ISIS coming in September to Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2, HTC One X, Amaze 4G, Droid Incredible 4G LTE

by: Chris SmithAugust 28, 2012
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Earlier today we heard that T-Mobile has made available an Ice Cream Sandwich build for its Galaxy S2 version that enables NFC/ISIS features on the handset and at the time we wondered when will ISIS be available on the handset given that the three main U.S. carriers backing the Google Wallet mobile payment rival have not officially announced its availability.

It now looks like we have confirmation that the ISIS mobile payment project developed by Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile will be available to interested consumers in September. According to CNET, Doug Bergeron, CEO of Verifone, “which makes the payment terminals that most mobile payment systems rely on,” has confirmed that the launch is scheduled for next month.

The ISIS launch is in line with previous reports that suggested the service will be available at the end of the summer. Smartphone buyers in Salt Lake City and Austin will be among the first to take advantage of the new payment system, and we already have a list of supported devices across the three carriers, as highlighted by a Mastercard document:

  • Verizon HTC DROID Incredible 4G LTE
  • Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3
  • AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3
  • AT&T HTC One X
  • T-Mobile HTC Amaze 4G
  • T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3
  • T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2

Other devices will probably soon support ISIS too. How is the service different than Google Wallet? Here’s a brief explanation:

Rather than attempt to take a cut of each transaction or, as Google is doing, using the information to deliver targeted ads and deals, ISIS will work as a neutral platform for other companies. The venture will essentially charge a service fee for the use of its network, which works with all of the major credit cards.

We’ll tell you more about the ISIS launch once we get there. In the mean time, anyone excited about this new mobile payments venture?

  • “That is, we will charge you a fee instead of Google’s solution, which is basically free. We hope you get shit-scared by how Google is going to use your information to serve you ads so you think it is a good tradeoff to give us more of your money.”

    I see a bright future ahead for Google Wallet.

  • Hannah Martin

    I recently recieved my HTC One X and this review helped me make up my mind, glad I got it, best phone ive had so far.

  • patrik69

    What would be really great is if the owner of the cell phone could choose which service they wanted to use. The carriers need heavy regulation.

  • Alu Zeros

    isis is going to blow, your better off with google wallet

  • Dave

    “It now looks like … ISIS … will be available to interested consumers in September.”

    But apparently Google Wallet (which is available today) wont be. AT&T is blocking the use of Google Wallet on the Galaxy S3. The EXTREMELY anti-competitive nature of blocking existing applications because they hope to offer a competing service later aside …

    This is software that leverages our sensitive data. We the consumers should be able to choose which entities we want to trust in this regard. AT&T wont allow this and is blocking our access to services offered by Google so that we MUST use a competing service they are offering.

    How is there not an uproar forcing them to stop such behavior?

    • Simple, because we live in America where Corporations run the country

  • Well September is almost over and still no ISIS for AT&T