa marca. Saludos desde Perú.

  • I called LG Mobile in the UK and was told similar. Recording here:

  • VorTeX Raptor


  • Keven D

    Their moto “Life’s Good” is also ‘”just a general statement”!
    I’m extremely disappointed. This was their flagship less than a year before ICS was released. But that’s old technology enough to forget about that phone, their money is made with that, why bother?
    How about keeping customers? We’ve been lured into new technology prowess (first dual core phone to hit the market) to then be left aside like a spoiled tissue.
    I will make sure to follow articles on new LG phones and comment on how unreliable LG is with updates, to help new customers not to be fooled like I was. Being lazy should not be deemed profitable.

    Like many have told before me: never going to buy anything else from LG again.

  • abbas

    My LG optimus 2x seems to be stuck in stone age with videtron froyo 2.2. One word here: samsung is the best, bye bye LG…

  • Anand

    This is pissing me off because I bought Optimus 2x just a month ago after reading LG news articles that there will be an ICS update. This is frustrating.

  • John

    The phone in itself is a bitter disappointment, so much for the 1st Dual core phone…Don’t know how the reviewers rated its a good product….
    I am not surprised by this development, needless to say 2x was my first and last LG Phone.
    HTC is aswell off the list for back tracking on ICS for DHD…
    Seeing phone makers go down the ally every now and then, these guys never learn…

  • Sargam

    Never buy a phone from LG. They are disappointing it’s customer every time.


    I hate LG…they are never going to give us the upgrade to icecream sandwich..I bought LG optimus 2x as my first phone and its wasnt anything great. It works like a normal phone. Nothing special about it. Also,i have been waiting for more than half a year but nooooooooo they are never going to update this device.

  • trondam

    I’m lost for words…other than NO more LG for me…ever!!!

  • James

    good strategy. No ICS on the 2X means you have to buy another phone! and they are releasing many new LG phones today. especially the L series. good luck on that one

  • Mindaugas92

    If LG managed not to release android 4.x.x then they should give all the suitable chip drivers for XDA developers..

  • picolo

    to me, Lg is a foolish company.. their phones are junk..just dont go for them