Is your AT&T Galaxy Note hungry for ICS? A buttery-smooth leaked ROM might help

by: Bams SadewoMay 11, 2012
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You’ve probably heard, read, and secretly wept knowing that folks in Europe that rock a Galaxy Note are now receiving the OTA update to Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich. Along with ICS, the update brings the promised Premium Suite for the Galaxy Note, which consists of several new S Pen-optimized apps.

Stateside, the owners of the Galaxy Note on AT&T don’t have anything to cheer for yet, with old Ma Bell still not ready to share any specifics about the ICS upgrade. But the impatient (and adventurous) types have probably given the unofficial ICS version that leaked last month a bash.

If you liked what you saw in last month’s leaked ICS for the Galaxy Note (version UCLC5), you’ll love the ROM leak for the Galaxy Note on AT&T that has just come out. The new UCLD3 version is still the same ICS 4.0.3, but some of the bugs that have plagued the earlier build seem to have been fixed, making the new build run smooth on the phablet.

Granted, this unofficial version of ICS doesn’t include the Premium Suite, but you do get all the goodies one can expect from ICS, face unlock feature included.


Some words to the wise: the latest ICS ROM leak is intended for AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy Note only, or the SGH-I717 model. If you really can’t wait to experience ICS and you understand all the risks involved, feel free to give it a test by visiting  BriefMobile, where you’ll find all the necessary links and instructions. Otherwise, you can just sit patiently in the waiting lounge along with the rest of the Galaxy Note owners in the country.

Are you planning to give the unofficial ICS ROM a go? Or will you wait for the official ICS update?

  • This sounds interesting but I am not going to bother to ask for it. Waiting for the official iCS update… :)

  • Rollo Sweet

    Waiting for official. No need to take any risks. Not that impatient.

    • Mohammad_bader

      Im waiting for that also with arbic enabled rom copy

  • Pete Frazier

    I loaded the first leaked ICS ROM out of necessity. I need to use my Note to connect to various (PPTP) VPNs and it doesn’t work under Gingerbread. It’s a known bug that Google has been aware of for several years but has refused to fix, surprisingly Samsung doesn’t seem to care either in spite of the fact that they are trying to position the Note as an enterprise device. The UCLC5 Rom solves the problem but is a little buggy, TWLauncher suffers forced closes maybe a couple of times a day. Looking forward to the updated ROM and hope that the official update will follow soon.

  • Craszh

    i’ll wait since i am not that tech savvy and avoid any headache later on. thanks for the info

  • Craszh

    BTW currently have Saurom ROM on my note i717 and running just fine. So yea i’ll wait for the official ICS. thanks

  • Sam

    been running ICS leaks since a week after I got my note absolutely no issues – Lovin it!

  • Myemail

    Not able to root this one yet…any suggestions?

  • jamez

    Running an awesome ics rom now. Don’t even think I’ll install the official ics. I’ll let the devs have it and push out a more productive rom.